I can’t believe my baby is turning four next week! It’s crazy how fast they grow up. Dean and I have loved watching Finn turn into such a smart, loving and hilarious little boy. So in honor of his birthday next week, I decided it would be fun to do a little #TBT and take a walk down memory lane…

Do you guys remember all of the documenTORI videos that I shared while I was pregnant with Finn? It had been a difficult pregnancy, and I felt so grateful that we had made it to the finish line together. So I started documenting everything leading up to the day he was born… from visits to the doctor to decorating his nursery, and even the car ride to the hospital! And it didn’t stop there… we documented the moments right after Finn was born, including watching my 3 other babes meet him for the first time. It’s been so special to have all of those precious moments recorded, and I thought that today was the perfect opportunity to re-watch them. Take a look…

Before baby arrived we had to decorate his giraffe-themed nursery! Luckily I had Guncles Bill and Scout to help me. How chic is that orange dresser?!


Of course I added a little bit of DIY love to the nursery…


I also DIY’ed my hospital gown:


Then Liam and Stella helped me pick out Finn’s first outfit!


I didn’t want to meet my new babe with roots, so I got my hair done days before he arrived…


And finally it was time to head to the hospital…


After months of waiting and lots of scary moments, Finn was here!


Watching our 3 older kids meet Finn was a moment I’ll never forget…


And those are just the highlights! To see all of the documenTORI videos about Finn, click HERE.

I can’t wait to celebrate Finn’s birthday next week… And of course, I’ll make sure to share pictures from our celebration!

Do you have any home videos that you treasure? Let me know about them in the comments!