The countdown to Mother’s Day is on! This year will be extra special with Beau’s arrival. I’m beyond grateful every day for my amazing kids, but my heartstrings are tugged a little harder on Mother’s Day. I love seeing how creative they get. I especially love when they surprise me with sweet, DIY gifts made with love.

One of my favorites was a DIY card that Stella made a few years back. She’s my most nurturing one, and is always loving on me. So, it’s no surprise that she made me such a thoughtful card. To make it, she folded a piece of cardstock and listed a bunch of qualities to describe her hero. At the end, it asked, “Who is it?” When I opened the card, a mirror was glued inside with the words written below, “It’s you!”  My special girl really knows how to make her Mommy tear up!!

DIY gifts are the best, and they’re not just for moms. Let’s hear it for the grandmas and aunts too! Below are a few crafts that I think would make any mommy smile!

  1. Blooming Monogram Window from Urbanic Paper

Who doesn’t want to see their name in lights – but in flowers?! Now, that’s original!!

  1. DIY Easy Silhouettes by Homemade Ginger

I love to make silhouettes of the kids! Such a sweet alternative to displaying photos.

  1. DIY Mother’s Day Bracelets Using Coloring Pages by Persia Lou

My kids know I have a passion for jewelry! But what mom wouldn’t love to wear her little Picasso’s work of art as a stylish bangle?!

  1. Photo Word Collage from Pinterest

I know this special photo message says “Dad,” but it’s just too cute of an idea to pass up! Just change the letters to M-O-M and you have a fantastic Mother’s Day DIY present.

  1. Kids Art Coasters by DIY & Dinosaurs

What a clever way to display those finger painting masterpieces! These coasters are pretty and practical.

What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts from your kids?

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