Cinco de Mayo is always a festive holiday in our house. And, this year we have even more reason to celebrate… Beau makes cinco! To celebrate this year I decided it might be fun to reimagine the classic Cinco de Mayo dessert… The Churro! It’s delicious for sure but who knew there were so many ways to modernize this classic treat. Here’s some fun ways to share the churro love this Cinco de Mayo…

Let them eat Churros! Who wouldn’t love a cake made of churros?

Or a churro ice cream sandwich – it’s two-fer! Double the desserts.

Move over cannoli! I love this Red Velvet churro filled with cream.

This Unicorn + Churro combo is magical! Sprinkle covered and dipped churros.

These baked churro chips and chocolate ganache dip are a sweet twist on “chips and salsa.”

Who’s ready for dessert?!! What are you serving for Cinco de Mayo?


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