Now that Spring is in full bloom, I’m always looking for creative ways to get my little ones out in nature.  No matter what the holiday is, crafting is alway a must in our family. Hope you enjoy this Earth Day craft as much as we did!

Stella is natural-born DIYer, so it comes as no surprise that she also has a green thumb. I’m excited to share Stella’s very own DIY Egg Crate Flower Pot. Stella’s craft is quick, easy and perfectly celebrates Earth Day!


Recycled Egg Carton


Paint (any color)

Paint brush

Fresh soil

Seeds (any variety)


Step 1:

Cut the egg crate in half — or use both sides for double the flowers!

Step 2:

Paint the egg crate (any color you wish!). Stella chose green to match her Earth Day theme, but no color is off limits when you are crafting!

Step 3:

After the paint dries, add a small amount of soil to each section of the egg carton. Drop in a few seeds and loosely pat down with more soil on top. Heads up: pouring the dirt can be a bit messy, but that’s all part of the Earth Day fun!

Step 4: 

Add some water to your new planter and watch your flowers come to life!

I look forward to watching Stella care for her new flowers. Maybe we’ll transfer them to the garden together as a fun summer project! Do you have a favorite Earth Day craft?


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