As you know holidays are a big deal in our family and Easter is one of our faves! As a DIY craftista family it’s DIY or DYE time … And, wth little ones it’s all about the egg hunt! I love watching my little peeps run around in search of their colored treasure. Below are some ideas for creating your own perfect Easter egg hunt!

Baskets and Bunny Ears

You simply can’t go on the hunt without the basket itself! Places like Cost Plus, Oriental Trading Company, and Pottery Barn Kids have some adorable options. I love making handmade tags like these for a personal touch. Bunny ears are a family photo must! I love these floral and fabric embellished ones from Cassiefairy, and these too from lavin label.  #FamilyPhotoChic

Eggs and Surprises!

While we love the tradition of egg dyeing, the cleanup is not always pretty. Don’t feel like a Bunny Pooper if you choose to go the plastic egg route. They make them in super fun colors and patterns now and they are perfect for hiding lots of fun surprises inside. Who doesn’t love an ombré egg 😉

Because it’s not all about candy and treats (okay, maybe just a little), fill some of the eggs with these fun and simple exercises to get the kids moving — such as “spin around until you’re dizzy” and “reach as high as you can.” Tuck a few of these Easter Egg Coupons into the eggs too for a fun treat option. With “passes” like “read a book with dad” and “paint nails with mom,” these are built in opportunities for quality time with each child.




Crafting with my kids is one of my favorite things to do, and this is an ideal time of year for busting out our DIY skills. In addition to dyeing eggs, these cute bunny footprint keepsakes are a fun idea. All you need is some white cardstock and non-toxic paint to dip the kiddos’ feet, and “stamp” them onto the paper. Decorate and embellish as you like! They make a great gift for grandparents and aunts and uncles too! 



Before the party comes to end, refreshments are in order! These Peeps treats are the perfect post-party favor. I also love these pretzel “bird nests” filled with Cadbury eggs and rice crispy dipped eggs.

The McDermott’s love to plan a party and with a family this big we have a built in guest list!  This year’s Easter Egg Hunt is going to be so much fun with Baby Beau joining the celebration. The kids can’t wait to help their new baby bro find some eggs! What do you do at your egg hunts?

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