We celebrate everything in the McDermott house! This week brings April Fool’s Day and a great chance for our family to do two of our favorite things – cook and craft. I have rounded up a few recipes below that let us do both at the same time!

The kids love to come up with fun pranks to fool each other and their friends. These recipes are creative look-alikes that mimic some of our favorite foods.  The kids will love making and eating them! I really like how they get us cooking, but also let us craft at the same time with the clever transformation of simple ingredients into something else. See what I mean in these tasty treats below.

1. Sunny Side Cupcakes by Fork & Beans

These cupcakes are a fun way to start April Fool’s Day. No one will want to eat a fried egg on their cupcake, until they realize it’s an apricot in disguise! The kids are going to love these.

2. Meatloaf Cake by Taste of Home

It’s cake for dinner with this meatloaf cake made with ground beef, and “frosted” with fluffy mashed potatoes! Your family will never guess that dinner is hiding under this sweet looking “dessert.” I might save this recipe for me to make myself to fool Dean and the kids!

3. Candy Sushi by The Spruce

Stella and I love to eat sushi, but I think she’ll love making this candy version just as much. Rice crispy treat batter stands in for the “rice” in these rolls. Swedish fish and gummy worms are rolled inside fruit roll-up “seaweed.” How cute are these?!!

4. Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookies by Parrot Head Mama

These cookies look just like the real thing! Vanilla wafers are sprinkled with sesame seeds for the “buns” and peppermint patties are the “burger.” Colored frosting stands in for “cheese,” and green-dyed coconut creates “lettuce.” So fun!

5. Pizza Cake by Taste of Home

This pizza cake uses a box cake so it’s super easy. It will be great to make with Hattie and Finn. Grated white chocolate replaces the mozzarella cheese. The kids will love cutting “pepperoni” out of fruit roll-ups!

These are such fun recipes that I know the kids will love to make and “fool” their friends with. What are your family’s favorite April Fool’s Day pranks?

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