Meet The Newest Member Of Our Family

 -PHOTO by: Jesse Bauer/startraksphoto.com -JSS357964

-PHOTO by: Jesse Bauer/startraksphoto.com

I have been excitedly on the waitlist at Oink Oink Mini Pigs… They have such an amazing reputation for connecting mini piggies with families and forever homes! When I got the email in October that Nutmeg had been born and would join our family in a couple months I literally squealed with excitement. Maybe not the ideal timing with my baby due so soon but all babies are blessings whenever they come into your life! Nutmeg is so sweet and such a great addition to our family! My babies absolutely love her! Welcome to the family Nutmeg!

 -PHOTO by: Jesse Bauer/startraksphoto.com -JSS357971

-PHOTO by: Jesse Bauer/startraksphoto.com





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Photos: Jesse Baur / Startraks

  • Ace

    Didn’t the first pig you brought home on the season finale of ‘True Tori’ die within a week?

    • Danielle Albright

      If you watched the episode, it was not a pet. Tori saved that pig from a slaughter house and it was sick when she brought it home. That is why it passed. Tori did take it to a vet but there was nothing they could do.

  • Amy E

    You should look up the story of Esther the Wonder pig. She was also a “micro pig”. Micro pigs don’t exist. Do your research, please. I wish your family nothing but happiness with Nutmeg, but unless you’re prepared to have a potentially very large pig, you might want to rethink it.

    • Beverly Smith

      This is a chance to really educate the public. Most mini pigs end up at least 80 pounds and many top 120 pounds. There are no micro or teacup pigs. Tori, please use your celebrity status to speak with a rescue and learn how many end up discarded. Only about 7% are kept in their adoptive homes and rescues are full. Please help. And your kids are perfect so please don’t listen to the above comment.

  • Mitzi

    Dear Nutmeg, I know things must seem pretty bad right now. I wanted to give you hope that things are going to be okay. I was able to escape a couple years ago! Just wait for one of the nannies to leave a gate in the back yard open and make a run for it! You don’t have to even be very fast. With all of the nonstop craziness at Tori’s house, you’ll have plenty of time to make a clean getaway. #ItGetsBetter

  • Annalise

    Why are all of your children so unkempt and the older two so overweight? Who is caring for these kids?

  • Linda_M

    You keep hiring professional photographers to take custom pictures while in so much debt? Your sense of entitlement is unbelievable!!!

  • ian

    why so much Hate On her ? Tori keep your head up

    • Linda_M

      Is this Ian “Enabler” Ziering? Don’t you have to go sell some makeup with Tori on Facebook or stage another photo op at Ralphs grocery?

  • Niki

    I see three of her children are obese. Why ? No time to fix proper food and supervise them so they do not eat junk ? She seemed overwhelmed with her four…why a fifth ? I see a pattern of addiction. Seems creepy to me. These kids are going to end up diabetic if they are not already. I see very unhealthy people…..she reminds me of KKW taking selfies……bah…..

    • sunspell

      Slow down Niki- Thank God Tori’s kids don’t have her issues with food.

  • Corinne Thanas Moreno Sanches

    Wow I can’t believe all the haters.. so sad.. maybe a reflection of their own lives?

  • sunspell

    Wow- unbelievably mean people – and yet, the meanies are the same people looking at the sight- I am totally confused. If you like Tori enough to check the site- then you should be nice, if not, then do something more productive with your time-

  • LightbulbLoo

    God bless your sweet Nutmeg, and best wishes to you all.

  • Donna

    Pigs are extremely intelligent, clean, loving animals but they are nocturnal so they do make a lot of noise at night. Remember this before adopting pig!

  • Wednesday Wednesday

    Wait, let me guess. The pig is a “rescue” pig. LOL “Forever home”? WTF? Yeah, forever home until you decide you’re getting a pregnancy craving for some bacon :-)