Craftista: DIY Ornaments

This time of year is one of the busiest, but I believe that you can always find time for a fun DIY project. And if your kids are out of school early, these DIY Ornaments are a great way to keep them occupied while you finish your holiday shopping list. The best part is that your little ones will be so proud to see their work hanging up on the tree! Take a look…

DIY Chalkboard Ornament


A Night Owl gives you the instructions HERE.

DIY Grinch Ornaments


Jo-Lynne Shane gives you the instructions HERE.

DIY Taco Ornament


Aww, Sam gives you the instructions HERE.  

DIY Santa Gnome


Tatertots and Jello gives you the instructions HERE.

DIY Tea Light Snowman


One Little Project gives you the instructions HERE.

DIY Ombré Ornaments


Joyzz gives you the instructions HERE.

DIY Cupcake Ornament


Factory Direct Craft gives you instructions HERE.

DIY Air Plant Ornament


I Spy DIY gives you the instructions HERE.

So cute, right?

What will you and your kiddos be crafting for the holidays?





  • Gabrielle

    Some very nice ideas here ! Love the Ombré ornament ^^ !

  • Janie

    I just read you are now being sued by National Bank for failure to repay a loan, but you are posting an article on crafting? It is beyond time for you and Dean to grow up and take financial responsibility for our family. Are you and Dean even applying for jobs right now? A lot of companies are looking for seasonal help.

  • Lisa

    Can’t people be nice? If you don’t like Tori Spelling why read her blog and post negative comments?
    On the other hand when you put yourself out there you should expect that you’ll get a lot of negative feedback because it’s a lot easier for people to say horrible things to you when they don’t have to see your face to do it.

  • Fee

    Sad. It was just an blog about ornaments. But if you read her blog there’s always someone saying something nasty. Jealous much?

    • Janie

      Jealous of what? Tori and Dean are grifters. Tori is a complete and total fraud.