The holidays are such a special time of year… from the sweet treats to the soirees to the DIYs, I love every single thing about this time of year. What makes it super special are family traditions, which we have a handful of. The kids look forward to our annual holiday celebrations all year long, so today I thought I’d share our family’s traditions with you… Here they are!

  1. Outdoor ice skating. When the outdoor ice skating opens up at our local mall every December we love taking the whole family. Afterwards we always have hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!
  1. We take great pride in our Elf on a Shelf. This year our Elf who Stella named Rosie was joined by her partner in crime Reindeer. They are very mischievous and the kids run to see what they’ve gotten into during the night every morning when the wake up throughout the holidays.
  1. Food by the fire. We love lighting the fireplace, making big pots of homemade mac n cheese and chili and eating by the fire while we watch our fave Christmas movies; Elf, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, A Christmas Story.. and of course my holiday musical The Mistletones 😉 haha
  1. We love baking for the holidays! We make big batches of peanut butter pillow cookies and fluffy sugar cookies with mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and/or chocolate kisses lovingly placed in the centers. 
  1. Family time is everything. We love spending Christmas with our extended family The Guncles and the kids “cousins” Simone and Boz. As tradition, we always do a big Italian dinner on Christmas Eve at Bill and Scout’s house. Scout is an amazing cook, so the food is always incredible! Then we switch off and do Christmas dinner at our house. We love the tradition!

We also celebrate Chanukah, which should be interesting this year since it falls on Christmas Eve. We light our family menorah and the kids get chocolate gelt (coins) and 8 nights of small presents. On the last night we make a nice big Jewish dinner with the all the kids’ favorites like brisket, potato latkes, homemade apple sauce, and noodle koogle. YUM!

What are your own family’s holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about them!



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