Our family is always trying out new things in the kitchen, and lately we’ve been experimenting with color… lots and lots of color! The girls and I had the idea to make unicorn-inspired popcorn, and the results turned out better than we could have imagined. Ever since we whipped up this batch of beautiful popcorn, I’ve been dying to try some other variations of what I call “unicorn food”. So I went looking for more sweet treats that were just as colorful and fun as my popcorn, and wanted to share what I found with you. I definitely plan on making a bunch of these with Stella and Hattie soon! Take a look…

Unicorn Ice Cream



Bread Booze Bacon shows you how to make your ice cream as magical as a unicorn! Recipe HERE.

Unicorn Cupcake Cones



Mom Dot bakes cupcakes inside of ice cream cones… genius! Get the recipe HERE.

Unicorn Milkshake


A berry-licious milkshake from Beth Cakes which is finished off with some Unicorn Bark! Get the recipe HERE.

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies



Miss Blueberry Muffin gives you the recipe HERE.

Unicorn Bark



So many swirls and sparkles… the best part about a unicorn! About Food gives you the recipe HERE.

Unicorn Truffles


Princess Pinky Girl shows you how to make these multicolored truffles HERE.

Unicorn Bars


How cute are these bars made by Cookie & Cups?! Find the recipe HERE.

Unicorn Poop



This one’s pretty funny… Mom Dot shows your how to make meringues into Unicorn Poop HERE. I have a feeling Liam and Finn would get a kick out of these!

What do you think about unicorn food? If you plan on making any of these for your little ones let me know in the comments!




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