Fall has officially arrived, and I am super excited because one of my fave holidays is coming up!!! Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about Halloween. From the crafting to the costumes to the candy, there’s a lot to love about October 31st. In the McDermott household one of our favorite ways to prep for Halloween is decorating pumpkins… but as most parents of little ones know, carving pumpkins can get pretty messy (and sometimes be a little bit dangerous). So, for all of you multitasking mamas out there who want to celebrate the holiday but not have to worry about cleaning up a huge mess or one of your babes getting hurt, I found a bunch of super cute no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas! Take a look…

DIY Pun-Kins


Studio DIY makes pumpkin decorating more fun with these amazing puns! Get the DIY instructions HERE.

Floral Pumpkin Tutorial


Hunted Interior shows you how to make this chic floral pumpkin HERE.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins


Aww Sam knows that nothing is better than ice cream. Get this DIY tutorial HERE.

Crayon Melted Pumpkins


A few years ago the melting crayon DIY was all over pinterest. Now Crafty Morning has brought it to pumpkin decorating! Get the tutorial HERE.

DIY Donut Pumpkins


The DIY Playbook gives you this donut DIY HERE.

Push Pin Pumpkins


These are pumpkins you can make with stuff you find around the house. A Subtle Revelry shows you how to do it HERE.

Neon Drip Pumpkins


Everything seems to be better when it’s neon. A Night Owl gives you instructions HERE.

Pretty Stamp Pumpkin


Get creative with your stamps! This DIY is super easy and fun. See it HERE.

Woodland Pumpkins


Simple As That helps you turn your pumpkins into your favorite woodland creatures. Tutorial HERE.

Are you decorating pumpkins this year? Let me know how in the comments!



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