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I’m so excited to share today’s blog, which is all about the décor and DIYs at Stella’s 8th birthday party… but if you didn’t read yesterday’s post yet, click HERE! I shared photos of all of the incredible food that we served at Stella’s Pastel Japanese Birthday Party, including a sushi cake! It was pretty incredible. 

 But today is all about the décor. I, of course, turned to my fave accounts on Instagram, and a few of my go-to party supply stores to create the ultimate pastel Kawaii-inspired party for my Buggy. The décor is really what makes a party, and when it comes to a McDermott party you know that we’re all about the DIYs, too. Take a look!

The Naked Jar made these adorable custom mason jar tumblers for Stella and all of her guests. They were perfect for the party guests to sip their drinks from, and also made for perfect party favors. 


A bunch of the details and décor came from the Japanese Village Plaza in downtown LA, like these super cute parasols. 


Pastel straws and chopsticks were a must!


Navarro’s Party Supply made this custom piñata based on inspiration pictures that Stella pulled from Pinterest. And, it not only was the biggest piñata I’ve ever seen, it was absolutely perfect!

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The kids LOVED the piñata!


Hattie Cat getting in on the fun.


Finn loved it too!


I grabbed some Japanese lanterns at one of my fave stores The Daiso (which is the Japanese dollar store). It’s where I got all the amazing plates and bowls, too!  

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We had a ton of pastel Japanese fans for the party guests, which Stella and her cousin Simone show off! 


Pixels made printed beanbags, poufs, and pillows for our guests to relax on in the most perfect pastel colors that totally matched the theme.

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We also had Onch Movement at the party, who put together an amazing DIY craft station where the kids made decorate picture frames and mirrors, stuffed animal teddy bear and bunny notebooks (the cutest!), and glitter rainbow slime! 



Girlacktik Beauty also came and set up a whole glitter make-up station for the girls!


The girls loved the hair charms…


Getting all made up!


Monkey Pants set up a cool station that taught the kids how to make origami (one of Stella’s favorite crafts) which everyone loved. 


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All of the kids also got to take home their own DIY lego-inspired trucker hats! It was so much fun that I had to make one too and I plan on wearing mine all the time. 


And there you have it for the décor! Make sure to come back Friday because I’ll be giving away one of Stella’s gift bags. All of Stella’s friends took one home. You don’t want to miss it!



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