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I can’t believe how big my babes are getting! It feels like just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby girl! So how is it possible that we just celebrated my Buggy’s 8th birthday?! When it comes to kids’ birthday parties you know that I tend to go all out for the special celebratory day. But, with Stella I’ve met my match. She is truly my daughter and was born crafty, AND an amazing party planner herself! She has an eye for details and might be even more of a perfectionist than I am! She truly is a girl with a DIY vision.

As far as the party’s theme, Stella is obsessed with Japan. She studied all things Japan in school last year and is a huge fan of sushi! So, with a specific vision of all things Japanese mixed with a #Kawaii touch and all pastels we had a theme set! And away we went…

 Stella’s Pastel Japanese party was complete with sushi, kimonos, origami, and the ultimate Japanese desserts. When it came to pulling it all together, I turned to no other than… Instagram to find like minded creative peeps to create one-of-a-kind food, drinks, crafts, and décor for the big day. And today, I’ll start off by showing you all of the incredible food and drinks that we ate at Stella’s big bash. Take a look:

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My birthday girl enjoying her party with her custom mason jar tumbler made for her by The Naked Jar! More on these in tomorrow’s blog…

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Our friends over at Hanaro Sushi Catering collaborated with Stella to create Sushi “cakes” and “cupcakes”…


A sushi layer cake!


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As well as some other delicious snacks!

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Ramen was a must…

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It’s not a Japanese party without hand rolls, right?

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Hanaro Catering did such an incredible job!

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For refreshments, we had Alfred Coffee there to provide our guests with some sweet sips.

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They created a custom Rose Bubble Boba Tea just for Stella, and served it to all of her guests.   

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The Dirty Cookie set up a dessert station, which was so adorable!

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They make cookie “shots”, where the shot glass is a cookie, and you fill it with milk. Just sip and bite!

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And to make sure there’s something for everyone, they have flavored milks in both dairy and non-dairy options.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 6.54.28 AM

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The dessert table was super colorful to match the rest of the party.

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There were tons of delicious desserts, too! How cute are those Pocky sticks that I DIY’ed to add a little extra flair?


My very own DIY sprinkle Pocky sticks… stay tuned because the full tuTORIal is coming soon!

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We also had traditional Japanese candies, including Hi-Chew!

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Baked by Melissa made the most adorable mini cupcakes and macarons in colors to match the rest of the desserts and décor.


And how about this fabulous cake made by Sarie Cakes!? It was the absolute perfect way to celebrate Stella’s birthday, and I’m pretty sure that this is her favorite birthday cake to date.


My birthday girl and her incredible cake.
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It was an incredible day filled with so much good food, great company and one very happy birthday girl.
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Make a wish, Stella!

And there you have it with the food and drink! Next up is the décor for Stella’s Japanese birthday party, so make sure to check ediTORIal tomorrow for all of the details. Plus, I’ll be giving away one of the goody bags from the party later this week… you won’t want to miss it!



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