Hi friends! Jenny here from Jenny Cookies! I recently hosted a DIY Flower Crown Ladies Lunch for mothers and daughters here in Seattle. It was the most relaxing and party with so many special memories for everyone who attended.

With summer just around the corner and Mother’s Day only days away, I wanted to share some fun ideas for hosting your own flower crown making party or inspire you to throw a summer version!


The first thing you’ll want to do is send fun invites to the special ladies in your life. I found these colorful and flower filled invites at Tiny Prints.


Next you’ll need to gather materials for your party. Fresh flowers, floral wire, floral cutters, etc. To ensure you have the flowers you want, contact a local florist or put in a flower order at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or other grocery store ahead of time. Use flowers in season and save money foraging in your yard for greens. You’d be surprised what you can find in your own backyard. We had the most beautiful combination of poppies, ranunculus, anemone, and an assortment of greens.


Crafting materials double as table centerpieces when displayed in pretty vases, compotes and bowls. For a flower crown lunch, use the flowers you’ll use for your crowns as a beautiful table centerpiece. Pop into your local fabric store for coordinating fabric and cut it to create a makeshift table runner.



Keep food and drinks and food to a minimum if you’re planning to have a dessert spread. A few beverage options like sparkling juices and fruit infused water are always a hit.


Adding fresh fruit to your drink dispensers provides a little extra detail and looks so pretty!


Colored paper straws and simple mason jars are a quick and easy way to serve drinks.


Try to keep food light with simple sandwiches and tortilla wraps. You can get creative with the types of meat, cheeses and other add ins. Remember that women don’t typically eat large quantities so it’s better to offer less than be left with a bunch of uneaten food!


Fruit is always a good idea! We’re finally getting in to watermelon season here in Seattle. I love a juicy watermelon, it adds so much color and texture to your food spread!


Fruit Kabobs are great since they can be made ahead of time and are easy for guests to grab. Think outside the box when it comes to display pieces. I used a vintage bread pan to display the fruit kabobs. It was the perfect size!


Desserts are by far my favorite party of any party. Since we were hosting moms and daughters, I wanted the desserts to be luxurious and indulgent. I decided on a full chocolate dessert table, overflowing with LINDOR truffles and other decadent chocolates from Lindt.


The desserts were set in milk glass serving pieces, displayed on a vintage dresser found at a garage sale for $20. I gave it a few coats of coral pink paint and it turned out adorable! Never underestimate the power of paint!


For my dessert backdrop, I found gold embroidery hoops and added fresh blooms to mimic the look of a flower crown.


Add loose petals to chocolates to provide a pop of color and a little life.


Keeping your activity flexible is helpful. It’s nice when guests can get up and move around if they finish before others. Little people tend to lose interest quicker than adults.


You’re likely to find little guests gathered around the dessert table sampling treats!


As each guest finishes their crown, capture the moment with a quick photo opp.
Such sweet memories will be treasured for years to come.


As guest depart, send each with a take home favor. To keep with the chocolate theme, I sent each guest with a box of LINDOR truffles, wrapped in the colors of our party palette. LINDOR truffles come in just about every color and flavor so it’s easy to coordinate with almost any party theme and palette!


Long after the guests leave and the party is over, it’s nice to send a follow up card thanking guests for coming and include copies of photos taken at the event. I found matching thank you cards at Tiny Prints. Who doesn’t love getting a hand written card?


Hope you found these tips helpful for hosting your own Flower Crown Ladies Lunch or other party with a flower crown activity. To make your own flower crown, here is a quick set of instructions:

You will need:

floral wire
floral tape
fresh or wired flowers


  1. Bend wire around crown of your head. Remove and cut using wire clippers. Bend pieces together to form one “crown” or circular shape.
  2. Using floral tape, wrap tape around wire crown several times until it’s covered completely.
  3. Select your greens and flowers. Tape stems to the wire crown using floral tape. Wrap the tape around the stem a few times to secure the flower.
  4. Continue to build your crown using greenery, flowers and tape until you are happy with your creation. Try your crown on several times to ensure you like the flower placement as you create.
  5. Have fun!

Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Photography by Kelly Clare Photography

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