I’m so excited to bring you today’s blog! I’ve been following Kate and her blog She Be Kale’in It for a while now, and totally love it. I’m so grateful that she’ll be guest blogging for us on ediTORIal about all things health and nutrition, which I know is a huge focus for so many of us right now. Kate loves plant based food, yoga, and mindful living, and is going to be teaching us all about these things. She believes that through a balanced lifestyle, we can thrive, and I totally agree. I’m so inspired by her, and I hope you will be too. So, to get things started in 2016, here’s her first post about starting a lifestyle change… and sticking with it.

9 No Nonsense Ways to Begin a Lifestyle Change

By Kate of She Be Kale’in It


Ever hear the phrase “New Year, New You”? Although it is a new year and a perfect time for change, that doesn’t mean a new you is necessary. In fact, it’s all about making healthy habits and changes to create the best version of yourself.

Busy women everywhere can relate to putting everyone and everything before themselves as they juggle the roles of mom, spouse and professional. But without our health what do we have? Here are 9 no-nonsense ways to revamp your health in 2016, while gaining more energy, strength and confidence.

  1. Create a morning routine: Morning “Me” Time shows that it improves productivity and sets a more positive ton for the day. Try meditation, a light walk or work out, or a cup of hot water with lemon. Breathe. Five to fifteen minutes, you deserve it.


  1. Please, eat that breakfast: You’ve heard it. We’ll keep saying it. It prevents over eating and unhealthy choices later in the day, while filling you up with the good for you nutrients like fiber and protein. I love smoothies and juices with super foods like chia and hemp seed. Liquid meal doesn’t feel substantial enough? Try overnight oats (perfect for even the busiest of women!), or a buckwheat porridge. Go for whole grains, natural sugars and fiber filled fruits.
  1. Incorporate probiotics: Gut health is important. At all ages and all stages, our digestive health is incredibly important to our wellbeing and how we feel on a daily basis. Kombucha, miso, kimchi and fermented foods like sauerkraut are all the rage right now in the health world- and for good reason! They are packed with good bacteria, which strengthen the body’s immune system and allows it to absorb important nutrients. A goal for 2016? Get the good bacteria in.


  1. Eat the rainbow: So often, you see radical New Year’s resolutions with a fad diet that will be difficult to follow. Forget counting calories so much and work toward counting colors and nutrients. When changing my diet, I challenged myself to prepare a veggie or try a fruit that I hadn’t before (or had only once or twice). The result? I learned new fruits I loved outside of the usual apple, orange and blueberry rotation and I created recipes around bok choy, parsnips, dandelion greens, etc.
  1. Be Present: Mindful eating is critical. Not using mindfulness can cause over eating and weight gain. Watching a Netflix binge with your hubby? Easy to graze on snacks – even healthy ones! – and over indulge. Practice mindful eating at all meals and snacks. By being present and only focusing on the task of eating, you’ll pay better attention to fullness cues and feel more satisfied. I know, when you have so much to do that seems difficult to slow down for a meal, but your body will thank you for the routine.


  1. Hydrate: Through water, coconut water, lemon water, green tea. Keep up the fluids. For the sake of your health, digestion, mood, and skin. Aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces daily. Try not to load up only at night or in the morning. Keep hydration consistent throughout the day for best results.
  1. Create a workout that leaves no excuses: Stay at home mom? Work out with the kids. Encourage them to do the yoga poses with you. Hold your baby while you squat. May sound silly, but if you don’t use the excuse of having the kids around, you’ll get creative an include them. It could even strengthen your relationship when they realize Mom isn’t afraid to run around, too. Working full days? That doesn’t mean you don’t get a lunch break. Use 15 minutes at least of that time to get a brisk walk, climb some stairs and keep the blood flowing. Rather than allowing your lifestyle to control you in 2016, remember you create the life you want to live.


  1. Try meatless: Maybe it starts as once a week and you progress from there. If you’re open to vegetarian or vegan options, there are countless studies about the health benefits and anti-inflammatory response the body has to a plant based diet. If you are able to start with meatless Monday, notice how your body feels on a day without meat or dairy. Are you less fatigued? Feeling lighter and more alert? Take note and then decide if less meat consumption would work for you.
  1. Write it down: Get the goals on paper. I can’t believe what I have been able to achieve through a vision board- in fact it’s a family tradition that I have found extremely beneficial. Manifest the type of life you want, in particular your health. Do you want to get more sleep? More fresh local food? Write down your thoughts and make the goals concrete. To help you stay on track be practical and realistic. Maybe in January you start with two small changes to try. Then build from there. That is how a desire to lose weight or tone up turns into a complete healthy overhaul.


Here’s to a healthy 2016!

XO Kate

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