A Very ediTORIal Chistmas: Day Five


Day Five of A Very ediTORIal Christmas is all about the little ones… so all of you mamas out there will want to enter! But before we get into today’s giveaway, I want to make sure that you’ve entered Days One, Two, Three and Four. I’m giving away some of my all-time favorite products, and I don’t want anyone to miss out!

But now it’s time for today’s roundup of prizes, that are all about the kiddos in your life. Trust me when I say that any busy mama would love to win all of these!

First up, we’ve got a couple of my ultimate mama must-haves from EZPZ. They’re giving away one Happy Mat and one Happy Bowl!


The EZPZ Happy Mat is an all-in-one placemat and plate, that suctions directly to your table. It makes it almost impossible for little ones to tip it over, and is such a lifesaver! It’s designed for infants or toddlers that are 9+ months. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. My littlest ones love them!!!


And they’re also giving away an EZPZ Happy Bowl, which is just like the mat, but can hold cereal, pasta, or anything else you’d serve your little one in a bowl.

Next, I’m giving away the chicest and coziest blanket ever from spearmintLOVE!


This gorgeous swan blanket in mint will be the perfect addition to any nursery, or even a big kid’s room. We just got a blanket from spearmintLOVE and the whole family is obsessed!!

And last but not least, we’ve got a set of 4 NOLAbles by Tori Spelling!


I designed these bottle and cup labels with for NOLAbles, which are perfect for daycare or just staying organized with your little ones. Each pack comes with 3 labels and a dry erase marker. These lables are adjustable, washable and resusable. Just write, wrap and snap!

So, now it’s time to enter to win! Here’s what you have to do:

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  • COMMENT: Leave a comment below letting me know why you want to win a all of these amazing items. Make sure to leave your Facebook name, Twitter or Instagram handle, or email along with your comment, so I can contact you if you win.
  • WAIT: I’ll announce all of the winners on Christmas Eve!


Good luck!


  • Misty

    I’d love to win the gift prizes for baby. This is my first baby :-)

  • Wendy Jean

    I would love to win to give to a mommy friend who is in the process of moving, so she doesn’t have the extra funds to get her little these amazing goodies! She wants some ezpz gear so bad after seeing ours! 😉 my IG is wen_mig! :)

  • FC Itta

    I would love to win these! These would make beautiful gifts. Also that swan blanket looks to die for! My Instagram is mrsitta

  • Jennifer Gerlock Newman

    I would love this prize- I know so many people having babies and would love to share the love

  • Kathleen McDonald Boss

    I would absolutely love to win these! My little guy will be 1 a week from today and he is a very messy eater! I’m sure the ezpz happy mat and happy bowl would help with clean-ups so we can get to snuggling up with that cozy blankie! Instagram is kathleenmcdo

  • Stephanie Smith

    I would love to win this for my twins and to share with a new mommy friend.

  • Mel Kawi

    I am a mommy of a 5 month old that just started to eat solids. I would love to win the EzPz mat for my munchkin! :) IG melcharisse and Twitter @melcharisse

  • Rosemary Milano-Rodriguez

    For a Friend!

  • Melanie odom

    Ohhh! I’d love to win this! I have 3 under 4 so all of this would be put to good use in our home! My IG and FB names are Melanie Odom, and my email is

  • Jen Uthoff

    I’d love to win this because I’m dying to try more EZPZ products! Everything is so cute!

  • pink_damselfly

    I have 3 girls under 3! These products would definitely make life a bit easier FB: Geordia Baynes
    IG: @pinkdamselfly

  • Marisa Curiel

    This is my little Noah he is 6 months and is 20lbs. A good eater he is!!! The EZPZ mats are a must have for a Momma and her hungry, hungry kiddo and it doesn’t hurt that they are the cutest. The spearmintLOVE Swan blanket I can just see cuddling my little monkey in it giving him hundreds of Momma Bear Kisses!!! OMG NOLAbles Thank You Tori I can now keep my breast milk labeled for Gramma to give FIRST!!!! Can’t tell you how many times she gives the formula because she thinks it’s the breast milk :/ I haven’t wrote on the bottles because I think it would get messy but this gets rid of that problem and in the most Posh way :)

    Woohoo I would love to win this practical yet POSH!!! GIVEAWAY

    Thank you Tori :)
    FB: Marisa Curiel
    IG and Twitter: Curiel_marisa

  • Laura

    I have been waiting to try ezpz products and would love to win this! lhpuppy24 (at) gmail (dot) com Crossing my fingers for an extra Christmas present this year 😉

    • Laura

      Been thinking about this giveaway all night! Have two toddlers and another on the way…would LOVE to win this one to make meal times easier. Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance!!!

  • eula mei a

    I love to read all these amazing items for my son my son just started eating so the ezpz mat would be an amazing thing to have. Facebook: eulamei a. Instagram : eulamei twitter : __E_M_

  • Dar Gal (Modern Latina Mommy)

    I have been waiting to try the EZPZ mat and bowl. These would be so wonderful for my daughter. I see them all over Instagram and have been meaning to get one. The blanket is just adorable and just like you I LOVE organization. The labels for NOLAbles are so stylish!

  • Cheryl D’Aloisio

    It would be amazing to have these products for my 21 month old and 4 1/2 year old! He’s the messy eater, and she’s the one misplacing her sippys at Pre K!

  • Matthew Newman

    It would be great to get some of these products for our twin 17 month olds. They’re messy eaters & these products are helpful.

  • Casey H

    This would be great for our first kiddo (hopefully soon;), our pup (the bowl bc he slides his bowl everywhere), and the labels for our neighbors toddler

  • EM Kuba

    I would love all these items for my son. Id love to have the EZPZ mat since hes 10mos old and eating can get real messy!! Facebook: EM Kuba

  • Does it matter?

    I would love to win these for my newborn and three year old!

    FB: Heather Griffin
    IG: SouthernLaurels

  • Brandy Sargent

    would love to win for my baby girl that just turned one. I didn’t think I could have kids & at the age of 39 I was surprised with the sweetest blessing ever. She deserves so much. Her Daddy was laid off after 23 years when she was 3 months old but God has blessed her & us so much. It gets hard at times but he always sees us through. I would like to win because she deserves more than I could ever give her right now. Thank you so much for the chance.
    FB Brandy Sargent
    IG brandy_sargent

  • Wendy Jabkowski

    Love these products! I am an obsessed with anything baby related and love new products like these. I have 2 little ones with plans for more so I would get good use out of them! You can contact me at if I am the winner.