Hi guys! It’s Courtney Hart here. I am so beyond thrilled to be sharing this space with my dear friend Tori. I am a professional makeup artist, and I’m so excited to be giving all of you amazing ediTORIal readers some beauty tidbits, how tos, and sneak peeks at what it’s like to be a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to let you guys in on a bunch of beauty secrets and methods I’ve learned along the way. My goal here is to break down the whole beauty process in a way that will make creating new makeup looks feel less intimidating and more inspiring. And today, I’ll be giving you a little bit of insight into my whole philosophy…

For years, my clients have been telling me that they’re unsure about how to incorporate new makeup trends into their routine. Maybe a bright lip? A strong eyeliner? Many of us tend to give up on the new, fun trends, and stick to the same look every day…. Sound familiar?

Well, I want to change that! I want you to think about makeup the way you might think about the clothes in your closet. In the same way that you wouldn’t want the same white t-shirt cramming your racks (although I do love a good white T), you want to have a bit of variety in your makeup bag. Think of wearing a red lip like having a little black dress or statement heel in your wardrobe. You may not wear it everyday, but it’s fun to bring out every once in a while.

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For me, an everyday outfit tends to be a really good t-shirt, a pair of skinnies and my New Balance sneakers (can’t live without)! I love my basics. But I would never want 15 of the same shirt hanging in my closet. I need variety!  Which is why I love to mix it up a bit. I can throw on a funky necklace and ankle booties to quickly elevate my outfit from everyday to something special. See where I’m going, guys? Adding a fun new element to your makeup routine is like adding adding an accessory, a sleek shoe, or a new bag to your outfit.

So, I’ll be right here on ediTORIal every month with my new series Your Beauty Wardrobe. We’ll talk about the basics, statement pieces, trends and how to put all of those elements together. I’m so excited to help you guys piece together YOUR makeup wardrobe! We will kick off Your Beauty Wardrobe series next month with a look at, in my opinion, the most important part of your beauty routine… skincare!


But until then, I wanted to give you guys a Your Beauty Wardrobe challenge! Let’s all try to add one new fall “accessory” to our cosmetic closets this month. Here is a quick break down on how to get started!

1. Look in your closet… your clothing closet this time! Which specific pieces do you tend to get compliments on whenever you wear them? It’s very likely it’s because that color compliments your skin tone, or maybe brings out your eyes.

2. Choose one or two of those colors.

3. Decide if that color would best suit a lip, eye, or cheek . For example, a plum would be an amazing fall lip color, where as a charcoal gray would be a perfect way to line your upper lid. Is your color a rose tone? Apricot? Try a blush in one of those shades.

We will get into more specifics later, but your assignment this month is to simply PLAY! Even if it’s just you playing around in front of your bathroom mirror. Think of it as going to the mall to try on cute clothes in the dressing room. And then, take a selfie… or a few!

Makeup is not a science. There is no formula. I hope through this series you guys gain a bit more knowledge and a bit more confidence so you feel free to experiment and rock fall makeup colors this season!

And please, don’t hesitate to let me know If you have any questions, suggestions or topics you would like me to touch on…. I’m here to help, and also to learn from all of you amazing women. Just leave me a comment below or find me on Instagram or Twitter.

Xo Courtney

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