Hi everyone! I’ve got a really special surprise for all of you beauty lovers out there. I’m super excited to introduce you to Courtney Hart, who is an amazing makeup artist, mama of 2, and also happens to be one of my dearest friends. She’s going to start blogging right here on ediTORIal, so before she gets going I wanted to make sure that all of you get to know her…

Courtney and I met two years ago when our daughters started kindergarten together… both of them named Stella! We bonded instantly over shoes and clothes, and got to know each other first as mamas and fellow fashionistas. And to make it even better, Courtney does such pretty makeup and I know first hand! I’ve had the privilege of being beautified by this momista both professionally and personally!

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Now let me tell you about Courtney’s amazing career as a makeup artist… She’s been doing makeup professionally for over 10 years. What I love most about her is that she sees makeup as a way to empower and support women, which is something very close to her heart… and mine too! She’s also a full time mom and full time make up artist and enjoys being an example that you can do both jobs really well and with all your passion and energy! For all of you social media mavens, you can follow her on Twitter @CourtHart and Instagram @CourtHart1.

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Here are some of my makeup moments that Courtney created for me:

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unnamed (6)

unnamed (4)

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So, now I wanted to give you guys a little hint at what Courtney will be blogging about right here on ediTORIal. She wants to help all of us busy mamas look great, feel great, and get to know “Your Beauty Wardrobe”! Court says that the trick is to think about your beauty regime much like you think about putting together an outfit, which is something more women understand. This came from talking with many women who felt uncomfortable or unsure about how to incorporate a red lip or a bright eyeshadow into their routine.

So, stay tuned for blogs from Courtney that will teach all of us how to take chances with our beauty looks. I can’t wait!!

Also, if you have any beauty blog requests for Courtney, leave them in the comments. And give her a warm welcome to this amazing ediTORIal community!


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