Summer vacation is nearing the end, so I wanted to fit in one last extra special family getaway before my kiddos head back to school. My hubby has been filming a new series in Canada (go Daddy!) so traveling alone with 4 little ones can be quite challenging. I decided to make it a mama bear and her cubs vacay, and paired up with my friend Melissa and her 3 kiddos and headed to Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad!

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It was the perfect decision. We couldn’t have asked for a more awesome blend of family friendly and adult relaxation. They have it all… Literally! And we did it all.


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How cute are my littlest ones in their new stroller?!


I mean they have water slides people! Water slides! But in the chicest atmosphere I’ve ever seen, and all in close and easy proximity.


Moms can lay on a chaise poolside right next to the waterslide and splash pad and relax (this is a first!), while keeping a close eye on your kiddos coming down the slides and the younger ones at the splash pad. The layout and flow of the property is genius!



Finn has his first girlfriend! And apparently he likes older women. He has a mad crush on my friend Melissa’s 9 year old daughter Gabi. And, I gotta say… My little man’s got game. Here is a toddler and his cougar 😉




Now, at most resorts you don’t get it all. If the property is great sometimes the food is just ok. Well not at Omni La Costa… The food was insanely amazing. I made a point of commending them on the best children’s buffet I’ve ever seen.

It had all the kids’ faves, while still being very fresh and healthy at the same time. A mom’s dream come true!


And the service was out of this world. They couldn’t have been more kind and available. With everyone!


And, then there was the Kidtopia Kids Camp. The kids’ utopia… It was magical. I always go on vacations and watch others go in and out of the spa while I’m chasing kids the entire time. Hey, I’m not complaining!


But, Omni La Costa has such an impressive kids camp that my little ones barely said goodbye to me as the charged through the doors into the indoor camp area filled with crafts, art, toys… with amazing people keeping a wonderful watchful eye on them.




They even had water balloon fights and scavenger hunts outside!



And that meant my friend Melissa and I had a couple hours off to go to the spa. And what a wonderful experience that was! The Spa at La Costa was beautiful.


I had an amazing massage, and then we got to sit outside on a gorgeous patio in our robes and have the most delicious spa lunch and bellinis!


Cheers to the Moms! I felt so relaxed, and I knew my kids were in good hands.


I can’t say enough about Omni La Costa Resort & Spa except… When can we return? Ha ha.


Seriously it’s the type of resort that you will want to make your go-to any time of the year! I imagine the holidays are just magical there…

What’s the best vacation you’ve taken with your family?

Love T

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