When I find something that makes my kids happy – and my life easier – I just have to share it with all of you. Well, we recently discovered the most amazing product that my kids are obsessed with!!! GREAT Kids snacks sent my babes some boxes filled with healthy, yummy snacks to try out, and to say they loved them would be an understatement. And I am so happy I found out about them, because now I don’t have to worry about whether or not my kids are heating healthy, wholesome snacks.


I’m not kidding, the kids went insane when they opened their new snacks!!!! They were so excited, and as a mom I was overjoyed because the products were healthy and DELICIOUS. I’m not gonna lie, I ate some of them myself! But luckily my kids are great at sharing. The boxes were filled with so many brands I hadn’t heard of but wanted to know more about, so it was a great way of finding new healthy snacks. All 4 of my babes loved getting their own box and trying new things. It also gave them new snacks to take to school in their lunches and tell their friends about them.

What I love most about this (besides the fact that my kids were obsessed) is the convenience that it provides a busy mama like me. By getting a box of healthy and kid friendly snacks delivered to the house every month, I don’t have to worry about searching grocery store shelves and reading nutrition labels. GREAT Kids snacks also make healthy snacking fun for kids by delivering them a box in the mail, addressed to them, filled with tasty snacks for them to discover and enjoy.  What kid doesn’t love getting mail… especially when it’s filled with yummy snacks for them to enjoy!

Take a look at my little ones opening and enjoying their GREAT Kids snacks


The boys freaking out over their boxes!


Liam loved everything!

Miss Stella gives GREAT Kids snacks 2 thumbs up


Hattie Cat inspecting her new snacks…

Finn was pretty into it, too




To order some of these for your own little ones, click HERE. And thank you to GREAT Kids snacks for making my life easier, and for making my kids so happy!


What are your little ones’ favorite foods to snack on?




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