Hi ediTORIal readers, it’s Jenny from Craft That Party back to share some Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

We all love glass jars, right?  So let’s give someone special a jar full of love this Valentine’s Day!

Any type of glass jar will work for this project. Mason jars are sold everywhere or you can re-use  glass jars (spaghetti, baby food, and pickle jars work well if you clean and dry them thoroughly).

The possibilities for filling your jar are endless… from desserts, to candy, flowers, candles, craft supplies, or love notes.

I decorated my jar with Valentine washi tape and a red enamelware jar lid from Factory Direct Craft.

Washi tape is a paper tape that is extremely popular and versatile. It comes in many colors and patterns.  I also used washi tape to decorate some wood spoons.

My favorite way to fill a Valentine Jar is with love notes.

Here is what you will need…


Directions for creating a Valentine Love Jar:

1. Write love notes, seal with tape or twine.

2. Add notes to jar, fill the remainder of the jar with candy or beads.

3. Print the free mason jar tags on card stock or kraft paper. There are two different tags to pick from, either “Love Notes” or “Filled with Love”.  Both tags come in two different sizes to fit large and small jars.

4. Cut out tags, punch a hole in the top so that you can string twine through.

5. Attach tag to jar with twine, ribbon, or string.

I hope the free printable tags inspire you to fill your jars with something as special and unique as your own Valentine. Please share your ideas in the comments below!

XO Jenny

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