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I can’t believe my baby boy is two years old. As my friend Courtney pointed out, “Congrats! You haven’t been pregnant for two years!” That made me laugh. It’s true, but it also made me realize that my little man has grown so much.

In Italian his name is Fin which means… The end. And, that makes me realize that my family is complete. Finn indeed is my last. He will forever be my baby. Finn and I have an unbelievable bond that no one will ever understand. Perhaps its because we shared an extremely difficult and scary pregnancy together. We lay in anxious stillness for months. I rubbed my belly constantly and communicated with the unborn baby I was determined to deliver safely into this world. When he was born I whispered into his tiny ear, “We made it!” And we had.

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Since then, we have been inseparable. I joke that he’s “growing out of my neck” he’s so attached to me. But, the truth is I’m just as attached to him. Like all my children, he is my heart and soul. But, he and I shared a life changing experience that brought us closer than words could ever express.

When I look into his brown eyes (the only one out of the four that got my brown eyes) we share a knowing look of deep rooted love, commitment, and safety. He is my baby, but is remarkably the wildest of the bunch. He is fearless. I guess that started in the womb. Yet, he is the sweetest most loving snuggle bunny. He makes me laugh so hard and has such an unbelievable energy that everyone that meets him experiences. I am so proud of him. My beautiful baby boy.

I love you Finn! Happy Birthday to my baby…

Mama xoxo

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