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You know how much our family loves to cook, and I love nothing more than spending the day in the kitchen with my babes whipping up new kid-friendly recipes.

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So when I found out about FunPods, I knew I had to have them! I LOVE getting my kiddos involved in the process of baking, cooking and even helping out with the dishes, and our Little Helper FunPods have made all the difference!

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The Little Helper FunPod TM, created by Luca & Co., is a platform designed especially with children’s safety in mind that allows your little ones to safely reach the kitchen worktop and interact, learn and help mom & dad in the kitchen. They were designed by a mom-preneur who wanted to get her daughter involved in the cooking process while also keeping her safe in the kitchen.

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Your toddlers up to your 6 year olds can use a FunPod to safely elevate them to the height of your kitchen counter. Such a genius idea for all of us mamas who also happen to be foodies and want to keep our kids safe while getting them involved in the cooking process. They’re also great for having the kids wash their hands by themselves (which Stella & Hattie were doing in these pics), and even helping out with the dishes!

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Also, because the FunPod is all about safety in the kitchen, I thought I’d share a few simple tips for keeping your little guys and gals safe when they’re in the kitchen with you:

  1. Never stand your little ones on a chair – They offer little support, can be slippery and so easy to fall off.
  2. Watch hot pots – Make sure pot handles are not sticking out past the counter’s edge and aren’t at risk of being knocked off.  In fact, turn pot handles inward and put pots on the backburner when kids are present in the kitchen. Children under 5 years of age account for almost 20 percent of all burn cases in the U.S. (Safe Kids U.S.A)
  3. Keep it locked – Put cabinet locks on to all drawers and cabinets in your kitchen. This will stop little fingers opening what they shouldn’t and you are safe in the knowledge that they cannot access hidden dangers.


And now for the best part… Luca & Co. is giving one lucky ediTORIal reader a FunPod, a 3D carpet and a piece of artwork of their choice (value of over $500)!

Here’s how to enter:

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  2. COMMENT below telling me why you want to win a FunPod
  3. CHECK BACK next week when I announce the winner!

Good luck!



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