tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter

When it comes to crafting, the McDermott family can’t get enough. Our absolute favorite weekend activity is hanging out at home, DIYing all day long. So when I saw this DIY succulent planter tuTORIal, I knew that I’d found our next craft.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter
I was browsing cupcakeMAG when I came across these adorable DIY planters made by Becky from The Logbook, so I wanted to share her tuTORIal to get you inspired for a weekend of crafting with the kids!

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter
All you need are some small bowls (Becky used ramekins and a small serving dish that she found at WalMart), but you can use any dish you want. How cute would these be in little coffee cups?!

For the patterned planter pictured above, all you need is a paint marker and a little bit of creativity. You can paint on any design you like… I LOVE the plus signs that Becky painted on this one. Gold and white is such a chic combo, too.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter
For the herringbone planter, you’ll need a white dish, craft paint, a foam brush and a paint marker. First you’ll cover the entire dish with craft paint and let it dry for 24 hours.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter

After the dish is dry you can draw on the herringbone pattern, or whichever pattern you choose!

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter
If you decide to go with herringbone, first you’ll want to draw vertical lines about one inch apart. Then, connect the lines with angled lines to complete the pattern. This could be cute in a chevron pattern, too.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter
Finally, to get a textured look on your planter, you’ll need a white dish, craft paint, foam brush and a texture comb or a hair comb.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter

First apply a thick layer of craft paint (Becky used Rose Gold) to the dish. Immediately after putting on the paint on, run over the paint with a comb. Becky switched every inch between horizontal and vertical strokes.

tuTORIal: DIY Succulent Planter

Once the paint has dried on all of your planters, fill them with soil and succulents. You can also add a layer of rocks to the top of the soil, which can help hold the succulents in place.

I can’t wait to make these with the kids, and have each of my babes make their very own planter! Such a cute idea. Thank you to cupcakeMAG and Becky from The Logbook for the tuTORIal!

What are your favorite weekend activities to do with your babes? Leave them in the comments!


  • Angelia Johnson


  • Lauren

    I made this succulent garden a couple of weeks ago – so fun!

  • Becky Dempster

    Tori, so glad you love the planters! I’d love to see what you and your kids come up with! <3

  • Rebecca Jo Vincent

    So cute! Such fun gifts to give too!

  • Pearly S.

    What’s the draining system in the planter? How does the soil not rot?