The Gourmet Dad is Back!


As all of you know, our family has been through a lot this last year. I’m happy and proud to say that we are doing really well, and that Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever. I’m proud of Dean for all of the hard work he’s been doing on himself, and I’m excited that he is back to blogging over on The Gourmet Dad!

Dean will be blogging about everything from food to family to fitness. He’ll even be talking about his sobriety and keeping everyone updated on how he is doing. To celebrate getting back to blogging, he’s running a fun giveaway… You don’t want to miss it (click HERE to check it out)!

Do you have any blog requests for Dean? Leave them in the comments and I’ll pass them onto him!


  • Sarahdeelaney

    Happy to hear you are working on things! Your fans support you 100% in whatever you decide to do going forward in your marriage journey. You are one strong mama to take all this on, with 4 kids and all your work projects! I hope Dean continues in his sobriety, spoils you like crazy on a daily basis and realizes just what a special woman he really has by his side.

  • Pam Grieder

    Happy to see you all doing well. I have missed your blog Dean! Best of luck to this whole amazing family!!

  • Diana

    Glad to see you are working it out. My ex left me for his mistress three years ago. I was left broken & suicidal. Today I can say it saved my life. Stronger than ever! Hugs, love & peace from Texas.

  • Tamie

    Yayy for you and your family. I have a blog request. Would Dean be willing to open up about mental illness and it’s affects on his everyday life and how you as a family cope and support him? I suffer from bipolar 1, ptsd, and anxiety. I have had a ruff life. It’s hard for my family to understand what i’m going through! Hoping to hear from him soon on ALL kinds of subjects. Love you as an actress, fasionista, mom, and most importantly a role model to women around the globe :)

  • Missy Mercado

    Congratulations Dean!! So happy for your family. Love conquers all!!

  • Michelle

    I am glad to hear all the good news. I have been a fan since 90210. May God keep blessing your family. Michelle from Indiana

  • Kevin

    I come from a broken home myself. Thinking from the kids point of view it’s awesome to see you all working together to show the world that love and family does conquer all.

  • Trish

    So truly happy for you!! I think easy but healthy lunch snacks would be great & also anything about the upcoming Holidays. And maybe those macaroons of yours too!

  • Brandi Carden

    Dean, Just hug your family closer and know that we are all rooting for you guys! Prayers!

  • JoJo

    How about a blog about fun ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods!

    • Embla Laache

      If healthy food is what you make for them, healthy food is what they will eat :) Greetings from Norway <3 Mother of three <3

  • Kimberly

    This is amazing news Tori! I have been watching all your reality shows from the get go and of course I grew up with 90210. I am ecstatic to hear your family is doing well. I am also a big fan of Dean and his career, cause i watch all of the chopped Canada as well as cabin fever, as I was super excited you were enjoying our Ontario summers in Muskoka!

    Please know that we love you both and the love you both share is unique.Hugs


  • Janessa Couch

    I am so glad that you are working things out, I have wondered so thanks for updating us. I would love any recipes that are easy and simple for a family. I also have four children so it makes it easier when the recipes are fast. I also love your craft things that you do! So fun!

  • katie311

    Glad you are working it out, but shame on you Dean for doing what you did, when will you figure out Tori is more than you deserve.

  • Tina Spear-Dammrich


    Great to hear things are going well for you and your family. I have a question for you. My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary on Sept. 11. Every year we go out for dinner. I would like to do something different this year. Any suggestions? I thought maybe some sort of fondue (do have any good recipes) or salmon (never cooked salmon in my entire life or eaten fresh salmon) plus some dessert suggestions? I would appreciate your help! @cookieluvinmom or Instagram Cookieluvinmom.

  • Erin

    How about healthy, fun lunches for kids to take to school!

  • penny

    Just we love ya’ll and thx you for being human :) hugz

  • Emily Klinzing-Mitchell

    Excited to see this and very happy for you and the whole family! I would love to see ways to “trick” toddlers into eating their veggies.

  • Bridee Schrier

    I am so happy for you and the kids tori!

  • Crystal M.

    I have a question for Dean. Do you have any healthy glutin free suggestions for quick after school snack for kids?

  • Kathleen

    So glad he’s blogging again, and not just about food. Good for him! I’d like to see him blog about your regular family meals, not so gourmet, and a husband’s take on marriage that shows his growth and maturity.

  • Loretta Foulkrod

    I am so thankful you two are together. You DO have a deep and abiding love worth fighting for. Not everyone in this life is given that gift. You have to know God blesses your union by looking into the eyes of those four beautiful children. Thank you, Dean, for the food blog. We will all greatly benefit from your talents!

  • Loretta Foulkrod

    Question… When can we all look forward to another UP-channel movie with Dean? He is just terrific in all of them I have seen.

  • Elaina Stainbrook

    I would love to know how he made those home made fish sticks/nuggets that he was making for the kids on one of the True Tori episodes! =)

  • mell1201

    You and your family have been in our prayers. Restoration is an amazing gift God gives us. I’m glad all of you have accepted that gift. @mell1201

  • Ashleigh-Faye

    That’s awesome for him. And the whole family. My request is food related. I am a young widow of about 17.5 months. I loved to cook for my husband and the family when he was alive. My request is how to learn to cook smaller meals. It’s not the 3 of us anymore but the 2 of us (our son is 7) I do things like split the ground turkey into 2 servings. But I still feel I cook for 3. I end up throwing food away or eating it all. I feel like I still food shop for 3 also. How can I break this habit. For 6 years it was the 3 of us. And I still cook like it is. Help dean!

  • Amanda Burrows

    Love watching cabin fever will you be back up to cottage country? I’d love a post on what you’ve been up to on your children’s summer break.. Cheers!

  • Heather

    I have a question for the Gourmet Dad: Do you have any good ideas for fast and kid-friendly school lunches? My son and I made a list of things he will eat to go into baggies for side dishes, but the main dish is always a challenge and by the end of the year a sandwich gets kinda old. (Here is the list of things he swears he will eat: cheese sticks, yogurt, carrot sticks, mandarin oranges, apples, grapes, canteloupe, tomato, pretzels, granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, BBQ Lays). What can we put with this?

  • Lise Turøy

    So happy for all of you! Been praying for you!

  • Evelyn Keenan

    I am so happy to see you guys working things out. I have followed you two since before Liam’s birth. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family. Just love each other and be open and honest. Communication is KEY. Love you guys! <3

  • Lisa Alliger Tompkins

    Would love to see some clean eating items using everyday favorites! Glad you are all doing well :)

  • akparker

    I’m with JoJo. Would love some help getting my kids to eat something other that prepackaged processed foods.

  • Candelee Woodward Stone

    Keep up the great work..If your life seems broken at times thats normal, just dont break everyone else while you feel troubled..Talk it out, work on it..always try to be your best, not better than everyone else…You are not in a competition against anyone so, live , love and just be yourself

  • Alicia Rabich Adcock

    I am so very happy y’all are working it out! My sister has been through the same thing with her husband and they just promised to not talk about it again and 7 years later they are stronger than ever! Tori you have seriously been my idol since I was a little girl (31 now) and prayers for you girl and Dean sobriety is difficult, but touching it just isn’t an option. Always know that one drink or pill or anything is too many and a million is never enough : ) love!

  • Leahrae

    My toddler has celiacs, I’d love some great gluten free recipes:)

  • Deb

    Good for him! I liked reading his posts and I’m glad that he is ready to start it up again.

  • Natalie Trowsse-Anderson

    I’m thrilled that you guys are doing better, but my request is purely about food. I have a house full of foodies, and one of the things we love is NACHOS!!! We’re great will all the rest of the fixins, but we cannot seem to master guacamole!!! I’m obsessed with it, but I can’t gt my kids to even try it because I can’t make it to save my life. Taco Bell guac doesn’t count. lol How can I make a savory guac for the nachos that isn’t necessarily spicy per se but has a nice kick to it that the kids will love? Thanks!!

  • Dana

    I am y’all’s biggest cheerleader. So glad your family is better. Some really good comfort food recipes would be awesome.

  • Jen

    Healthy substitutes I.E honey, coconut oil, etc. Also, recipe for healthier donuts (they have to exist!)

  • Becky @ bybmg

    I’m so glad to see a couple come together and work things out. Marriage ain’t easy! Keep loving each other!

  • Jackie

    Glad Dean seems to be treating you and your family the way you deserve to be treated!! Since I work in the mental health field it would be nice to read an occasional blog about his recovery, it’s always nice to share stories with my clients because it gives them hope. As for food we love our crockpot in the fall so any yummy crockpot recipes would be appreciated!!

  • Holly F

    Glad to hear things are looking up for your family & looking forward to Dean’s new blog entries. Looking forward to the family fitness posts and hope to see lots of healthy recipes that work for the whole family.

  • bac12

    what about recipes for diabetics, or celiacs or other food challenged people. That would be unique and very helpful.

  • All the best

    Great News! Adultery is evil and can tear marriages apart but Dean has sought help and Tori you are one heck of a strong woman to be there for Dean and the children. God Bless you all! I don’t know if I could stay. Kudos to you!

  • J-Mom

    Happy for you guy! I am proud of you for staying with Dean. Speaking as someone who decided to stay after we faced major marriage issues I can honestly say it was a long road BUT our marriage and family is better than ever! Now blog ideas…hmm how about a gluten free one?

  • Suzanne Mixson Clark

    It is so rare to see a couple from Hollywood go through what you have and not throw in the towel! Good for you both! Your sweet children deserve a chance at a whole family! Praying you will stick it out! My mother used to say in marriage there are “no doors and no windows…” Do the work!

  • Kaptain Morgan

    This is great news, Tori and Dean! I’m so happy for the both of you and your adorable little family! Congrat’s!

  • Anna hall

    So happy for you and your family

  • Janie

    So happy that you are still working on your marriage and I pray for your family. And I LOVE Mystery Girls! My husband has recently began therapy for depression and anxiety. Any wisdom Dean could share about his diet and exercise along with tips regarding his recovery would be helpful. Thanks & hugs!!

  • Genia Glover

    I have one I would like if he could do. I would love to see what are essentials to have in the kitchen for fall/winter time frame to keep a healthy lifestyle (especially for those of us that live in the south lol).

  • LZeeGirl

    Happy for your family and proud of BOTH of you-marriage is not perfect or easy and you are doing the hard work to be better than ever. Awesome!

  • Olivia Sallows

    I hope they work it out. My ex also left me for his mistress after we started having problems. I wanted to get help he didn’t even though we had a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old. I was also broken and so depressed. Today I am good but still have issues with how I was treated. Working on your marriage for the sake of your family is the best decision anyone can make,

  • Stephanie Wilson

    I am so happy you are all happy and working hard on your family !! Glad Dean is back on his blog and wish him the best !!! Great kid friendly meals are always wonderful for parents and us grandparents alike !!

  • Tina Diamond

    Congrats on Dean’s blogging come back, I’m a book blogger myself. I would like to say my husband and I have been through alot of the same things you as a couple have been through and we are celebrating 20 years of being together this year. Love can get you through anything, it conquers all. Love you, Dean and your beautiful babies

  • Deb

    Tori..I believe you and Dean will be together forever! You make a beautiful couple! I think you were right to make your marriage work.. it’s easy to throw in the towel.. You and Dean show everyone you did become ONE:) i love your shows hugs to you both
    H! You have a beautiful family!

  • gimmeshelter_96

    I’m just so VERY Happy to hear how GREAT your all doing as a Family !! So Happy for you and Dean, Keep on keeping on :)

  • Deb

    Beautiful family. . Cheer to you and Dean! I am so happy it’s going good! I believe you will grow old together! Sending you all hugs:)

  • Donna Prak

    I’m happy your beautiful family is doing so well. God bless you all.

  • Kaz

    Love to see you all working together. Congrats on the unity.
    Beautiful people, beautiful family.
    Love to you all from Down Under

  • Yemina

    BLOG REQUEST: Vegan recipes! c(: Thank you! <3

  • Nicole

    I am so happy that everything working out for you and Dean. It’s wonderful to hear that everything is going back normal. I wish you and Dean the best lucky to say together forever!!! I am very prod Tori and Dean!!! Hugs, love & peace Maryland

  • gnash

    Is it always best to tell your wife if you have used and time has passed and she never found out? Thanks

  • Marilyn

    My husband is a vegan, so I am looking for simple, quick recipes to incorporate into the meal times.
    Thanks Dean

  • Whocaresaboutabunchofaholes


  • Tammy Nelson

    So happy your all doing well. I love reading your books Tori :) I have every one of them !!! Hugs to you all !

  • Rebecca

    Focus on all the positive things in your life! Last year my husband decided to start sleeping with his friends wife…she meant nothing to him! Tori forgive once and only once, if it happens again to me, my son and I will move on with our lives because we deserve better and so do you! Keep up the hard work, you and your family are worth it.

    • Leviathan61

      Sorry, but once would be enough for me.

  • jenn

    Love your family have watched since day one so glad you shared your story it shows that you are just like real people you both inspire me so much.

  • Sue

    Tori, my grown daughter Ashleigh and I have watch you and your family grow through out the years. You have showed the world what faithfulness and forgiveness is at a high cost. Thank you. Dean, you have showed the world that none of us are perfect. Forgive yourself and start again. Tori and Dean, this marriage can work and will work. Love is Unconditional……. I am praying for you both and your beautiful family.

  • 762foryou .

    Thanks for keeping it real. We started watching your “Inn Love” show as we lived in the same town as the show was filmed (also, my husband’s uncle, Harry, helped you with a plumbing problem.) From that point on, it was really nice to see your relationship develop. We all go through hard times as a family, but I hope that this will allow you two to grow even more, together.

    As for suggestions for Dean. He was so creative in making certain dishes on your show. I’d love to see more of his own creations that have been a hit or even the tried and true meals that the kids like to eat on a regular basis.

  • Becca Manly

    I’m proud of you, Tori. You stuck it out! It was meant to be. Every family & relationship is unique. Not every relationship can survive what yours has! Kudos to you for not giving up.
    As far as suggestions for Deans blog, I’d love to read some ideas on how to simply feed a family of five with five different taste buds & when I say, “simply”, I mean, simple meals. It’s time consuming & I seem to be stuck in a rut of making only 4 meals that I KNOW each person will eat. The 3 year old is the toughest! Lol!

  • Shannin Naidu

    OMG! Liam is so big !!! :) haha! Love your family !!! :) Xxx

  • Irene G

    So happy to hear that everything is going well for you and your family! Your show was always one of my favorites, and I was so sad to see what was going on with you all! I’m proud of you for hanging in there and keeping the family together! We all make mistakes, but marriage is about the ups and downs! God bless you guys!

  • Leviathan61

    Tori, honestly, I’ve been married to the same man for 33 years. For most of those years if I had had the financial resources to raise my children comfortably on my own, I would have. And still would. Never think you need a man to define who you are. Most of them are selfish piglets :)

  • Dana V

    I am so happy for you guys! I would love for Dean to share a good Mac and cheese receipe.

    Thanks! :)

  • Nina S Fossheim

    Love from Norway :D

  • Bella

    Tori, You are such a wonderful inspiration of devoted love to you family. My prayers and loving thoughts are always with you.

  • Kris

    Tori, you and Dean are simply amazing! I’m so incredibly happy to hear that you guys are doing so well. It takes a VERY strong woman to stay like you did, and I think you are incredible! It’s so much easier to walk away, but to stay and honor your vows is what marriage is all about. GOOD FOR YOU!! I honestly can’t think of a more real family on TV and the fact that you have shared yours with us viewer for so many years is awesome! I can’t wait to see what your next reality show will be…. Love seeing you and Dean with the kiddos! Best of luck to you all… hugs!

  • Shirley

    Tori, I have been watching Mystery Girls. You girls are SOOOOO funny! You’re fantastic together. Such comedic chemistry is wonderful to see!
    Can’t wait for more!

  • Patri Zita

    I wish you the best. This summer I have discovered that my “husband” was cheating (on line and…) for 8 years saying he was already divorced!!! I knew nothing at all. As soon as I learnt this (and the fast he’s got a “girlfriend” since 2012 and all the lies) it took me just one day to sign the documents ! I am heartbroken as I still love him, or at least I love the man I thought he was.

  • Annika

    I’m happy to see that your family is still together and glad to hear Dean is working on himself. Great for him, you, and most importantly for your children : )

  • Jones Nicole

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  • Sjoy

    Tell Dean that he definitely still has fans and those that want to see him do well. Not everyone is judgemental. On that note it would be cool for Dean to share some really great cooking tips or knife skills that he learned while in cooking school that the ordinary self taught cook may not pick up in a cookbook. Look forward to his posts