Mystery Girls is on Tonight!

Mystery Girls

There’s a brand new episode of Mystery Girls on tonight, and the girls have to solve their toughest mystery yet… in tonight’s episode my character reconnects with her pen pal, the convicted felon Rose Brack (played by the lovely Jamie Denbo), whom she once portrayed in a TV movie.

When Rose is released from prison, Holly is determined to prove her friend’s innocence and turns to Detective Duane for help. You’ll just have to watch to see if Holly can find the evidence she needs to clear Rose…

Here are some sneak peek photos from tonight’s episode:





Make sure to watch and tweet along with me using #AskTori. The mystery starts tonight at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

What’s been your favorite episode of Mystery Girls so far? Let me know in the comments!


  • Darren Martin

    I’ve loved all of them but the back to school episode has been my favorite :)

  • Tiki Hut

    they all have been good so far, to all the nah sayers, ” you guys are doing great my niece and nephew who are both 14 are now big fans of the show and at bowling today we were discussing your 90210 days and they went home to look up the seasons to watch them lol, we love how you are bringing all the old cast in one at a time well done girls

  • Jim

    The West Beverly episode was sooooooo amazing! I loved that it was really funny (gym class and cafeteria) and really sweet (Nick telling Holly that she changed his life). Plus you and Jennie looked incredible!

  • Courtney Laramore

    My new favorite summer show! Even my 11 and 8 year old keep asking when the next one is and were sad when we saw it was the finale coming up. Thanks to you guys for the laughs this summer!