Momvo: Don’t Grow Up!

I saw the sweetest, most adorable video yesterday and I had to share with all of my fellow momistas! This cute little girl just found out that her baby bro isn’t going to stay little forever, and her reaction is priceless.

Watching this made me think of my own babes, and got me wondering if they know that their big and little brothers/sisters are going to keep growing and getting older.

Have you ever gotten a reaction like this from your kids when they realized that little ones don’t stay little forever?

Also, do you have any adorable and funny moments with your babes that you w ant to share? Leave your cute stories about your kids growing up in the comments and I’ll share my faves next week.


  • Joy

    Sounds like this little one is confusing growing with death. Sad. Both children are very cute.

  • michelle

    I agree with you Joy. It does seem like she is confused with growing up with death because she says she doesn’t want to die when she is 100. She really loves her brother and that is adorable but the fact that she is so upset is very sad and I think her mom needs to explain it to her better! Even though her brother is not going to stay a little baby forever, he is always going to be younger than her and always be her little brother :-) I definitely think someone should explain this to her because even though it is cute to all of us adults it is real for her and she is hurting. That isn’t cute. That is very sad. Just my opinion :-)

  • Scoffini

    Oh my gosh..that is the most touching thing! She exudes what all us mom’s feel about our little ones growing up!

  • Joyce Mandel

    That is so sweet, I’ve never seen anything like it before !!

  • Tracy Carney Coulter

    It reminded me of me, when my daughter was a baby! hahaha (She’s 18 now)! I love how the baby smiles at his big sister, saw the video a couple days ago. <3

  • Gwen Maris

    Adorable, such moments!
    My little girl turns 2 today, she’s sitting on my lap right now, watching fun songs on youtube, a treat for her bday. :)
    She hasn’t got siblings yet, but loads of funny moments already!
    Like this one time on the potty, while daddy was with her on the toilet…
    He was reading a magazine, and licked his finger before turning the page. (I hate it when he does that, certainly in the bathroom!)
    Anyhow, Alexis also took a little booklet, and wanted to do the same. She licked a finger on her left hand, and turned the page with her right hand! 😀

    Or last week, we had just been to a wonderful doctor with her, with lotsa toys n such. The next day, Alexis coughed and said: “Alexis doctor.” I answered: “No honey, you don’t need to go to the doctor with just one cough.” and she got mad and said: “Alexis yes doctor!” :-)))

    I love my babygirl so much!

  • Rachel Rusch

    At the end of the night on my daughter’s fourth birthday she turned to me and asked in the most sincere way, “Mommy, do four-year-olds chew gum?”

  • Heather

    When my daughter was 3 she and I were walking through the mall. A lady I recognized was sitting on a bench holding a teeny, tiny baby-maybe 2 weeks old. I stopped to say hi, offer congratulations and, of course, peek at the new little bundle. He was wide awake with big blue eyes and seemed to be staring at his surroundings and taking it all in. I said to this new mom ‘oh my gosh he is adorable and boy, he is alert’! I must have repeated at least three times how alert he was-I really couldn’t believe how bright-eyed this little one was. My daughter ogled over his sweet little toes.

    We finished our visit and we carried on. A few steps later, as we were talking about how sweet the little baby is and how alert he was, she turned to me and said ‘momma, I dunno what ‘lerts’ are, but that baby was sweet!’