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Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

I know we have heard so much about oils lately and I am here today to give you the low-down! This is my go-to website when I started using Young Living Essential Oils. Who is using them? I know so many of you probably are and I can’t wait to read your comments at the end of this post and give you the 411 on essential oils. With all of the sickness that starts going around once school starts back up, I’m excited that I’ve been dabbling in essentials oils to help encourage a strong immune system.

Essential oils are distilled from the plant in a very careful way as to not harm the properties that make the oils so beneficial. I’ve been using Young Living oils topically and through a diffuser, much like aromatherapy which is great because the entire family benefits from it that way. But there are so many ways to use them

I thought I would let you have a little peek at my desk to see what oils I’ve been using and why! And this is just a snapshot. There are so many oils that can help with so many different things from anxiety to pain to mopping your floor to fighting the flu — your options are really endless!

Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

+Peppermint is amazing for headaches! I can’t get enough. The second I feel a migraine coming on — it’s the first bottle I grab.

+Joy is known for happiness in a bottle and during a chaotic work day you can catch me inhaling it from the bottle.

+Peace & Calming helps soothe and calm kids before bedtime when you apply it to their feet — it’s really a great way to get a sound sleep.

+Lavender is wonderful for allergies, dry skin, and even to make into a pillow mist!
Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

A great tip of the day is to add 2 drops of Young Living’s Lavender essential oil in your mascara tube because it prevents bacteria growth in your tube and promotes eyelash growth and can lengthen the use of your mascara. A bonus is it smells so good! See what I mean?

Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils
It’s been so amazing to find an awesome group that has a site all about Young Living Essential Oils because it can be so overwhelming. When I signed up under The Pretty Oil I was completely clueless on this oil journey and they have provided me with so much support and encouragement since I’m from the beginning of using the oils. If you have thought about trying essential oils then I highly recommend that you join through there site, they offer so much and I’m very grateful to them. Especially a few weeks ago when I came down with a terrible flu. The Pretty Oil immediately told me what type of oil cocktail to whip up and in just a few hours I was already on the mend.

Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

You should all head over and check out The Pretty Oil so you can browse all of the information because you will be non-stop using them in no time. I love following them on their social media outlets too because they offer such amazing tips! You can check out their Facebook here and Instagram here because they are both filled with so much info on how to use the oils, fun tips, and so much more.

Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

If you’re ready to sign up and join the community and start using oils they have a very helpful page about how to buy the oils here. Seriously, you won’t believe how great they are and you’ll be wanting to share them with all of your friends. In the meantime, here is some really great last-minute info I wanted to share! Feel free to pin away, you’ll want to read this over and over.

Momista Must-Have: Essential Oils

Because I love The Pretty Oil community and Young Living Oils so much, I want to give away my must-have four oils currently on my desk! ONE winner will win a bottle of Peppermint, Joy, Peace & Calming and Lavender to start their oil collection — a $140 value!

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If you already use oils, I’d love to know which ones are your favorite? If you don’t use them, which ones are you just dying to try? Let’s chat in the comments below! I can’t wait to talk more about them with you!

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Big thanks to Nicole Schumacher for helping me make these photos perfect!

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