Milestone Monday: Hattie Flies a Kite!

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This weekend we decided to fly kites at the beach in Malibu, and the kids LOVED it. They were all running and giggling and flying their kites side by side. It was a very special day. I remember the first time I flew a kite as a toddler. It was on the beaches of Malibu as well. I have really fond memories of flying my kite with my Dad.

I love keeping up with family traditions, and I feel like flying kites isn’t as common as it was when I was a kid. It’s so beautiful, easy, great exercise, and fun for the kids. I think it’s a sport we should bring back!! #TheKiteRunners

Do you have a family tradition that you’ve carried on with your little ones? Share them in the comments and I’ll share my faves on the blog.


  • Shaye AndSavannah Brister

    My kids love to fly kites lol! I agree not really common anymore.

  • Julia C Scholten Langham

    we are expecting our first grandchild in October and my tradtions to keep with him (Devin Alexander) will be baking, crafting and reading! I am so excited for his arrival I just cant stand it, I have already made tons of homemade blankets, hats, burp cloths and bibs!

  • Christie Sodon-O’connor

    My husband and I take our boys fishing on Sunday evenings. Something both my husband and I did as children. Family time outside at our favorite place!

  • Slandgren

    We make a birthday cake each Christmas Eve and sing happy birthday to baby Jesus. It’s something I’ve done as a child and both my parents did as children. My kids enjoy this tradition each year with their cousins.

    • http://www.lovelifefashionblog.blogspot.com AnnaLise Coble

      We do this too!

  • Vicky Scanlon

    Christmas time we decorate everything we see in our home, even with my kids grown we still get together to decorate.

  • Vicky Scanlon

    Christmas time we decorate everything we see in our home, even with my kids grown we still get together to decorate.

  • Marina Andreasson

    Beginig in spring time i take my two gril’s to the beach and have picnic with them. We collecting Shell for to do art and craft.

  • Heather Schmitt

    Working in the garden and hanging laundry out on the line. Our daughter has become a slave driver, when it comes to gardening! 😀

  • Angie Hernandez

    Around Christmas time we each buy a new ornament to hang on the tree! It’s very interesting to look back and see what was going on in our lives at that particular time, thru our ornaments.

  • Bridee Schrier

    My girls flew kites last weekend at the beach (in Laguna though)… so fun!!

  • Tianna Perrone

    The day after Thanksgiving we go to the Christmas tree farm and the kids pick out the tree and Daddy cuts it down with his helpers.

  • Jean Strunk Lankton

    My grandchildren and I have swimming races. We count 1-Mississippi 2-Mississippi, etc to time the races. I’m nearly 60 years old (and usually lose) but we have the time of our lives!

  • Catherine McKillips

    Every year at Thanksgiving me and my sister create construction paper leaves, each family member writes one item they are thankful for. We read the leaves before dinner on Thanksgiving. Then we paste them in a book to save forever, we design a tree and the leaves show their statements. Each year we make a new page. Love this tradition.

  • Twinniea

    I got this idea from the Ya-ya Sisterhood books. Birthday cake…. In your bed…. For breakfast on your birthday! Oh, and a candle to blow out, too!

    Also, we like to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas together all snuggly on Christmas Eve. We like decorating gingerbread houses, too!

  • aprilk

    We haul our kids out to the state fair every year. No matter what my mom took my sister and I, just before school starts they ask every year…is it fair time now? Lucky my husband loves and believes it’s a “thing” too! Turkey legs and cotton candy watch out we are coming in 2 weeks! :)

  • Libby Sonnet

    Looks like the coast in Italy. Wonderful fun.

  • Jenn Canfield

    We have an alter we bring out each Christmas…we also buy ornaments every year to go along with our year..it’s neat to follow our years. My sister and I have a tradition too…with buying each other favorite animals each year…I always try to find one that’s weird or exotic

  • marie-line MARRA

    she is marvellous

  • Amy Burgoyne

    I think you are one of the most brave & authentic power women out there. You should be very proud Tori. Honor yourself daily for that. xoxo