• Renee McFarland

    Tori was so cute doing this :-) And it was great for her kids to see her do. I love it!

  • Orsayor Simmons

    Tori showed us what a real bucket of water is. I loved it.

  • Susan Grayson

    So glad you did it!! Way to go,Tori! Me? Not yet because nobody nominated me and I’m praying so hard that no one nominated me because I hate COLD WATER!!

  • Debi

    So glad the Guncles nominated you and you too the challenge “head” on! My hubby is a deputy sheriff. He and his entire work unit took the challenge at the same time.

  • Gwen Maris

    Well, over here in Belgium we’ve got a slightly different challenge: You nominate someone to jump into natural water, and people unfortunately give up theirselves as “charity”… I didn’t take it very seriously, so I got into a self carwash 😀 I love it that the US celebrities put ALS in the picture, I didn’t even know yet it existed… Even Eddy Vedder took on the challenge! Rock on! 😀 (I can’t seem to upload my video here, too bad ’cause it’s rrrreally funny!)

  • Federica

    I read your blog and I find it great, but on this occasion I feel I should remind you that the real challange is NOT pouring a bucket of water on your head, but donating money to research. Raising awareness is important, but in your position, is far better to actually show that donation are much more needed than ice. So many people are using this as an occasion to show off and don’t even know what ALS is.

    This disease is horrible, it steals life to the patient AND the family.
    I can see it far too closely now, as it consumes my aunt’s life.


  • Desiree Leon

    Actually if you go to their website, it explains the reason and why it is connected to pouring the ice and water over your head. Makes perfect sense Federica so READ before you open your mouth, thanks.

    Good job Tori!