Style Essentials: Wrenn Jewelry Giveaway

Wrenn Jewelry

I have such an amazing giveaway for all of you today! I recently discovered Wrenn Jewelry, created by mama of 2 Alissa Wrenn Smith (you can read her amazing story here). She makes the most beautiful jewelry by hand, and not only is it super stylish, but it’s also totally affordable. Take a look at some of her designs…

Wrenn JewelryAlissa makes all different kinds of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, and she even does custom orders. And for those of you looking for a perfect gift for your man? Take a look at Alissa’s cufflinks. So unique!

Wrenn Jewelry How gorgeous is this emerald green simple druzy pendant necklace?

Wrenn Jewelry Personally I’m a big fan of her bangles… a girl can never have too many bracelets!

So, now it’s time for the giveaway! Alissa of Wrenn Jewelry is giving away a $100 gift card to one very lucky ediTORIal reader. She’s also offering a 15% off discount code for all of you amazing ediTORIal readers – just enter code WJLovesTori at checkout. Amazing!

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. LIKE. Make sure to LIKE Wrenn Jewelry on Facebook
  2. COMMENT. Leave me a comment below letting me know which pieces of Alissa’s jewelry you would buy if you won a $100 gift card. Make sure to leave your twitter or Instagram handle or Facebook name so we can contact you if you win.
  3. CHECK BACK. Come back to the site on Friday to see if you won!


Good luck, and thank you to Alissa and Wrenn Jewelry!


  • Elizabeth Gaudette Payne Cpst

    I love her earrings!

  • Izabella

    I’m in love with everything but especially the earrings! <3

  • Stormy Smith

    I would purchase either a necklace or bracelet they are all beautiful! Her work is so unique and beautiful!

    Facebook Name: Stormy Smith
    Instagram: SSMITH8129

  • Michele Clark

    I love the emerald green druzy necklace!

  • Cheryl Eller

    I would love to own ALL of her pieces. Loving all the druzy colors. Difficult to choose. Every post I see on Instagram makes my credit card itch!

    I would definitely need to get all 3 of my girls’ favorite colors and initials on a necklace and the bangles and rings to match!

  • Mandy Hammons

    I LOVE the initial bangle bracelet sets – all colors! I’m so excited that you introduced me to Wrenn! @mandyhammons

  • Jackie

    I am loving the necklace…I would love to do some shopping! @jbubbles18

  • Heather Luchies

    Love the bangles!!

  • Susan Evans

    The bangles are beautiful!

  • Julie Barnett Briscoe

    I love the bangles!

  • katie

    Liked wrenn’s fb, I would buy the bangels :)

  • Erin Nichole

    I would buy as many bangles as possible! They are elegant, fun and beautiful! Thank you for the chance and also introducing me to a great new jewelry designer!

  • Laura Olmstead-Berkeihiser

    Love the bangles!!!

  • Gina Coukos Giuliano

    I love the bracelets with the initials! Already thinking of holidays and it would be great gifts for my daughter and my nieces!!!

  • Shannon

    I would get the initial bracelet set… in love!!! @shannshaw

  • Avishag Engelman-Dreszer

    I would love to purchase the gold necklace (Druzy ) with the initial and stone. I absolutely love everything but that has to be my favorite piece. Avishag Engelman-Dreszer is my facebook name.

  • Hannah

    Oooh! I would definitely have to get the Ivory Opal Druzy Statement Ring. Gorgeous!! Perfect for my upcoming birthday! My best friends birthday is two days before mine, so I would get one for her as well! Love that pink!

  • Thelma Hamm

    I would probably buy a ring or necklace!

  • Mindy

    Would love the bangles!~

  • Beth Goral

    Love it all, but especially love the bracelets! :)

  • Angela

    I love earrings!!

  • lisperry77

    Love the Bangles and bracelets. I liked the page, but actually I love the product. @lisperry77 on instagram

  • Nellie Valente Pisani

    i would get the initial bracelet set!

  • Karra Davidson

    I love the bracelets. Especially mixing the personalized with the different colors. Very pretty!

  • Bethany Jablunovsky

    Beautiful stuff!!! Esp the bangle!!

  • Nikole Schmidt

    I would love to get a custom ring with my two children’s birth stone colors set, like the two stoned rings on her site!

  • caroline cantin young

    These are beautiful- hard to choose!

  • Tedi

    Love all of it but if had to choose, love the Peony Pink, Blue and Initial Bangle Bracelet Set! Facebook: Tedi Schorr Rizzi

  • Leslie

    Wow! Love everything!!!! Especially the bangles and necklace! So unique! Simple but beautiful.

  • Steph Amella

    I would love a bangle bracelet with my kiddos birthstone or a necklace super cute ! Facebook-Steph Rodriguez-Amella

  • Tiffany Ludwig

    Platinum Silver, White and Heart Initial Bangle Bracelet Set!!

    • Tiffany Ludwig


  • Jamie Clevinger Uhlar

    Love the bangles! Just getting into wearing jewlery and love these they are simple and cute!

  • Aurora Perez Richard

    I would get the Platinum silver, white and heart initial bracelet set if I won the $100.
    (and some others as gifts with my own money lol)

  • Stacey Greene Bodziony

    I’d buy the Druzy Statement Ring and drop earrings. Simply beautiful. Facebook: Stacey Greene Bodziony

  • Cathie Hoy

    In love with the initials…bracelets and necklace! Love the wrap style and Druzy combination!

  • chelsea

    I love all her jewels it would be a hard decision!
    Ig: chelseaf9

  • hppyfts

    I love the blue earrings!! My color!

  • Bernadette Pelayo

    I would buy the peony-pink-blue and initial bangle bracelet set and add my other 2 kids initials to the set. So pretty!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Bernadette Pelayo is my Facebook name.

  • Casey Halbert Reed

    I love the emerald pendant necklace, black tiny druzy stud earrings, peach petite druzy stud earrings, and the pink platinum silver and initial bangel set! @caseysuehal on instagram

  • Danielle Hunt

    I would buy the inspirational bangles. Because a girl can never have too much inspiration in her life! <3
    Facebook name: Danielle Hunt
    Instagram name: Daniluvsbrezzy

  • Donna Switzer Zlebek

    It is all so beautiful. Love the bracelet.

  • Dawn

    Would buy the gorgeous bangles!

  • Stacey

    Love the colored bangles!! @Staceymp

  • jamato225

    Love the stone necklace with my girls inititals. Facebook Jillian Amato Whitlow

  • Dana Marie Jones

    I love this line I look at ever day but I’m telling myself I have to wait for Christmas to treat myself;) I’m looking at getting the emerald Druzy ring and bangle bracelet set!! Happy Monday! Dana Marie Jones on Facebook;)

  • Lauren Gross

    Those earrings are everything! @iheartandygross on Instagram

  • Sammie Todd

    I would love a bangle for my wedding!!! So beautiful. Facebook: Sammie Todd

  • Diana Fritts

    one of the initial bracelets with my new baby’s initials!

  • Heidi Hunter Latessa

    I love the bangles

  • Tarra Jo Cushing

    Definitely one of the bracelets. Love them! Tarra Jo Cushing

  • Christy Hughes Robertson

    Bangles all the way.
    FB: Christy Hughes Robertson

  • Elisabeth Bourgeois

    Oh my, I can’t choose! If I had to, it would be the Ivory Opal Druzy Statement Ring. So beautiful!

  • KendrafromTexas

    I would definitely buy the bangle and the necklace that I can put my initial. I was so happy the pictures you chose had the ‘K’. My name is Kendra Rodruguez

  • Lindsay

    Love all the bracelets!

  • Kristina

    Love this! I would love to own the three bangles : the M initial and the pink and blue bangles. Pink will be the birthstone of our first baby girl due in October and blue is the birthstone of my amazing little (big man) 3 year old. The M represents my last name. Absolutely beautiful pieces. Twitter @Kmomma4

  • Jolynda

    Oh! If I won the $100 gift card, I would get the Peony Pink, Blue & Initial Bangle Bracelet Set. Twitter = @jolynda8p

  • tracey

    Omgosh!! The initial bracelet so are just fantastic. feminine and light yet such a strong piece!! Totes ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Samantha Snyder

    I would buy the limited edition personalized long teardrop combo necklace, the platinum silver round druzy bangle bracelet, and/or the peach druzy statement ring!
    Instagram: samsnyder0310

  • Amy Hume Leo

    Either the bangles or pendant necklaces. So hard to decide! FB: AMY HUME LEO

  • Michele Lee

    I LOVE the silver stones. I would definitly get a bracelet.

  • April Crouch

    I would love the necklace sometimes running from football to cheer to gymnastics you just want something on that makes you feel pretty. Thanks for considering.

  • Candace Krause-Aksamitowski

    I would love to own one of the necklaces in green with my initial on it, since I never owned a necklace before!

    Candace Krause-Aksamitowski

  • Taylor

    I wish I could have them all…they are all so pretty :3

  • Wendy Weatherell Feldman

    I love the Mystic Rainbow Druzy Statement Ring, all of the necklaces and much more. Beautiful yet simple. My style.

  • heather harmon-jarstad

    Everything she has is amazing !! I would love toown the emerald druzy ring or any of the beautiful stud earrings !

  • Amanda Morton

    Love the initial bracelet been looking for something like this forever. Such beautiful work…

  • Angela

    All of her bangles are amazing! Angela Morgan (fb)

  • Rachel Sullivan

    What beautiful designs Alissa has!! I would definitely buy bangles and a necklace. I love how sparkly and unique these pieces are!
    My Facebook name is Rachel Sullivan
    Instagram username: noras_mommy_107

  • Jennifer Curtis

    I recently had to move away from my daughter for the first time. Her 21st birthday is coming very soon. I would buy her a beautiful piece to wear all the time, to remind her that wherever she is I am with her.

  • Kelly Loveland Brown

    I would LOVE to have the ivory opal ring and the mystic rainbow necklace !! EVERYTHING they have is beautiful though :)
    Facebook : Kelly Loveland Brown

  • Nikki A Shireman

    I love them all. I would like a bracelet or a necklace

  • Yvette W.

    Everything! Love it all!

  • Kristi Blazewick

    They are all so pretty pretty, so any of them would be awesome

  • Jennifer Panella

    The bangles FOR SURE!! But if I won a gift card, I know for a fact that I would go over the $100 and just end up buying more! FB Jennifer Givigliano Panella

  • Bridget Blackwell

    I really love it all but would enjoy the bracelets!! My Facebook name is Bridget Blackwell ;)

  • Heather

    If I won the giftcard, I would get bangles. I’m obsessed with bangles!

  • Adriana Rosales

    Love the bangles and necklaces . The colors are soft and elegant.

  • Christine Stolzenbach

    I love the bangles!
    FB- Christine Hnat-Stolzenbach

  • Cheyne Wilelm Gosnell

    These would be perfect gifts for friends. I would buy the Aqua Druzy ring and orchid druzy necklace! Absolutely

  • Jacey Upton Brenden

    LOVE all of her pieces! My faves are the emerald pendant necklace, stack rings and bangles :)
    Jacey Upton Brenden

  • Misti Wiggins Herrin

    I would get one of the bangle sets and an initial bangle. So cute!

  • Jennifer

    The Opal ring is gorgeous. All of it is stunning :)
    twitter– starshollowchic

  • Sheela D

    I LOVE the druzy bangles, especially the aqua set. I would also love the emerald green druzy statement ring. Ugh! So hard to choose. I’ll take one of everything!!

  • lara b

    I would love to get the Teardrop mystic rainbow necklace with an A charm for both of my kids:)

  • Candace Bingham

    Would love to win $100 to buy some of this lovely jewelry! I like everything. Thanks for the giveaway. @CandaceLynnB

  • Rosa

    ANy of the beautiful rings would be amazing and would sparkle on any outfit! :)

  • Natalie

    I love the sparkle!!!

  • shelle1021

    I would get the bangles or one of her beautiful rings..such beautiful pieces hard to decide..

  • stephroza

    These are such beautiful pieces, so hard to chose from, but I would love to add the following pieces to my collection;
    1- Emerald Green Druzy Dangle Earrings,
    2-Pink Petite Druzy Stud Earrings
    3-Peony Pink, Platinum Silver, and White Bangle Bracelet Set.
    Thank you

  • Amy Zellerman

    Love it all!! Definitely would be hard to choose! I would for sure get a ring and a bangle! FB- Amy Zellerman

  • Stephanie

    I would love the rings :-)

  • Jessica Sowers Pitman

    The bangles and necklace! Jessica sowers pitman

  • Agata Parthree

    I would love a beautiful necklace!!

  • Briana Phillips

    I love all of them, so stunning! The perfect accessory to any outfit! Classy and elegant.

  • Holly Smith

    Love the teardrop necklace with initial. FB Holly Smith IG tpag8rgirl813

  • Sabrena Nottingham

    The Mystic Rainbow Druzy heart earrings are FABILOUS!!!!!! And the Red Square Gold and Initial bracelet would look great for my little sisters upcoming wedding! Thanks for sharing such fabulous pieces! @brenanottingham

  • desiree

    I’m also a big fan of her bangles,that’s what i wold buy if i won!!
    Facebook name Desiree Landon Beeman

  • Kristin

    Everything is so fabulous!! I can’t decide what i like the best. A bangle maybe?

  • sharon

    I would love to win this I love all of Tori’s jewelry she is so talented in anything that she makes

  • Eileen Boothe Hubbard

    I would love the bracelet’s …they are so beautiful thank you for sharing This and all the things you do.From a mommy to you.

  • Shelly Biggs Angell

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both necklaces!!! Entire line is fab!;)

  • Lisa gray

    I would take any of it…love it!!! F. B.

  • Jodie Reckart Cailotto

    Love it all. Just went on and ordered the green necklace in rose gold. Would love to get more :)

  • jamiefulminante

    Beautiful jewelry, I would love any of them, especially the initial necklace.

  • Noemi

    I would like the rings but I would take any of them….facebook is Noemi Sumner

  • Elizabeth Binkley

    The earrings and rings!! I’m a sucker for both

  • Lindsay Jenkins

    Love all the rings – esp the
    Emerald Green Triangle Druzy Statement Ring!

  • Lynanne Bruno

    A bangle!

  • Crystal Oster

    Love the bangles! One of every color please! ~ Crystal Oster

  • Cameron

    I m not sure I could ever really choose just one, but for now I am loving on the personalized teardrop combo necklace- so cute! I also love bangles & bracelets, but I would definitely need mutiple colors to mix, match, and stack!

  • Billie1975

    I love all the jewelry and would continue to be a customer after the fact!!

  • Sara Theissen

    If I won, I would definitely get the
    Emerald Green Simple Druzy Pendant Necklace, the Orchid Purple Personalized Druzy Initial Necklace, or the Black, Pink and White Druzy Bangle Bracelet Set.

  • Amber H.

    I love these peices!! I would be all over the bangles, so pretty!!

    • Amber H

      Facebook Name: Amber Haffey Hinkle

  • TanaKBarlow

    I love all the pieces but I think my favorite are the drusy bangles and rings!

  • Amanda Roberts Roades

    I love the earrings!

  • tkjohanson

    AWSOME jewelry! my faves….platinum silver square druzzy statement ring, limited edition personalized long teardrop combo necklace & platinum silver square druzzy dangle earrings – Facebook/telisa.johanson

  • Erica Davenport Underwood

    I’d love to have tge opal druzzy ring, and possibly a bangle

  • Beckyb

    Love the rose gold teardrop necklace and heart initial braclet! Beautiful pieces! FB handle is Becky Blanchard! :)

  • Lisa Wheaton

    Hello, Tori – Thank You for running this Contest! :o) If I were to win a $100 Gift Card to Wrenn Jewelry, I would choose the following from Alissa’s pieces: Rose Gold and Rutilated Quartz Personalized Necklace with the Letter ‘L’ and Rose Druzy Personalized Sparkling Teardrop Necklace with the Letter ‘N’. My Facebook name is Lisa A. Wheaton. Thanks Again, Lisa ;o)

  • Amber K Griepentrog

    I would love the Black, Pink and White Druzy Bangle Bracelet Set in gold. Just beautiful jewelry.

  • Laurie

    Pendant necklace all the way! Love it!

    Blake N Laurie Wollman (FB)

  • crystalga

    Love the initial bangle! Instagram:crystaloh0911

  • Stacy Pribe

    This jewelry is beautiful!! my favorite would have to be the Emerald Green Triangle Druzy Bangle Bracelet. You are correct, this is very affordable. Thank you for introducing me to this…Facebook name; Stacy Pribe

  • Andrea Darst

    I love the Blue Oval Personalized Druzy Initial Necklace and the Mystic Rainbow Square Druzy Statement Ring! @adarst213 on Twitter/IG, Andrea Darst on FB (

  • Nikki Burr

    I have been a fan of Wrenn Jewelry since earlier this year, and I own several of her gorgeous pieces! I’m so excited to see that you are a fan too! I’ve had my eye on her bangle sets for a while, and that is what I would spend the $100 gift card on. I would love a bangle set with the peony pink, silver, and white. Instagram: nik_chick

  • Emily

    I love the uniqueness of Wrenn Jewlery! I would buy one of everything if I could but my favorites are the plantinum silver oval druzy platinum ring, the opal white personalized sparkling druzy teardrop necklace, and the black square personalized druzy initial necklace. I

    Twitter: EmilyNash11
    Instagram: emilynash11

  • Laura Bokor

    Love the initial bangle and pendant with initial

  • Shannon Joiner

    Hi! I looove the Platinum Silver, White and Heart Initial Bangle Bracelet Set! But i also love the Rose Druzy Personalized Sparkling Teardrop Necklace and the Emerald Green Simple Druzy Pendant Necklace! Is it too early to be making a Christmas list? ;)

  • Jill Poskus Cummings

    I am due with baby # 2 in a few weeks. I’d pick the
    Gold Rimmed Druzy Necklace with my kids intial charms! :) Facebook name is “Jill Poskus Cummings” if I am lucky enough to win:)

  • Rachel Schauer

    Thanks for sharing a great designer! Her stuff is SO pretty and it’s hard to pick just a few items, but the items in the picture attached are my favorite and I love how you can attach a initial to the pieces too!

  • Allison

    The emerald green pendant necklace is so pretty- I want it!

  • Rachel Schauer

    Thanks for sharing a great designer! Her stuff is SO pretty and it’s hard to pick just a few items, but the items in the picture attached are my favorite and I love how you can attach a initial to the pieces too!

    Facebook: Rachel Schauer
    IG: RachelSchauer

  • Crystal Morgan

    Bangles, bangles, bangles!!!!!! I LOVE bracelets and enjoy wearing them layered. Its an arm party!

  • Janelle @ MommyLivesClean

    I love the limited edition long tear drop combo necklace! All the pieces are so unique. You can tell a lot of love goes into the design!

  • Olea

    Facebook name: Olea Sortor

    The jewelry took my breath away and I was blown away by the affordable prices :)
    As a winner I would get:

    - Emerald green triangle druzy statement ring
    (Steriling Silver, Size 6)
    - Emerald green triangle personalized druzy initial necklace
    (Steriling Silver, 18″, letter: “S”, newsprint font)
    - Black Duzzy Statement Ring
    (Steriling Silver, Size 6)

    Good Luck Everyone!!

  • Shannon

    There is SO much I would want, it’s too hard for a choice! But with the $100 I would for sure get the Rose Gold Rutilated Personalized Pendant with my daughters initial on it. I’m a single mom and she is my WORLD. Would also love the Smoky Quartz Druzy Bracelet. What gorgeous stuff! I’m a fan for life now! @shanny727 – Shannon McAvoy

  • Kristi B.

    I’d have a hard time choosing for sure! I’m loving the green ring in Rose and the gold on gold necklace with a K initial for my name. ;). These pieces are incredible!

  • Monique Taylor

    If I won I would like to get a necklace that would represent my children and husbamd. For the next 6mos our family is splitting up and moving in different states so this would be very nice.

  • Jill Kitzmiller

    I would definitely get the first picture of bracelets because my name starts with “J”!

  • Kelli

    If I won I would love to get a whole set of the Druzy series. Love everything

  • Beth

    I love alllll of her stuff! But I would love to add the emerald green oval druzy statement ring and one of her bangle bracelet sets to my little collection!!! :)

  • Jocelyn Orellana

    I’m madly in love with the bangles!!! Facebook – jocelyn orellana

  • Katherine Warren

    Hello! I love the ring and necklaces! It would be so hard to choose because I love it all! Thanks for introducing us to this fabulous jewelry!

  • Kim

    I absolutely love all the pieces! Gorgeous and stunning. If I won I would love any of the pieces. I love the necklaces the most (emerald). Having a 10 year old and 1 year old I never take the time for myself anymore. If I won this would be the best gift I ever received. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Kim Mackintosh

  • Courtney B

    I would pick the orchid purple simple druzy pendant necklace, the peony pink simple druzy necklace, and the blue oval bangle bracelet. My instagram name is courtyb34, and my twitter name is CourtyB34, and my Facebook name is Courtney Gene Biggs.

  • Becky @ bybmg

    I’m @bybmg on Twitter and IG! I liked their FB page and already love them from what I’ve seen on IG. I would get the peony pink druzy initial necklace. It’s so pretty!

  • Sara Lawson

    I love it all! I would get my mom and I matching emerald green pendant necklace.

  • tiffani

    i would buy the gold necklace with initial and i love all of the blue stuff, having a september birthday :) facebook name is Tiffani Grubb. thanks!

  • Mariam F Donerian

    they are all beautiful, but maybe the dark blue stones????

  • Leigh Anne Bailey Adusei

    I would get one of the rings, bracelets or necklaces in the green or blue.

  • Mandi Lesko Clements

    Love love love the bangles!!

  • Nathalie Zapata

    If I win, I’ll go for the Platinum Silver, White and Heart Initial Bangle Bracelet Set!!!

  • Jill Bukowski Schafer

    LOVE the initial/pendant necklace!

  • angel

    I if I won the $100 gift card I would buy either earring or the necklace with an initial for my sweet baby girl who will be turning 8 in September. She loves jewelry, especially beautiful sparkly jewelry!!

  • Holly E

    I love the peony pink, platinum silver, and white bangle bracelet set. Holly Denise Edwards (fbk)

  • Abrea

    I love the Emerald Green Oval Druzy Statement Ring. I would pick this up along with some other matching pieces. It is all so pretty! Find me on Facebook under Abrea Da Lay

  • Bianca Hammond

    I love the druzy earrings and a necklace would go nice with it too!

  • Charlotte

    Holly E
    2 minutes ago
    I love the peony pink, platinum silver, and white bangle bracelet set. Char Li Beck on Facebook :-)

  • jessica z

    If I won, I would choose the Platinum Silver or the Peach Bangle and an Initial Bangle! Twitter and Instagram: jessicanjela

  • Melissa Avgerinos

    Everything is so beautiful, but I especially love the bangles!!

  • Kim Jenkins Strawser

    I would purchase a bangle bracelet!

  • Shanna

    I love the emerald pendant and bangles. Everything is gorgeous. So many amazing choices! Instagram: mrscoleman

  • Amanda

    Glitter, Glitzy! How can you go wrong. Would dress up any look.

  • Natalie Schwartz

    I would get the Emerald Green Simple Druzy Pendant Necklace! It’s gorgeous!
    Twitter: @natalieRN82

  • Julie Rehwinkel

    Love the bangles, would like a couple of them. Julie Alkire Rehwinkel on Facebook.

  • Kaylyn

    I love the initial bangle set! Twitter: @kaylynspoon

  • Autrose

    Love the Druzy initial necklace!!! Instagram autrose78

  • Julie Robbin Kahn

    I would definitely get the bangles!
    Julie Robbin Kahn

  • Megan Cathey

    If I won I would definitely purchase a bracelet. And maybe a ring….and maybe earrings, so maybe I need more than $100.00 lol.

  • Danielle Kesterson

    Love these pieces! I would defiantly get the ring and as many earrings as possible!

  • Andrea love

    If I won I would get the ring or bracelet. I would let my daughter wear the bracelet. Fb Andy love Instagram raadjphlcjlove. I liked the page

  • Wendy Porostovsky

    Love the sparkle….gold bangle with the pink stone is my favorite.
    Wendy Porostovsky

  • Danielle

    Love the bangles and the emerald pendant necklace. FB : Danielle laws

  • Catherine Stevens Van Keirsbul

    I love the Druzy bangle set and the rings! It’s all so gorgeous!
    Catherine Stevens Van Keirsbulck on facebook

  • tracy reyes

    In love with the initial necklace!!! Tracy Reyes on facebook!

  • Dawn Brennan Godlewski

    I would love to buy one of the bangle bracelets and one if the initial druzy necklaces. All of her pieces at beautiful! Can’t go wrong with any if them!

    Facebook: Dawn Brennan Godlewski

  • jessica vitale heiser

    Loving all the sparkle and loving you Tori! I would give an initial bangle to my 12 yr old daughter if I won. We are going through a really hard time right now and I feel it would lift her spirits to get a little something from mommy! Xoxo wish me luck. Facebook name jessica vitale

  • KC Gonzales

    Love the Mystic Rainbow Personalized Sparkling Druzy Teardrop Necklace

    Twitter: kclhernandez10

  • Noelle G

    All the pieces are so beautiful!! I would love to buy a necklace for myself and my mom, I’m really loving the Rose Druzy Personalized Sparkling Teardrop Necklace. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win and for introducing me to this gorgeous jewelry! Facebook: Alice Noelle Garcia Instagram/Twitter: buggribble :-)

  • Mary Lindsey Rowlett

    Love the Mystic Rainbow Personalized Sparkling Druzy Teardrop Necklace

  • Cherie Michele Gerow

    ive tried to Ive tried to post a msg three times so if they do show up I was only trying to get it to post. I love all of it but my fav is the pink bangle bracelet and initial bracelet! Cherie Gerow – Facebook

  • Dotty Palmatary

    Omg if I won what to choose such a hard decision all the pieces are to die for. I would choose the Peony Pink, Platinum Silver, and White Bangle Bracelet Set it would make an amazing birthday gift for my daughter. Thank you Tori and Alissa!! Facebook Dotty Palmatary Instagram dotty0613

  • kristen k

    If I won I would buy the initial necklace and the opal ring! The colors are amazing! I am always looking for new unique jewely. The emerald green ring is fabulous as well!

  • Kathleen

    If I won I would grab a couple of initials for my babies and a druzy bangle for a little sparkle!! I’ve had my eye on this stuff for a while!!


  • Felicia Cyr

    Bracelets! :)

  • Allison Anderson

    If I won I would choose the Blue Oval personalized Druzy Initial Necklace

  • Rachel Danger

    I absolutely L❤️VE the opal druzy ring! Flawless and feminine!

  • Tameka Magwood

    If I won I would buy the monogrammed bracelet, because me and my children share the same initial in our names. Then when I’m wearing it I’ll always know how special I’m to have two smart wonderful beautiful daughters that knows that I love them and they are my everything to me.

  • Vi Lewis

    Love the Aqua Petite Druzy Stud Earrings!

  • Elissa Conlin

    It’s true, a girl can never have too any bangles. I would get an initial bangle or some pretty pink drusy bangles and matching earrings.
    So feminine and beautiful.
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Nicole L.

    I love the initial necklace! All of her jewelry is so cute!!! :)

  • Denise Lipkis DiRocco

    Love those bangles! So pretty!

  • Jacqueline Meek

    I would love to get the bangles! ;-)

  • missydelawder

    Would love to get the bangles!!

  • Rachel

    If I won I would snag up a couple of the rings, especially the Blue Square Druzy one, love it!!

  • Erin Carter

    Love the bangles!!

  • Kimberly ‘Lenox’ Rohr

    If I won I would love the Mystic Rainbow Personalized Teardrop necklace with A & P charms for my little ones. Her stuff is too cute!

  • Pat Tiedemann

    if i won i would buy bangles but i luv all of it!

  • Rachel Abram

    I love the inspirational bangles, they are gorgeous!!! Facebook name is Rachel Abram

  • Shelly Mueller

    Hard to pick just one! But I’d love a sparkly bracelet.

  • Debi Davis-Schambron

    I love the Bangle Bracelet!!!!!!! So pretty :)

  • Trish Huff

    If I won I would get the Orchid Awareness Personalized Necklace. It had such an amazing color and a great message. You can contact me on either twitter @thuff18 or my instagram and it’s the same. Can’t wait to see who wins!

  • Toccara Maskell

    i would love to buy the
    Platinum Silver Rectangle Druzy Bangle Bracelet if i won the $100 gift! its so pretty!!! Toccara Maskell :)

  • Olivia Exterovich

    If I could choose, I would not be able to bypass those beautiful sparkling bangles!FB name Olivia Exterovich

  • Kelly Kenyon

    If I won I would buy the bangles and a ring. Love it all!!

  • Leenie Young

    OMG! Gorgeous! The deep blue bangle has my name on it :)
    Also love the personalized jewelry! Thank for the chance to win Tori …
    <3 :)

  • Elka

    If I won I would buy a ring or a bracelet. I love them all.

  • Betsy

    Love your Jewelry! And Tori! If I won, i would buy the personLized necklace and a pair of studs! Amaze! @betsymhosier

  • Emellbee

    Oh my GOODNESS that silver/sparkle ring is AMAZING!!!! That would be it. (@BirdistheWyrd)

  • Elizabeth Wood

    I would get any of the druzy bracelets, rings and earrings!

  • Jill

    I would buy the Peony Pink, Blue Initial Bangle Bracelet ..LOVE IT :) Instagram: jwarfel

  • Marny

    I would go for everything!! But if I won, I would probably grab the monogram three bangle bracelets in pink and blue. I LOVE your jewelry. I have a druzy necklace that I don’t take off! @marnybb on instragram

  • Amy Ayala

    If I won, I would choose the three ring combo with the silver, white and heart initial. I love it :) @mrsayala

  • Gina

    Little Miss Momma Green and Gold Necklace. I think thats beautiful!

  • Jen

    If I won, I would get the sparkly pink bracelet and the initial bracelet! Love them all though. Facebook name Jennifer Marie Feeney-Ekstrom

  • Lauren W

    Love the gold rimmed Druzy necklaces! I would get them with initials C and N for my little girls! @laurenwest804

  • Krystal Myers

    I love the pendant and the necklace! Facebook Krystal Myers

  • Jessica Adams

    I love everything shown here but I would probably get one of the initial pendant necklaces so beautiful. Intstagram: cure4brenna

  • Silviya Hristova

    Tory I want all of them , what a wonderful gift will that make , I love the bangles , and the beautiful neckless with initials ;) love them all !!!

  • Silviya Hristova

    Love the “Heart ” neckless , too bad it’s sold out !!! I will need like a 200 $ to get all that I want . Wonderful gifts for all the girls in my family !!!

  • Amy Sullivan

    Love the pink, silver, initial bracelets! FB name: amy.m.sullivan.79

  • Melissa Condon

    The bangles and earrings!

  • Sandy Petty Stewart

    I would love any of the Bangles. They are beautiful!!

  • Cassie Clark

    If I won I would buy the necklace and rings!! All these pieces are gorg!!

  • Brit Wilson

    Oh my goodness I want all of them! If I won I would get one of the silver druzy rings for sure! And one of the personalized necklaces. So beautiful! @wilsbe

  • Silviya Hristova

    Yay I love everything, this is the way to my heart !!! The green neckless is stunning !!! I want to get something for all the girls in the family !!! My contact is –

  • Morgan

    Love them all… Facebook Morgan Gruenther

  • Rachel

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE her stuff!!! I’ve had my eye on the Peach Square Druzy Statement Ring in gold or rose gold and the Emerald Green Oval Druzy Statement Ring in gold! Also loving the Emerald Green Druzy in a bracelet. @bradyboymom on Instagram

  • Letizia Bonifacio-Rhodes

    I would buy all of the bracelets and the necklace with initial!! LetiziaB instagram

  • Claudine Gagné
    If I won I would buy Peony Pink Personalized Druzy Initial Necklace. I would get the letter J for my son and the pink because my son loves when I were pink jewelry,

  • Richelle Gipson

    If I won I would get the hot pink stone bangle

  • cheripr

    I love it all, but I think I would get the Platinum Silver, White and Aqua Bangle Bracelet Set. Cheripr on Instagram

  • Jodie Crosthwaite

    So hard to decide, it’s all so beautiful. I might use the gc for Christmas gifts for my close friends

  • Jessica Dorris

    All of it is gorgeous! If I won, I would choose the Peony Pink, Blue and Initial Bangle Bracelet set and the Special Edition Silver and Peach double druzy ring! Instagram is JESSICAD or Twitter is @jessicadorris

  • Emily

    Do I have to pick just one?!? I really like the druzy stud earrings, the dangle ones are great too, but I have a two year old with some itchy fingers. I also love the bangles, especially the peony pink, white and blue bangle. Facebook: Emily I. Lunde-Habash

  • Lisa Leavitt- McLeod

    If I was a lucky winner, oh the choices that I could have !! I would want one of everything !! LOL
    But if I had to choose one, I would love a ring :)

  • Tegan Nettles

    So many that I love, but I would get the Pink, Platinum Silver and Initial Bangle Bracelet Set along with another set to have initials for both my kids. I love anything with initials.

  • Tera Tyree Addair

    I love it all, but would want the initial bangle bracelet first!

  • Brooke Capo Comer

    I absolutely love the bangles, I am currently obsessed with them!! If I won, I would def have to buy a couple of bangles, especially the initial one!! LOVE!!

  • jeri stanfield

    If I won I would pick the rings they are so so beautiful!!

  • Noelle Carlton

    I love the Aqua and Emerald Green Druzy earring collections so I would get them… OR the Aqua, Blue & Black Druzy Bangle Bracelet Set!!

    • Noelle Carlton

      Plus… it would be a GREAT early birthday present for me – my 45th is in early August!

  • Karen

    I want it all; to much to choose from. Would like to get something for my mom With the gift card. Facebook: Karen Dahlquist Morris

  • Crystal Dale

    It is so hard to decide but I love the triple bracelets! They are stylish and gorgeous! Every mom needs them. twitter tag: @miss_crystallyn

  • Loryn Kasner

    I love everythjng! I love the different gem bangles and the initial bangles. I also the the gem necklace with the gold initial. Everything is so beautiful!
    My Facebook name is Loryn fox Kasner ! Thank you

  • Guest

    Love the bracelets, I am a huge bracelet fan!

  • Marie Friess McSparran

    I would definitely get bracelets, and lots of them!

  • arnitajenkins1

    I like the bracelet my istagram name is natewifey

  • Alexis K

    Wow! Love it all! If I won, I would want the Ivory opal druzy statement ring in size 6.5 and the opal white personalized sparkling Druzy teardrop necklace with both my daughters initials, and E and S. FB name is Alexis Knoblock :-)

  • Melissa Hyde

    It is all so beautiful, I would have to really contemplate what to get and probably have to purchase more to go with the freebie. melissa hyde

  • Danielle King

    I love the bangles with the initials and other stones and some of the necklaces!

  • Crystal

    I love everything she makes but would definitely get the ivory opal druzy statement ring. Facebook Crystal Gimeno

  • Samantha Ann

    I just had my first daughter so I would get the pink bangle! And I hope to pass it on to her when she gets older! Thanks For Giving Me An Opportunity!

  • Jessica Devorsky

    If I won, I would get myself some purple earrings and a matching necklace to wear to my graduation from Tarleton State University next May! Go Texans!

  • Lisa AnnWhodat

    I love the bangles and rings!!! So different, dainty, and stylish. My Facebook name is Lisa AnnWhodat. (Who Dat as in I’m from New Orleans and so I am a huge New Orleans Saints fan. We call ourselves the Who Dat Nation)

  • Mia Ito

    If i won I love to get bangle with matching earrings!

  • Andrea Flores

    I love this jewelry! This is the first I’ve seen it. If I won, I would buy the blue tiny druzy stud earrings. Where I work, I have to wear a uniform and we’re notaallowed to wear much jewelry. Those earrings are just the right size and will help to jazz up my ordinarily dull uniform. :)

    I’m on Facebook under Andrea Flores ( email

  • Meghan Phillips

    If I won I would order the Rose Gold and Rutilated Quartz Personalized Necklace ,and the Black Square Druzy Statement Ring!!

  • bobo46

    What a gifted and talented young woman! The jewelry is simple but incredibly stylish. I LOVE the bangles and it would be a pleasure to own these great pops of color!

  • Tara Tyburski

    Love it all! If I won, I would want the Ivory opal druzy statement ring and the opal white personalized sparkling Druzy teardrop! What amazing talent!

  • Natalie Francis Summerson

    I absolutely love the bangles and necklace along with the initial. I would get an “E” for my son. I’ve never seen this jewelry before but now I’m a true fan. Pick me!

  • Jenn Teague Roberts

    Amazing talent!!! If I won I would go for the bangles! Love it all!!!

  • Wendy Nash

    If I won, I would get the Rose Druzy Personalized Sparkling Teardrop Necklace for my mom! It is so her!


  • Shandrea

    I honestly would love any of these pieces. It’s just what I’ve been looking for to wear on my wedding day!!! Stunning. Every single piece.

    • Shandrea

      Peony Pink, Platinum Silver, and White Bangle Bracelet Set
      This would look beautiful with my dress!

  • Andrea Ahlerich

    I love it all but I’d get the ring and bangles!! Such talent.

  • NaŦalie Roberson Stevens

    Omg! These are the best pieces! I love the initial bangle the most. All of the bangles are great paired up together too!!

  • Courtney

    I love these! Such unique and beautiful work! I would love to add the personalized bangels to my eveeyday look! I would love to wear an “M” heart for my boyfriend! What a cool find!

  • Becky

    If I won I would buy my daughter who is going to be 9 on Saturday, a teardrop mystic druzy necklace with her initials and a mystic rainbow druzy rose gold ring to match. Kaitlin , my daughter, is a fighter and a true inspiration. She was diagnosed when she was 3 with a disease that has left her wheelchair bound, tube fed and unable to speak. Doctors have given her a life expectancy of 8-12 yrs old. She is absolutely amazing and so strong. We are on Facebook at Come Together for Kaitlin and my personal page is Becky Bowman, 29 yrs old from NY. Thank you for reading!

  • Brandy Mc

    If I won I would LOVE the emerald pendant and the grey and white bracelet with a S on it for my daughter and the sparkle gold teardrop pendant or the aqua blue druzy initial silver necklace with an S It’s beautiful! I would like one of each it’s so hard to choose!
    My FB name is Brandy Mc

  • Rachael Cecko

    If I won, I would buy the Mystic Rainbow Personalized Sparkling Druzy Teardrop Necklace and the Red Square, Gold and Initial Bangle Bracelet Set!

    @rachaelcecko (Instagram)

  • Dot Petals

    I LOVE the rings, necklaces and bracelets! It would be so nice to have a gift card to actually use on myself :) sounds selfish but I happily put everyone else first as a mom and wife. I’m sure we all do :) @dotpetals on twitter

  • Kathy P

    Hard to choose. Bangles definitely.

  • Amanda Buccieri

    I like Wrenn Jewelry on Facebook!

  • Katie B

    If I won I would START by purchasing the ‘Initial Personalized Bangle Bracelet’ (with the letter ‘M’ in rememberance of my mother; the ‘White Round Druzy Bangle Bracelet’ and the ‘Platinum Silver Recatngle Druzy Bangle Bracelet’….after that I would treat myself to one item every payday such as earrings, a couple necklaces, etc! Facebook Name: Katie Nischke Bulmann

  • Jody Mayes

    I would choose the personalized opal druzy necklace! Although it is all beautiful!

  • Amanda Buccieri

    I love the Peach, Platinum Silver and White Druzy Bangle Bracelet Set!

  • Trisha Phillips

    If I won I would adore the blue earrings and the trio pendant with the name stamp and my facebook name is Trisha Phillips

  • Amanda Pasquale-Spellicy

    Would love inital bangles for my babies! Amanda Pasquale-Spellicy

  • kelly v

    Wow! LOVE the platinum-silver druze bangle bracelet. Although, I would proudly wear anything from her shop – it is all gorgeous!

  • Cheryl

    If i won… I wouldn’t know where to start!
    I would nab a ring and a few bracelets.
    Everything would have to be either the grey or green stone and I’m sure I would end up spending more!
    Twitter cbakecupcake

  • Jennie Littlejohn

    I would love any of the pieces!!! They are all truly beautiful!! If I had to choose just one however I would pick one of the black statement rings in a black stone with sterling silver. My FB is Jennie Littlejohn.

  • Kim DeCambra Kuilan

    If I won I would definitely buy Peony Pink, Blue and Initial Bangle Bracelet Set.

  • Deborah Hawkins Wilson

    If I won..I would choose the Mystic Rainbow personalized druzy teardrop necklace for my sister..her birthday is August 11th and it would be the perfect gift.. :) Facebook name Deborah Hawkins Wilson.. Her FB name is Brenda Faye Hawkins.. :)

  • Trackermd

    I would buy But The rose gold necklace with pendant.

  • Alyssa_Governale

    The rings and emerald necklace. Love it! My Instagram name is Lyssanicole91

  • Kelli Tarver Dalton

    This line is all so beautiful, I’d start with a personalized oval druzy necklace & a set of bangles. THEN, my “Wishlist” for future purchases would include cuff links for my husband, personalized bangle for my daughter, a ring or two & lots lots more bangles.
    My FB name is Kelli Tarver Dalton

  • Sara Merck

    Everything is beautiful~so happy to now know of this jewelry. I have many I love but love the bangles the most! FB name: Sara Merck

  • Sara

    If I win, I would love a necklace or bracelet with the letter E on it for my daughter. i would like her birth stone color, month of March, as the color please. Thanks!!

  • Christine Pecoraro

    I would Buy Everything!! Love all the pieces! :)- Christine Pecoraro

  • Christine Nelson

    I love the earrings and the bangles! My facebook name is christine sheldonnelson

  • Jessie Cooper

    If I win I have no clue what I’d pick!!! I love so much! Rings,necklaces, bangles!! LOVE!!

  • Telissa Lynn Delgado-Cagle

    If I won I would purchase 3 of the opal rings in rose gold. One for myself and two for my little girls. Opal is their birthstone.

  • Nancy-Green-lyell

    I would so love the pink oval druzy ring! Nancy-Green-lyell

  • heather blackburn

    Pink, platinum silver and initial bracelet stack!!

  • Caitlin Reilly Smith

    I would pick one of the bangle sets!

  • Karen A O’Brocta Harrington

    My 4 yr old son and I are looking at this site and he suggests the emerald green stone bracelet with his first initial R for Robby.Green is his favorite color…I love the pink stone too! I just love the prices and designs. I will need to do some shopping for some Christmas on this site! All my teacher friends will love these …something different then what we all have..Thanks for sharing T! Xoxo…. Karen A. O’Brocta Harrington(fb name)

  • Karen A O’Brocta Harrington

    My 4 yr old son and I are looking at this site and he suggests the emerald green stone bracelet with his first initial R for Robby.Green is his favorite color…I love the pink stone too! I just love the prices and designs. I will need to do some shopping for some Christmas on this site! All my teacher friends will love these …something different then what we all have..Thanks for sharing T! Xoxo…. Karen A. O’Brocta Harrington(fb name)

  • Karen Grace

    I absolutely LOVE that bangle with the “K” on it! So gorgeous, as is all of your pieces!! I am definitely going to have to start saving some money so I can buy one if I don’t win!!
    My twitter and Instagram name is: kgm411
    My Facebook name is: Karen Grace

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  • Karen Grace

    I absolutely LOVE that bangle with the “K” on it! So gorgeous, as is all of your pieces!! I am definitely going to have to start saving some money so I can buy one if I don’t win!!
    My twitter and Instagram name is: kgm411
    My Facebook name is: Karen Grace

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  • Marta Ferek

    If I won I would for sure get the orchid pendant and stud earrings in petite blue, they would be perfect since my little one year old girlfriend has a thing for grabbing earrings.

  • Marta Ferek

    If I won I would for sure get the orchid pendant and stud earrings in petite blue, they would be perfect since my little one year old girlfriend has a thing for grabbing earrings.

  • Genevieve Shappell

    I would get the Peony Pink & platinum Silver Druzy Dangle Earrings and the Mystic Rainbow Personalized Sparkling Druzy Teardrop Necklace. Facebook name Genevieve Shappell

  • Michelle Ray Rosoff

    All of your pieces are beautiful and unique.i love the turquoise colored Druzy initial necklace,, opal white or rose Druzy heart stud earrings, heart initial bangle bracelet. I could just keep going:o))
    Facebook name is Michelle Ray Rosoff.

  • Katie Fought

    I would love the emerald green, blue and peach druzy bangle bracelets! They’re so pretty!

  • Shara Neal

    I love the bracelet with 2 stones and an initial. I’d get my kids birthstones. Facebook name is Shara Neal

  • Sharon

    I would love to have the white/rose gold drusy necklace and also the white/rose gold bracelet. My facebook name is Sharon Borges (Sharon Boring)

  • Amy Haas Lowery

    I love Alissa’s jewelry!! So unique and beautiful!! If I won the $100 gift card, I’d buy the Mystic Rainbow Druzy Statement Ring!! I have been searching and searching for a fun, cool ring for my middle finger on my right hand! And I’ve found it!! Size 8 please ;)

  • Michelle Hiscock Furco

    It is so hard to choose what pieces I would pick if I won, they are all so nice. I really like the Mystic rainbow personalized sparkling druzy teardrop necklace, black, pink & white druzy bangle bracelet set and the blue simple druzy pendant necklace. Thank you!

  • Patt Schorr

    My favorite jewelry overall has always been rings, but of course, I love ‘em all. The beauty of all the pieces in the above pictures makes it hard to choose, but I do love the simple necklace piece … teardrop shape, with the inital “P”. Beautiful … and it would be perfect in that medium pool blue color! I just found your website, Tori and I can’t wait to explore! Thanks so much for fascilitating this great giveaway!

  • Liberty Thompson

    I absolutely adore all of their pieces but I think I would choose the Orchid Purple Personalized Druzy Initial Necklace and the Pink Peonie Initial Bangle Bracelet Set Initial Bangle Bracelet Set. My Facebook name is: Liberty Thompson.

  • Amanda Johansson

    Everything is so cute but I would definitely start by ordering the Emerald Green and Platinum Silver Druzy Dangle Earrings- Limited Edition!!

  • Me.

    The bangles and the monogram bracelets…and a pair of earrings!!

  • Jamie Brownfiel

    I would love the Rose Druzy Personalized Sparkling Teardrop Necklace! And a couple of bangles! Her jewelry is beautiful! My IG handle is jamielb01

  • Kim Kline

    I agree with Tori, you can never have enough bangles. Love the dangle initials. A matching mother/daughter set would be a great thing to get. Instagram is Eclecticgirls1010
    Thank you so much :), Kim

  • Jennifer denny

    I would choose the bangles and rings… not sure which one,they are all so pretty!
    Facebook- Jennifer Johncox Denny

  • caren sanders

    Every thing is so beautiful! I would get the pink ring with c, I would get the green necklace, and pink earrings!!! I would like a bracelet, pink, as pink is my fav!! My facebook is caren burden sanders. Oh pick me!!! Thanks!!

  • Jeana

    If I won I would get the sterling silver mystic rainbow square druzy dangle earrings and the sterling silver blue personalized druzy initial necklace with a J. Its all beautiful!! My fb name is Jeana Watts Estep.

  • Hillary

    If i would win i would love to get the stackable rings with the inital.
    My fb is Hillary Hilbert

  • Shaine

    The $100 gift card would go towards the simple emerald pendant, the opal statement ring, and the white druzy bangle. My IG handle is smklima_athey and my FB name is Shaine Klima Athey.

  • Lucia Pimpinela

    if i won i would love the emerald pendant is beautiful my fb name is lucia pimpinela

  • Chrissy C.

    Love it all, but the bangles are my favorite!!

  • Natalie Kleopfer

    If I won, I would love a piece from her bracelet collection or some of her bangles. Her jewelry is so great, super classic with a great sparkle for elegance and flare!

  • Tracikogan

    I love the ring,I would buy that.

  • Danielle

    If I won I would definitely get the opal ring and emerald green simple druzy pendant.

  • Ashley Dean Callaham

    I am in love with the bangles! I just had a baby girl and I’d love a bangle with an “E” inside a heart ♡

  • Heidi Ferrell

    The initial bangles are so stinking cute! I would love one!
    Fb: Heidi Ferrell

  • Becki ‘Haider’ Walterson

    I would buy those bangles if I got the $100 gift card! There r so many beautiful pieces it will be hard to choose!

  • Iris Rivera

    If I won, I would love the bracelet PLATINUM SILVER, WHITE AND HEART INITIAL M BANGLE BRACELET SET for my son Matthew. Its I find it exquisite. I wouldn’t choose any other piece. Please choose me! My FB name is Iris Rivera, my IG name is Iris_La_Belleza_.

  • Liz McDaniel

    I would buy the emerald bracelet and the pink bracelet. I would also by the emerald necklace because pink and green were my grandmother’s favorite colors and we lost her on July 13, 2014 and those colors are very special and close to my heart and pink is my favorite color and emerald is my birthstone. My name is Liz McDaniel on Facebook

  • Jessica Newcomer

    I wanna get the bangle with the 2 stones and the letter! sooo pretty!

  • Natasha Gonzalez

    If I won, I would definitely get the emerald druzy necklace, an opal ring, and emerald dangle earrings. These pieces are so beautiful, and it’s hard to choose!

  • Denise Polanco

    If I won I would want the green emerald bracelet with the letter j for my son johnny!

  • Charlene Gill Thurston

    It would be very hard to choose a piece of jewelry as I like a lot of them!!!!! Probably the gold initial one. I dont have twitter it instagram…sorry….

  • Zaina Rivett

    I would love to own the emerald bangle and matching initial necklace with the letter Z which stands for all three of my children, if I won the $100 gift card. My fb is Zaina Rivett.

  • Dayna Gardner

    I would have to get the blue, peach, and initial bracelets. I have been looking for something special to give my mom for being such a huge help with my little one and that would be the perfect gift! @mrsdmgrdnr or FB Dayna Gardner

  • Christina burke

    Love the ring or the pendant with the initial!
    FB name Christina shissias burke

  • Jenifer Doby Freridge

    I would love the studs and matching druzy bracelet in blue ! First time seeing this jewelry and love it !!!! Facebook: Jenifer Doby Freridge

    • Jenifer Doby Freridge

      I work on a college campus. This would be a huge hit with students. Can’t wait to buy or win a set to get the trend started … Jenifer Doby Freridge

  • Rebekah Hewlett

    I would buy the bracelets with my puppies initials…they are like my kids! FB name is Rebekah Hewlett :)

  • Jennifer O’Mara Bouchard

    Love the bangles, but so much gorgeous to pick from!!

  • Janel Lutz

    Hi Tori!
    I love everything! But my favorite are the bangles!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    Facebook:Janel Lutz

  • Terry Ann Garbett Gonzales

    My birthstone is emerald but I honestly would love to wear any of your pieces. I would be proud to be an advertisement for such a gorgeous line.]

  • Laura Arenas

    I would buy the bracelets with an L or the ring!! FB name is Laura Arenas.

  • Melissa Kieft VanKampen

    I Would Love The Initial Bracelet..Really I Love Everything. I Would Wear It

  • Rose

    The three bangle set.

    My Facebook is Rose CuCulino Guieb

  • Brenda Rae Calvo

    Beautiful! <3 Emerald green bangle please. ;)

  • Amanda Fritts

    I would purchase the 3 bangle set, it is simply adorable.

  • Maria

    So pretty, they are delicate and eye catching! Love the bangles, as well as the rings with the initial. FB Maria Chiaramonte

  • Shelley Hendricks

    If I WON this giveaway, I would definitely want the bangles! They are just too cute! Accessories just make an outfit and I would love nothing more than to wear these with jeans, a cute t-shirt, and as always. ..a pair of heels!!!
    My FB name is Shelley Hendricks! HOPE you pick me :)

  • Amy Heath

    If I won I would buy the rose gold and rutilzed quartz personalized necklace and one of the beautiful rings I love this jewelry

  • Tara Lopez

    The initial bangle set is my favorite…love the unique color combos. Thanks for introducing this beautiful ‘mom-designed’ jewelry line.
    Facebook: Tara Christian Lopez

  • Stan Kat Sak

    If I were selected id have to opt for the green dangly earring with the matching Mom bezel green gold necklace with the coordinating bangle. My baby John loves green and after 2 daughters he melts my heart. My Facebook name is Stan Kat Sak.
    Thanks, Kat Sak!

  • Natalie Krajacic

    If I won, I would absolutely love the platinum silver rectangle druzy bracelet in rose gold! It’s all so beautiful…so I’d be happy with anything! My Facebook name is Natalie Krajacic.

  • Kathi

    If I won I would get the earrings and the bangles and is I could the necklace to match. Thanks Tori your the best!!! FB-Kathi Doyle Meyer

  • Nancy

    Beautiful & stylish. Just what a girl needs to put a smile on her face :) I would choose the grey & white bracelet with n on it :)

  • Heather Moy

    So many amazing pieces im not sure i can decide! I would have to choose one of the bangles though!
    Facebook: heather moy

  • Teresa

    If I won I would purchase the following items with my $100 prize:
    1. Orchid Purple Personalized Druzy Initial necklace with an A for my first (and only,so far) daughter
    2. Druzy Nugget personalized heart bracelet with a T for my name and
    3. Special Edition Peach and Purple Double Druzy ring
    That is more than $100 so I’d put in some of my own money ;)
    My FB name is Teresa Bazan and my twitter handle is #japwhican

  • Tatiana Rivenez

    Everything is beautiful tough choice but definitely would go for the initial bangles ;) my Facebook name is Tatiana Rivenez.

  • Jennifer Ramos

    If I won I would get the ivory opal druzy statement ring, special edition peach and purple double druzy ring and the mystic rainbow square druzy bangle… I’ve been hunting beautiful affordable jewelry…. MYSTERY SOLVED !!!!!!

  • Hollie Northcutt Robinson

    If I won, I would definitely start with the silver and peach double stone ring! :-) and a matching bangle!

  • Mary George-Feiock

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bangle. They are too cute

  • Rebecca C Morgan

    If I would win I would get the opal Druzy ring and the bracelets all very beautiful jewelry would love to win . They would add just the touch of frosting to any wardrobe that would be the talk of a room of people .

  • Laurie

    if I won, I would like to get this necklace, for my sister’s 40th birthday!

  • Laurie

    If I won, I would like to get this necklace for my sister’s 40th birthday!

    Limited Edition Personalized Long Teardrop Combo Necklace

    $ 48.00

  • Bryn Bechtol

    Peony blue ans pink bangle set with initial. This is some really cool jewlery. I come from a family that sells jewlery and I always wear the coolest pieces and my friends can’t wait to see what the next piece I will buy. Love this!

  • reenaleeena

    If i won, i would put it toward purchasing her bangles. This would be a hard choice because they are all so fabulous.

  • KendelDe

    Oh my gosh, too hard to choose. I love the triple bangle sets with heart initial. I would put my husband’s initial. I have no idea what colors, love them all!

  • Michelle Mardiney

    I would love to splurge on myself and my BFF. Unique and incredible beautiful pieces. Definitely would purchase bracelets .

  • Chris of Pa

    If I won I would pick out the necklace with the fancy initial and matching bracelet. I am also thing about getting some of my relatives Christmas gifts

  • Shannon Renner

    I would LOVE to win the platinum silver, white and heart initial bangles in rose gold. With the initial ‘S’ on it!! #BeautifulJewelry

  • Jennie Lindau

    I would love the Little Miss Momma Green and Gold necklace and a few bangles!! Gorgeous jewelry!
    FB: Jennie Lindau
    Twitter: @JennieLindau1

  • Susan ocoy

    Too many pretty things to buy but I do love the bracelets the best!!!

  • Amy Brow

    If I won I’m not sure which necklace I would pick I love so many of her designs! Everything is so cool and unique….also would be great for gifts!

  • Trudy Sherman

    Its hard to pick but I would choose the Little Miss Momma necklace, the Gold Stardust studs and an initial charm for each one of my girls :) Thanks for the chance to win! My FB name is Trudy Pabers-Sherman

  • Danielle

    I’m an Oz fan so
    I need some more emeralds!

  • Kirsten Kimball

    I would PROBABY choose the Limited Edition Personalized Long Teardrop Combo Necklace. Whatever I choose would have the initial on it. So many beautiful pieces. And I do like them on FB.

  • Stephanie meehan

    Love love love the initial bangle simply beautiful

  • Cheryl Wales

    I would definitely buy some bangles

  • Leslie

    Definitely the aqua blue initial druzy necklace! And the bangles! Love love love! Anything with pink as well!!

  • JoyAnn

    Love the 3 bangles all together with the Druzy and initial heart!!! Beautiful jewelry!

  • Jennifer Walker

    Love the J bracelet :) @aardvark2014 @kernswalker

  • Cherie Hagooli

    Def bangles!!!

  • Amy Park

    There are just too many gorgeous pieces to choose from…I love it all! My favorites are the pendant personalized necklaces in opal, peach, teal, or emerald green. I would pair it with a set of bracelets or bangles. Thanks! Facebook: Amy Park or even better my email

  • Rachel E

    I love the simply Druzy pendants and the stud heart earrings. It’d be hard to pick a color tho!

  • Priscilla_Joy

    I like the Emerald, Aqua and Petunia Druzy Bangle Bracelet Set and Green Amanzonite Gemstone Statement Ring!
    FB: Priscilla Starks
    Twitter: PjoyC
    Instagram: pjoyc

  • Whitney

    I would love to buy the rose druzy personalized sparkling teardrop necklace! FB: Whitney Boesch!

  • Gina Marill

    Wow I love this jewelry, such beautiful pieces and so dainty! I would get an oval druzy ring, initial bangle paired with druzy bangles. Love, love, love!
    FB: Gina Marill

  • francine susser scott

    so many beautiful pieces to choose from, I couldn’t pick just one, I would be lucky to win such a fabulous prize. Thank you, facebook name Francine susser scott

  • Kari Henme

    Would love any of the bangles or pendant necklaces with an initial. This is probably one of the most chic jewelry I have seen, very unique. And gotta love the sparkle in all the pieces. Thanks for introducing this jewelry Tori!!
    Facebook name Kari Langel Hemme

  • Tracy Thomas

    If I was the lucky winner. I would want 3 of the initial bangles with my 3 kids initials on them. Gorgeous jewelry!!!

  • Marla Swist

    I like the aqua,blue and black druzy bracelets, although I do like all of them.