Finn Fashion: Summer Style

Finn Fashion


When it comes to summer style, Finn has it covered. The other day he went for an all blue & grey ensemble, including his favorite striped shorts, a navy tank and an adorable fedora.

And as you can see in the picture, he’s very into his video games! He idolizes Liam and watches him play video games, so when I snapped this pic he was pretending to get his game on, just like his big bro.

Do your kiddos copy their older siblings too? Tell me about it in the comments!


  • Tiffany Green

    My younger lil boy copies the other one all the time! It is so fun watching them form their brotherly bond and how they communicate with each other

  • Alma Velasquez Gomez

    So cute! I can already see my Matthew follow the footsteps of his big brother Michael (4years). This is going to be a fun ride!

  • Meagen Burke

    My almost 3 year old daughter is constantly copying her older bro! While she loves and adores shoes, pretend jewelery and lipstick, she loves to pretend to be a superhero, running around after her brother who’s pretending to be Iron Man or Spider man, screaming “Me Super Babe!!!”

  • Janice Patrick

    Tori, the siren red lipstick and platinum, almost white-blond hair NOR the too-yellow brassy color tones for your hair do not agree with your skin tone and highlights your awful plastic surgery, along with your weight loss. Being too skinny and trying too hard to look like a young surfer, California girl does not work for you AT ALL.

    • MamaBird

      Objection. Relevance your Honor?

      • MidwestWoman

        How she looks onscreen affects what I think of the show. I cannot take her character as she intends because she looks like such an underweight,
        undernourished clown.

    • Shemaine Smith

      Haters are always going to hate and it’s usually because they feel bad about themselves.

    • Jack McD


    • April

      Tori is a lovely lady.

  • Lindsay Arthur

    I think you look amazing Tori! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Keep being that awesome mom that you are! You deserve the best in life because you’re such a kind person. I’ve always been a fan since 90210 and I know you’ll always keep creating amazing things:) Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your beautiful family!

    • Lindsay Arthur

      Oops! Yes my kids copy each other! It’s really cute:)

  • Brenda

    Why the negative talk.if you don’t have anything nice to say,say nothing.
    Tori is a very beautiful lady.shame on you.