picTORIal: Stella’s 6th Birthday Party, Part 3

After Stella’s party guests snacked on sushi, bao and mac & cheese, it was time for karaoke! Stella and her girlfriends changed out of their robes and into their party clothes, and hit the stage for a little sing-a-long, accompanied by Elsa & Anna from Frozen.

Stella's 6th Birthday Stella’s party dress was pink perfection…

Here’s a little video of Stella and her friends singing along to her fave song, Let It Go from Frozen…

Stella's 6th BirthdayThe whole group doing karaoke with Elsa & Anna!

Stella's 6th BirthdayLiam, Hattie & Simone got in on the karaoke fun, too!

And then Taylor Swift came on and everyone knew the words!

Stella's 6th BirthdayMy birthday girl and her fave princesses (who were from Party Princess Productions and were amazing… if you’re need a party princess you should definitely look them up!

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyAfter karaoke, the time had come to light the candles on this amazing Hansen’s cake and sing to the bday girl..

Happy Birthday Stella!

Everyone sang happy birthday to my girl…

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyBefore she tried out the cake, Stella and her girlfriends enjoyed a little fondue (another one of Stella’s fave foods)

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyHattie and Finn LOVED the cake!

We all had the best time celebrating Stella. Make sure to come back tomorrow because we’ll be giving away one of the goodie bags that Miss Stella sent home with her girlfriends!



  • Becky Bain

    Happy Belated Birthday to beautiful Stella! You have done such a great job raising your four beautiful babies!

  • Bianca

    Looks like Stella had a wonderful party :-)

  • http://facebook.com Sheri Shepard

    aww……what a terrific b’day party for *stella* <3 the videos *tori*
    thank you so much for sharing and for me to be so honored and a much appreciated warm welcome to be able to share my thoughts with you on stellas big day!! :) i'm blessed to be a friend of yours on here….thank you
    and god bless you all <3

  • teresa peralta

    que bonita fiesta felicidades a stella :)

  • Jackie

    Happy bday to Stella!! I love all my fellow Gemini my birthday is on Saturday. I can’t believe she is eating sushi at six years old!! She is already a chic foodie but that doesn’t surprise me she is her mother’s daughter!! Mehran cracked me up in the Let It Go video. Lol

  • Pam Mikesell Giles

    Happy Birthday Ms. Stella!! Such a special birthday for such a special girl!♡ T….always amazing, my only granddaughter would have been in heaven.

  • Jen B

    Beautiful Stella God bless her always!

  • Jack McD

    With the heavy makeup and tutu, Stella looks like Carrie from ‘Sex and the City’!

  • Juana

    Beautiful birthday! She’s blessed to have such a creative mommy.

  • Ace

    Jodie/Liam looks pretty miserable in the karaoke clip! LOL

  • marie-line MARRA

    hi tori and familly, its so nice and amazing of you all everyone for sharing all theses wonder birthday party full of adorable and sweet marvellous children my mother and me are so happy and enjoying, the children singing marvellously, some great stars we are so joyfull, once again thank you so much all mcdermott familly, big kisses fromp france. my mother and me

  • Erin

    Sad and over the top. Hopefully she remembers this the next time she’s crying about “money troubles.” I would rather give money to a children’s charity and spend a sixth of that cash on a party they won’t remember much anyways.

    • WavesMurry

      You should probably remove the hate from your heart…..or at least have the decency not to try and bring others down with it. I hope you feel better.

  • dne0509

    Great ideas…love the goody bags

  • Robyn Cook

    Oh girls, positive thoughts are always better. What a beautiful gift that Tori can give to her little girl. I would give my girl all that I could too.

  • Rachael Stockwell

    It is a wonderful birthday. Please do not post mean stuff on here. Its very hurtful from a moms perspective to put other moms down.

  • Sharon

    Hi Tori, unfortunately there are miserable jealous people in the world!
    You are a loving caring mother that does the best you can.
    If you are able to give your kids an amazing memorable birthday filled with fun and laughter and gifts, you do so! What mum doesn’t want to make their kids happy? We all say we want healthy happy kids! However it’s given doesn’t matter.. As long as its given! I also have 4 kids, it’s hard work. You are an incredible woman and mum! Health & Happiness to you and your family xo