Stella’s 6th birthday party was the ultimate girls’ spa day. My birthday girl and her closest girlfriends took over Le Chic Spa for a day of spa treatments, sushi, karaoke and of course some delicious birthday cake. If you haven’t seen the décor of the party yet, click HERE to check it out. Now for the spa treatments, the food and the delicious drinks that we served…

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyRhinestones + pink = Stella in a nutshell!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Once Stella had picked out her robe, it was time for Hattie Cat to choose hers…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party And then, the spa treatments began! Miss Stella kicked off the day of pampering with a chocolate facial, complete with cucumbers for ultimate relaxation…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Then it was time to get glam. Stella had her makeup done, and of course she asked for pink eyeshadow!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party My beautiful birthday babe

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Then, it was time for nails. Stella had her nails painted (pink, obviously)…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party And then had a pedicure! Nothing like a mani/pedi on your birthday to start the year off right…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Proud mama!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party The final step was hair. Stella decided that she wanted pink extensions, and opted for a braided updo…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party The final result was adorable!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Finn had fun at the spa too… my little guy is getting so big!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Liam isn’t one to pass on pampering, so he started off his day at the spa with a major mohawk…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party That’s one happy kid!

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 11.10.33 PM Unfortunately the mohawk fell, so the ladies at the spa gave him this cute look

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Liam finished off his spa day with a temporary tattoo

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Stella’s girlfriends got the glam treatment, too! How cute is that braid? I might need to try it out on Stella soon…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Hattie Cat started her day off with an adorable bow updo

Stella's 6th Birthday Party … followed by a manicure using her fave nail polish Piggy Paint

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Finn watched as his big sis got her toes done…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Cousin Simone got a pedicure too

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyIt was SO much fun watching my babes get all dolled up

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyAfter the spa treatments, it was time for some refreshments and food. I grabbed one of my fave juices by Suja before hitting the sushi bar.

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyThe Suja juices were a huge hit with the kids (and the parents!)

Stella's 6th Birthday Party We also served strawberry spa water, which Liam loved

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyAnd for lunch? Sushi, of course!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party  Lunch was full of all of Stella’s favorite foods… sushi, bao, mac & cheese balls, edamame, and cheese. She is such an adventurous eater!

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 7.17.59 PM Sushi is served

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Miss Stella choosing her fave foods

Stella's 6th Birthday Party She also asked me to get her some salmon sashimi (her absolute fave)

The food and drinks were delicious, and all of the little girls looked super glam. After lunch, it was time for karaoke and birthday cake! Check back tomorrow for my pictures (and videos) of the party guests getting their karaoke on and singing Stella happy birthday (and of course enjoying an amazing cake from Hansen’s).



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