picTORIal: Stella’s 6th Birthday Party, Part 2

Stella’s 6th birthday party was the ultimate girls’ spa day. My birthday girl and her closest girlfriends took over Le Chic Spa for a day of spa treatments, sushi, karaoke and of course some delicious birthday cake. If you haven’t seen the décor of the party yet, click HERE to check it out. Now for the spa treatments, the food and the delicious drinks that we served…

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyRhinestones + pink = Stella in a nutshell!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Once Stella had picked out her robe, it was time for Hattie Cat to choose hers…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party And then, the spa treatments began! Miss Stella kicked off the day of pampering with a chocolate facial, complete with cucumbers for ultimate relaxation…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Then it was time to get glam. Stella had her makeup done, and of course she asked for pink eyeshadow!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party My beautiful birthday babe

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Then, it was time for nails. Stella had her nails painted (pink, obviously)…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party And then had a pedicure! Nothing like a mani/pedi on your birthday to start the year off right…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Proud mama!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party The final step was hair. Stella decided that she wanted pink extensions, and opted for a braided updo…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party The final result was adorable!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Finn had fun at the spa too… my little guy is getting so big!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Liam isn’t one to pass on pampering, so he started off his day at the spa with a major mohawk…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party That’s one happy kid!

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 11.10.33 PM Unfortunately the mohawk fell, so the ladies at the spa gave him this cute look

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Liam finished off his spa day with a temporary tattoo

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Stella’s girlfriends got the glam treatment, too! How cute is that braid? I might need to try it out on Stella soon…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Hattie Cat started her day off with an adorable bow updo

Stella's 6th Birthday Party … followed by a manicure using her fave nail polish Piggy Paint

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Finn watched as his big sis got her toes done…

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Cousin Simone got a pedicure too

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyIt was SO much fun watching my babes get all dolled up

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyAfter the spa treatments, it was time for some refreshments and food. I grabbed one of my fave juices by Suja before hitting the sushi bar.

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyThe Suja juices were a huge hit with the kids (and the parents!)

Stella's 6th Birthday Party We also served strawberry spa water, which Liam loved

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyAnd for lunch? Sushi, of course!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party  Lunch was full of all of Stella’s favorite foods… sushi, bao, mac & cheese balls, edamame, and cheese. She is such an adventurous eater!

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 7.17.59 PM Sushi is served

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Miss Stella choosing her fave foods

Stella's 6th Birthday Party She also asked me to get her some salmon sashimi (her absolute fave)

The food and drinks were delicious, and all of the little girls looked super glam. After lunch, it was time for karaoke and birthday cake! Check back tomorrow for my pictures (and videos) of the party guests getting their karaoke on and singing Stella happy birthday (and of course enjoying an amazing cake from Hansen’s).



  • Shannen

    Ewww! Stella is wearing WAAAAAYYYYY too much heavy makeup.

    Mani/pedi party for 6 year olds? WTF?

    • Stephanie Fox-Stotts

      it’s all fun—why be so rude?

    • Famabel P

      Oh, come on… It’s a party… Didn’t you even play dress up as a kid?

    • Rosalinda Jordan

      Seriously…. Shannen…what is WRONG with you?! You have no shame and apparently even less heart!…yes by that statement alone! Saying “Ewww” about a little girl playing makeup/dressup shows how little of class you have. Just shameful to say the least.

  • jamador

    Mani/pedi are common for little girls these days. A lot of spas have chairs designed for them in the shape of a teddy bear or adorned by a crown in a princess theme.

  • Abi

    Neat idea tori! if i ever have a girl totally doing this!

  • http://facebook.com Sheri Shepard

    absolute fabulous *tori* <3ed all the pics of stellas pt 2 /b'day spa!!!! :)
    i will sure tune in tomorroz for the finishings & pics of course liam hatti and finn were so adorable too 😀 thanks for sharing *tori* <3

  • janet

    this is a 6 year olds birthday party? Facials, manis, pedis, sushi, make-up..etc. Too much, too soon I think..whatever happened to good old fashioned pin the tail on the donkey, pizza parties, musical chairs, McDonalds, etc. i guess i am dating myself…but this seems waaay over the top for a 6 year old…just sayin.

    • Bridget Whelan

      Kids like what they like and their birthdays are the most appropriate time to give them all of their favorite things! Birthdays are about enjoying their SPECIAL day!

      • janet

        Really…a just turned 6 year old wants a facial dressed in a robe? and sushi? please…maybe her Mom had a bit of influence on her party…don’t misunderstand me, I am a big fan of Tori, but this party seems waay over the top for a 6 year old…what will it be for her 13th?

        • ACHAR

          I would have absolutely loved this at 6 years old! No question!

          • ACHAR

            …and for at least 5 of my birthdays growing up, I picked spa-like activities. It was so much fun to feel extra special for a day.

        • sam

          My 11 year old granddaughter has loved sushi since she was two. I won’t touch the stuff. She also spent many days ages about 3 to 8 putting on playtime make up. Now she likes to still put on nail polish and ride her bike or scooter with friends, make up, except nail polish, free. Zero interest right now. It’s a fun little girl/boy playtime. And it’s OK.

      • sam

        Exactly, nicely said! It was Miss Stella’s day and everyone was included, having fun feeling pampered! Good for them!

  • Stephanie Fox-Stotts

    I love this idea. cant wait to have a daughter some day and keeping this idea in mind :)

  • Guest

    What a little pampered princess!!

  • Famabel P

    Love it all… The robes are so cute too… Your kids have a grown-ups pallet … Good for you for teaching them to love healthy foods. Your kids are lucky to have you as a mom… you’re positively great at it.

  • Shawnna Rhey Moses

    Awwww!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA <3! All those little ones are Gorgeous , Handsome, Adorable, Perfect, Awesome Babies <3 Beautiful Party &+ Awesome Idea , Food &+ Drinks 😀 You are AMAZING Tori <3 XO.

  • Maria McGregor

    It’s very cute, but a science or sports party would be more empowering. Obviously she loves sushi. What about a sushi-making party? The princess stuff and the salon stuff is fine in moderation, but Stella needs to know she IS NOT what she looks like. She should know that she is valuable and capable. If you teach her to relax through reading, music, sports, or cultural events instead, then she will have the tools to feel good about herself.

    • sam

      Do you hear yourself??? There is nothing wrong with PLAYING dress up or princess. That’s what these kids were doing, because Stella chose it. In pictures Stella loves to dress up. To have a whole day to do that, with your friends is exciting. Oh, and didn’t you notice Liam, a b o y was in there having his turn, getting what he wanted done? Tori teaches her kids, boys or girls to ski, craft, explore, dig in the dirt, to cook and to dress as they please, hair style and all. Nothing was wrong with Stella’s special day!

      • Maria McGregor

        Liam doesn’t need to focus on the external either. The focus the family used to have on appearances has not been healthy. I think the family has gone through a healthy metamorphosis where they are focusing on relationships–not houses, clothes and appearances. I think the people are saying something just want to keep that rolling. I am entitled to my opinion–just like you are.

        • sam

          Well of course you are, I never suggested different. This was one day, a birthday party for a little girl. They read books, they go to school, they dress themselves and they go to school. I am sure they are learning all kinds of things. This was just one day. A party. :)

          • Maria McGregor

            I think I would feel better about it if Stella looked happier. She doesn’t look miserable. I am not saying that. The adults just look happier than Stella. I know she has been through a lot. I am just used to kids being pretty ecstatic at their birthday parties. I am worried she looks like she feels empty. Kids should still be smiling with their eyes. In all fairness perhaps at this point nothing would make her feel all that much better after all of the family drama. I guess I am hoping deep down that this isn’t true, and she can be engaged and happy soon. Parents always have to realize that what makes them happy is not necessarily what will make their kids happy. Dr. Wexler seems really good. I hope they are all going as a family.

          • sam

            I think Stella is a little shy with all the attention. I know the family has been through a lot and it has been hard. The look on Finn’s face is always sad and grumpy. From pictures, and things Tori has sad, you can tell he seems a little spoiled. There is less than a year between him and little Hattie, so sure hope she feels special too. Anyway, they are a family and will do things their way! As for those parties they look like fun!!

  • Jack McD

    Did the girls get faux Brazilians? I hope their parents were on board to supervise.

  • Tina Marie

  • janet

    most of the party was paid for if they got a mention in Tori’s post…look at the red highlighted businesses…Hansen’s…the juice company..etc….this was not a little girls dream…it was a paid, promotional deal for all involved.

    • sam

      Perhaps it was both. I see some cute pictures of little ones having fun. That’s what matters!

  • Joy

    I agree with Maria, Shannen and Janet. This looks like a parent showing off for other parents. Stella’s a beautiful little girl who’s being forced to grow up way too soon. That’s common among some people these days but a shame for the children. Tori likes vintage and I’ll bet Stella would have loved to play some vintage games at her party with her friends. She probably would love to play dress up and have her mommy paint her nails on days when there’s not much to do.

    • sam

      Oh, it does not! It is Stella’s party, Stella’s way. From pictures of Stella you can see she does get ‘vintaged up’, many days at home. Tori always has big fun birthday parties for her children. She plays fair and they all get their own fun special big day. I think Stella and her friends would all be thrilled to have a spa day. I know my daughter and her friends did!

  • http://www.letkimunwrapthefat.myitworks.com Kimberly Purdue

    Wow, I can’t believe some of your comments. She is a little girl and a birthday party is meant to be whatever they want. What little girl wouldn’t love that. My daughter did something similar at her 4th birthday called Olivias dollhouse and tea room not only did the parents have a blast but the parents talked about it for weeks. The party looked amazing and so much fun.

  • Paige McDonald

    sorry but I think this is just way over the top…and the babies and boys getting the “Mani/pedis” …I am so over even hearing all about it…tori is money hungry and I’m sure a lot of it was paid for by her sponsors…why not invite a little black girl from theme boys and girls club to come along…they’ve probably never expirenced anything like this.

  • sam

    I think this is a fantastic idea! It’s pampering on HER special day, just as it should be. Little girls love make up and nail polish and as long as it is for ‘play time like mommy’, it’s all fun and zero problem. I’m just happy to see baby Hattie getting some cuddles from her mommy. Hattie didn’t have much mommy time before Tori was sick and then Finn was born. Happy Birthday Miss Stella!

  • Tracey Charles

    So fun!! What a cute party. Hope she enjoyed her big day!

  • CaliMommyof3

    Multiple news sources are reporting this party cost $6000. What type of example are you setting for your kids by spending such an insane amount of money for a 1-day event? The kids would have been fine with a cookout at the park or a fun day at the pool. Although it wasn’t aired(thankfully), it was reported you filmed a scene for ‘True Tori’ at an arts and crafts store where your credit card was declined. It is important you start to set a good financial example for your kids. They are learning from the example you are setting.

    • pan

      Did you just lecture a stranger on how she is to celebrate her child’s birthday?? LOL Seriously?? Silliest post I’ve ever read! Maybe Grandma paid or maybe the companies Tori used, paid, or maybe those ‘multiple news sources’ report on the total for the party is a big fat lie to get a ridiculous reaction, like yours. Breathe!

      • caveman

        If Tori is considered a “stranger”, why are you bothering with this? Cali is a stranger to you, and so is Tori presumably.

        Maybe this, maybe that…well, it’s reasonable to assume the parents paid…unless you’re a celebrity – not the same thing as a stranger now is it.

        Funny that when someone criticises Tori, all of a sudden it’s “none of their business” or Tori’s a “stranger”. Yet how many profess to love Tori or Stella – in other words, love someone you don’t even know. But, you know her from TV…oh, so she’s not a stranger…just stop. And Tori puts her life out there for all to see, so has to be willing to accept criticism as much as praise and if it is none of anyone’s business, WHY IS TORI LETTING THE WORLD SEE IT? Duh.

  • marie-line MARRA

    a great delice awesome festivity im so glad for stella and her nice familly

  • statum

    absolutely precious!!

  • pan

    Look at the pictures with the birthday girl Stella and then of wee Hattie, putting their hands on the table for nail polish. Little Hattie could barely reach, but she was so good sitting there! ! haha She is soo cute. The younger boy looks miserable, like he wants his own way, seems like he’s always held.

  • Laura Bailey

    When my daughter was three years old, I asked her if she wanted to go to McDonald’s for lunch before the park. Her response was, “No! I want sushi!” She liked sushi because she had been given the opportunity to eat it on several occasions before that park day and found it to her liking. I was proud that she chose sushi over disgusting McDonald’s. Exposing children to different things allows them to develop their tastes and experiences, so that they can enjoy the world that we live in and understand better what their options are. Stella seems to be a girly-girl, who would absolutely enjoy her spa day for her birthday. This wasn’t her first trip to the spa – she had been to spas before and liked what she had experienced. I sincerely doubt that Tori would impose a day of pampering on her children, especially on a birthday. My guess is that Stella picked this party spot on her own. Remember that Stella and the rest of the McDermott children are not limited to McDonald’s and Chuck-E-Rats, I mean, Chuck-E-Cheese and have had experiences that a lot of children their ages haven’t had. They aren’t limited because of financial considerations. They live a lifestyle that allows them far more of a selection than your run of the mill kid party places. And, clearly, Tori is not the kind of mom who would give her kids paper hats and a cake from the grocery store bakery, with cheap gel inscribed “Happy Birthday” Mama likes to go all out for her kids’ parties. In fact, I think this party is very low key for Tori. Why do I think that? Well, there were no chimpanzees on the guest list …or ladybugs flying about. Remember, this mama has written books on hosting parties. Hosting parties is her passion. She’s much like I am in that respect. I get it. I also love to write like she does. I’m sure you get that 😉

  • deborah@ann2427

    My granddaughter will be 5 in Sept this is a great idea I love it!!

  • Brooke

    SO cute! Thanks for some great ideas!! Everything was too adorable!

  • Pam

    If u dont have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. If ur so negative then why even get on Tori’s page…#haters

    • caveman

      So Pam, why aren’t you taking your own advice? You didn’t have anything nice to say, but said it anyway.

  • pulpintro

    Oh jebus, what a ridiculous party for someone who claims to be so broke. Although maybe it didn’t actually cost her that much since with all the links and name-dropping, it was just a sponsored party for all these business to get a mention on this blog. Why do moms feel they have to one-up each other or keep up with the joneses? My six year old nieces earlier this year had their birthday party at home with their friends from school. Homemade cakes, fruit, veggies and snacks. Playing games in the house and in the yard. They loved it and didn’t feel lacking for anything, especially not sushi and facials.

    I’m not trying to diss Tori, but I feel parties like this set bad examples for young children. Maybe it’s hard to be down to earth out in LaLaLand, I don’t know.

    • Mary Jo

      Post of the week!

  • Paja

    Nice party!!!!! I am giving my kid a party Saturday :-) very different, she picked “camping” party LOL. To each it’s own!!!! And all of you being judgmental, the kids were happy, who cares how much was spent or if you consider it appropriate…. Parent your own and if you have nothing nice to say…. You know how that goes.

  • gypsie

    U all cannot be serious. The spa is specifically for CHILDREN to begin with they have chocolate facials and temporary tattoos. Ppl will find any reason to complain about something when they can’t do it themselves