picTORIal: Stella’s 6th Birthday Party, Part 1

Stella's 6th Birthday Party This past weekend we celebrated Miss Stella’s 6th birthday party at Le Chic Spa, which is an adorable all pink and bling spa for kids. Sooooo cute!!

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 12.28.14 PMThe day was full of pampering for Stella and her girl friends, including mani/pedis, facials, makeup and hair. The little girls looked so gorgeous and had the best time.

Stella's 6th Birthday Party First up, each party guest picked a robe to relax in for the afternoon.

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at 12.28.06 PMThen, the girls changed into these sparkly light up flip flops thanks to Skechers! They were totally pedicure-ready.

 Stella's 6th Birthday PartyThe birthday girl and Uncle Mehran!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party  Mehran and my friend and Mystery Girls costume designer Seth were among the first to arrive…

 Stella's 6th Birthday PartyWho doesn’t love Frozen? Stella’s faves Elsa and Anna stopped by to mingle with the party guests, tell stories and sing some songs.

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Stella’s DIY seat at the pretty n’ pink table!

Stella's 6th Birthday PartyHow cute were the tablescapes?! We had cupcakes, spa-themed cookies, pretty peonies and lots and lots of pink accents.

Stella's 6th Birthday Party How adorable are these cookies?!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Cucumber cookies, anyone?

Stella's 6th Birthday Party And what spa party would be complete without lipstick cookies?

Stella's 6th Birthday Party I was so proud of my birthday girl!

Stella's 6th Birthday Party Big brother Liam next to Stella’s amazing lipstick cake (from Hansen’s of course!)

Make sure to check back tomorrow, because I’ll be posting part 2 of Stella’s spa birthday party. You don’t want to miss the amazing food and drinks, plus lots of pics of Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn & party guests getting glammed up at the spa.


  • http://www.cherylrenaudphotography.net Cheryl Renaud

    What a fantastic party….Every little girls and big girls dream.

  • Lésli Renée Skye

    omg gosh reminded me of when my Daughter was a lil Girl and I loved doing theme birthday parties for her and her friends, awe miss them days, you did such an awesome job Tori, love everything.

  • Tami Case

    You are amazing. I love your kids party idea. You should do a book just on giving kid’s parties

  • Debbie Lye-Lee

    you always know how to throw a party Tori, kudos.

  • http://facebook.com Sheri Shepard

    stellas b’day party sure looks like a succses :) love all the crafty colorful decorations :) very nice *tori* and cnt wait for the second half of *stellas* b’day party!!!!! <3

  • Beth Bodine

    I don’t know what this says about me, but I’m 29, & this 6-year-old’s birthday party is exactly the kind of birthday party I would want.

  • Misty Roper

    Looks like a fun party. Alot less work for you to have it somewhere else than at home…I used your princess tea party idea for my daughters 4th in March. Even inviting her favorite princess to come surprise all the little girls who came dresses as princesses. It was a hit. I decorated and made the cake myself.

    • Guest

      Belle and little Belle.

    • Misty Roper

      okay, i just wanted to share our party too from inspiration of the one you threw for Stellas tea party. Here is my cake i made:)

  • Shirley Woolem

    Great job and something girls love!

  • mary

    what a cute concept ill bet she will always remember this birthday…goodjob tori

  • Jamie C

    Just got done watching your confessions and I have to say that you are such a strong woman, a great mother, a wife beyond imagine. I don’t think i’d have the strength to air my flaws and such a hard time but you did it beautifully and even threw your crying scene with the photos.. you still managed to be beautiful. I hope your marriage and family grow happily old together. You are an inspiration!!!! Jamie

  • Shannen

    Liam looks like a mini-Jodie Foster with his haircut.

  • blessednessa31

    This is the cutest party I’ve ever seen my husband & I have been trying to conceive for
    7yrs. I know God is faithful & one day we’ll have our miracle baby Emmalina. I totally see myself having a party like this for her :) Good job T.!!!! blessings to you & the family :)

    • Geraldine Anneni

      Is that name “Emmalina” both boy and girl? If not then there is a problem. I am assuming it’s a girl name. If you are asking God to bless you with a child, how do u already pick the sex of the baby? May be God wants to bless you with a boy, but you want a girl. Do you see the problem? If you are asking God to bless you, just ask HIM for an healthy baby doesn’t matter what sex. And ask HIM to make you happy and content with either sex. Sometimes we are the one who are holding our blessings back….. Good luck and I am praying for you…..

      • blessednessa31

        I said “Emmalina” which fyi is (a girl name) I will be happy with a boy or girl,whatever God decides to bless my husband & I with I’ll be happy. I mentioned a girls name because if I ever have a girl I’d wanna have a cute Spa birthday party just like what Tori did here! Thank you very very much for your opions & prayers :)

        • statum

          I knew what you meant. Some people just have to make an argument over everything. UGH!!! Prayers that God will bless you with a bundle of joy!!! It is his timing. Which sometimes is hard!!!

  • marie-line MARRA

    its so wonder genius and magnificent

  • AndreaM

    Absolutely adorable. The different cookies were such a clever idea. Memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Hayden Davis

    Wow Tory! This is so so cute. I love every detail and I am sure the girls all had a blast!

  • Hannah

    You are a precious mom who works beyond your limits to give your babies a blessed life. I admit that I probably have some different views on some things but when it comes to a mothers heart….you are inspiring. Very inspiring. :)

  • Pam

    so cute Tori !!

  • Lisa Mcknight

    What an amazing mom you are! !! Smiles miss Tori.

  • Lee

    So cute!!!! <3