Giveaway: Stella’s 6th Birthday Party Goodie Bag

Stella's Birthday Party Goodie Bag

Now you’ve seen all of the details of Stella’s 6th birthday party… from the tablescapes to the spa treatments to the amazing birthday cake. But there’s one element that you haven’t seen yet… the incredible gift bags that all of Stella’s guests went home with!

Stella's Birthday Party Goodie BagThe bags were full of amazing goodies… Piggy Paint nail polish, a My Little Pony, super cute hair extensions and lots more.

Stella's Birthday Party Goodie Bag Each bag also came with a bottle of Suja Juice.

Stella's Birthday Party Goodie BagThe adorable Skechers Twinkle Toes Flip Flops that all of the party guests wore while they got their spa treatments were included too…

So, I wanted to give away one of Stella’s party favor bags to a lucky ediTORIal reader!

This is what you’ll win:

UPDATE: We have our winner!! Congratulations to Laurie Wollman!!

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Good luck!


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    My daughter would flip out with all of this cute stuff! Thank you Tori! How do I link my FB post?

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    My niece would love this goodie bag! 😉

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    Your the best Tori!

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    You always have the greatest parties for your kiddos!!

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    My niece’s birthday is coming up, the end of June!! She would absolutely love this! By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Stella!!

  • Stephanie Fricke-Fisher

    This would make my daughters day since she’s been having very hard time with her daddy being deployed to Afghanistan. Allie my daughter loves your daughter she thinks she’s nice as she says it.

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    I shared! My daughter would love it. It’s her & her twins birthday on the 16th and we’re broke. LOL

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    My daughter would love this Tori! Your such a great mom im a huge fan of your family

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    ur doing a good job as mommy, i love ur stuff.

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    I just love goodie bags with items that r fun cute and the kids can get use out of Tori ur bags r amazing

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    Many blessings to you and your family and best of luck with "Mystery Girls" too…I can't wait to see the show! :)

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    I shared! what a great goodie bag!
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    Love It T :) My daughter would love this xoxo She is almost 8 very smart and just sarted walking three years ago she was born with her feet backwards…

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    Tori you are an inspiration, I hope to see you and your family make it through these tough times and come out stronger! Happy Birthday Stella! Shared on my fb, would love to won for my daughter Emma :)

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    I showed this to my daughter and she said mommy isn’t she the woman from the show you adore! Lol I know she would love this bag. Dngrchicka29@hotmail.com

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    What a cute idea for a party my granddaughter would love this ! Happy Birthday Stella !!!!!!! FB : Christi Lynn Meredith

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    To one of the strongest chicks I know of, I have admired you through the years and even more so now – you’re a fabulous mom and that can never be taken away, my 5 year old Mackenzie would love to hang with Stella, a goody bag or not, just nice to say Hello!

  • star laurent

    My daughter just loves your kids. She would love to have this come from Stella. Your a great mom too hun. Never allow yourself to think otherwise. Your kids are lucky to have you.
    Leeleesmommie is my Facebook
    Thank you

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    you and followed yr career since your 90210 days. But enough about me, My five year old daughter is everything Girly and would love this gift bag.

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    My niece is such a girly girl, this would be a great little gift for her.

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    My Grandaughter would love this so much to use at Grandma’s house for the summer .Since I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to buy her nice things.

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    Hi T, I hope you’re doing well. I cried a lot of tears with you. I wish you every happiness in life. Good luck with the new show. Can’t wait to see it. Loved you in 90210! Stay strong and never loose your voice or spirit for life. You’ve got a beautiful family. Hugs Kathy

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA!! My Great Nieces would love to share a party bag from Stella’s Birthday….. I have 2 8 year olds & a 9 year old, plus a 4 year old who adores the things her older cousins have. She will be in heaven with the other girls.

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    Stella is a very charming little girl; as are the rest of your beautiful children … YOU as a mom are the greatest teacher …. and must be a lot of FUN ! This would be wonderful for my granddaughter as she and Stella remind me of each other …. take care and THANKS for allowing us to follow and enjoy your family each week …. PEACE .. Love ya ….
    my email : Pookiesgrandma3@msn.com
    Have a spectacular day, Tori … ! <3 <3 <3 <3

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    Such a giver, I wish I had your strength, my children just lost their father in February — I am so glad you were able to salvage your family, with strength, courage and more importantly a voice!

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    I love your shows. I have a 6year old little girl too

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    Shared…I have followed you since 90210…it has been a journey…looking forward to what you do next. I also pray for you and Dean…and family…fight hard!! You are worth it!

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    My daughter’s birthday is the 25th. She too will be 6. Lylees one of stellas biggest fans. We watch all the shows u have. We made me watch the tea party with over and over and over again. This would be the best birthday present for lylee ever!! To be a part of stellas birthday without being there with her! Thanks tori even if lylee doesn’t won it she will STILL be stellas biggest fan!!

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    Hair extensions for a 6 YEAR OLD? Hair coloring?


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    Love you, Tori and your and Stella’s style! How fun! Fingers crossed :)

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    Tori you are truly amazing. I relate to your situation more than tog ever know. Your story on true tori only made me realize that I’m not the only good mom in the world that had a husband who takes get did granted. I’m not saying this to get a goodie bag I’m saying this from my heart. No one’s know what’s it like until they have been through it. With love, Jackie

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    Thanks for being a great inspiration to us mommies who just love being mommies!
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    • wangson

      she spent 6,000 dollars on this party! that’s “simple”?!

      • Rebecca June Pepple

        Yes, simple…. As in I am looking at the general idea she had of making goody backpacks for a party. Is it anyone’s business what she spent on a party? You obviously are not a huge fan of Tori’s, judging by your prior posts…my question to you is why belittle others opinion on “simple” ideas, when the price tag for those ideas are none of our concern to begin with?

        • wangson

          I’m not a fan at all, that’s true. who am I belittling? you? I don’t get it. is it because I questioned a particular term you chose to employ? I don’t consider that belittling – you’ve said nothing to deserve that. though regarding the price tag, the fact that she has spent such an absurd amount of money on a party while is apparent financial straits, was everywhere yesterday – if she made a point of disclosing that info- then she should definitely be called on it!

      • Megan

        Tori Spelling does not exactly live the same life that we do. Based on MOST celebrities and their children, this IS simple! I live in one fo the most economically depressed regions of our country and things around here cost considerably less than what they do in L.A. but I’m about to throw a birthday party for my 3 year old and spend whatever I can afford for him. You should look at things on a similar to equal ratio, based on cost of living. Is Tori spoiling her daughter a bit?? Yeah, of course. Most parents want to give the world to their child. I know I DO! I would even venture to say, that if you put the charity assistance most people afford on an income based ratio with Tori Spelling and MOST celebrities, it would blow most of us away. Why are you here? Trolling the pages of people you dislike, just to rain on it? You are a troll… return to the underside of your sad, negative little bridge!

      • Misty Roper

        its simple based on Toris budget. We can do similar ideas at our own budgets. If you can afford monograms and details then do it, if you can only afford Dollar store items with stickers do that. Its the idea of Toris that you can take and make your own. I did. I posted pics of my daughters princess tea party from ideas of Toris she threw for Stella, even had a princess come dressed for the party too, I didnt spend as much as her but i did it in my own budget. Youre just grumpy.

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    Love your show Tori, you have a beautiful family! Hope everything works out for you, you and Dean are in my prayers. I went through the same thing so I know what you’re going through! Good luck to you both!

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    I know this would make her day! We are truely blessed to be able to celebrate her 6th birthday with her as 5yrs and 9mths ago we didn’t think we would!♥

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    Love you & thank you, Jessica Colasanti

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    Keep being you… luv watching ya girl and I hope I’m the lucky winner.
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    marytesta@sunflowerdelite is my Twitter handle.

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    I so would love to know u as a person, you inspire my imagination with my kiddos parties every year

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    You are one of the strongest women I know tori! Xo

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    Tory I don’t know how you do it all. We added a baby girl to our family and my 4 year old girl is needing some special love. I run a small business and am trying to hold it all together. Hope we win could sure use a surprise like this.

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    Shared and I have watched you grow from save by the bell to tori and dean I love watching your family grow you are so Awesome and thank you for giving me the change to win one of the gift bags for my little Cadence that is 3

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    I Love doing thing like this for my kids. One year my daughter wanted a makeover and nail party so all the girls came and in their goodie bags I put nail polishes and the makeup they wanted and the bags were cute makeup bags that they decorated

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    Lacy J Mitchell is my Facebook name. I really think you are an awesome woman Tori. It took a lot of courage to do what you did and I have nothing but 100% respect for you! Love your cute little family!

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    These are the cutest party favors! We love them because they are perfect for a girlie girl diva… Which my daughter definitely is! Happy Birthday Stella! Your mommy is an admirable and strong woman! ❤️ Love, Heather and Ella. Hmitchell@eriesd.org

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    Love this my Lil princess would be in Heaven. … big fan & supporter tori & can’t wait for mystery girls premier:) email is davismommy1980@yahoo.com. Twitter is Davis_family1 Facebook link shared I think I did all the requirements. .. I’d love to be a recipient for my princess and would love to share pics of her and the contents on all social media:)

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    Love you, Tori. I really feel for your situation. My hubby of 9 years cheated (a lot) on me too. You are in my prayers for full reconciliation.


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