Today, I write this post with a very heavy heart. In this industry of blogging, there comes a point where you have to type something you wish you never had too. This is that moment. A moment where I wish I didn’t have to tell you this story, but I do.

If any of you are on social media you might be familiar with the tragic trending hashtag, #redballoonsforryan. On Monday my dear friend Alissa called me and I knew in her voice something was terribly wrong. A friend in our community, Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery and her husband, Dan had tragically lost their 3 ½ year old son. While he was innocently trying to catch a frisbee at a family members house, he was hit by a truck. A story like this lays heavy on your heart. You immediately want to freeze time. You immediately want to hug your children tight. You immediately want to help. You immediately feel the need to do something.

While this news was beyond devastating and the entire community shut down yesterday to mourn a beautiful little boy, what I didn’t know was that within a 24 hour period, supporters all around the world were bringing awareness to Ryan and his family. Pictures of Ryan flooded my Instagram with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan. Tweets from everyone, from bloggers to celebrities — everyone was keeping Ryan’s memory alive by support, praying and posting images of Ryan and his family to share the love they had in their sweet little boy. This helped offer strength and support to the family and we united as one, together, and gave them strength during a difficult time. We made a promise as a community that Ryan would not be forgotten.

Red Balloons for Ryan

At cupcakeMAG, we were absolutely heartbroken and at a loss for words, so we opted for action, and put together nine $1,000 gift baskets from the amazing people we work with to auction off today, Thursday May 8th. Please help spread the word by sharing this image above with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan and head over to our Instagram feed here today to start bidding.

Red Balloons for Ryan

If you want to read more about Red Balloons for Ryan, please head over to Diary of an Addict.  Everyone should really hug their littles so tight today and everyday. No matter what your day brings just remember it could always be worse. Less yelling, more hugging. More cuddling, less cleaning. Say I love you more to those you care about. This very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. Life is just too short.

Please come support this charity auction TODAY on my Instagram feed, @cupcakeMAG. The auction began at 10AM ET and I’ll be posting nine baskets full of goodies worth over $1,000 throughout the day with all proceeds going straight to Jacqui and Dan to help with funeral costs and loss of income they have during this time of grief.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today and bring awareness to their story.

Lots of love,


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