GIVEAWAY: Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

My friend and dessert-table extraordinaire Jenny Keller (aka Jenny Cookies) has a brand new book coming out tomorrow! The book is called Eat More Dessert, and she’s sharing all of her secrets for making a table full of treats for your next party that taste just as delicious as they look. Jenny has done the dessert tables for many of our family’s parties (including the sweet spread at Mad Hattie’s Tea Party!).

In her new book, Jenny teaches you how to design the perfect dessert table, from choosing a theme to styling your sweets. I have to say, the photos are absolutely gorgeous and the desserts look beyond delicious. And I have to say, I’ve sampled almost every recipe that Jenny included in the book, and they all taste absolutely amazing.

Here are a few of my fave dessert tables and detail shots from the book (make sure to scroll all the way to the end for a chance to win a copy of your own!):

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller
Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

How amazing do these desserts look?! So proud of you, Jenny!

Now, for the giveaway. Enter to win your very own copy of Eat More Desserts!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite dessert to whip up
  2. Check back in a week to see if you won!

Good luck, and make sure to pick up your copy of Eat More Dessert HERE. Congrats Jenny!!


Photo Credit: Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

  • liz tetley

    My favorite dessert to make is my chocolate chip cookie pie. Super easy and tastes delicious warmed up with ice cream

  • Tammy Alcorta

    i love making monkey bread & of them in the last week they go to the teachers and staff and my 5 kids school.. plus cookies muffins and cupcakes here at home

  • susan morris

    My favorite dessert will probably sound lame in comparison but lately I’ve been into making chocolate cakes and just plunking fruit in the middle of the batter and then baking. I’m not an experienced baker! My favorite is a whole ripe banana in the middle of a chocolate cake but sprinkling in some blueberries or raspberries is really tasty too!

  • vicki

    I love making oatmeal butterscotch cookies

  • Sylvee Ho

    My favorite dessert to slurp up is… ICE CREAM!! especially in this hot socal weather :)

  • JP

    Apple Pie – my mom’s recipe is the best and like none other!

  • Christi Hernandez

    My grandmothers chocolate fudge pie!

  • Erica Campbell

    My favorite dessert to make are mini cupcakes! They are so cute and delicious that my friends beg me to make them for parties!

  • Juliet Raffray

    I enjoy making cakes with my five year daughter! She likes to add sprinkles to everything.

  • Christy

    My favorite dessert to make lately is banana brownies with a brown butter frosting. Yum, the kid LOVE to help make it and of course eat it!

  • Sarah Vicari

    My favorite to whip up is good old fashioned rice crispie treats! You can even do it in the microwave!! Quick and delicious!

  • Sandy Petty Stewart

    I love making Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Brownies for my 4 children.

  • Karin

    I love to make cheesecakes, especially cause my friends en family like them so much. It’s not such a common dessert/cake in the Netherlands as it is in the States, that’s why this is a favorite and my choice.

  • lori

    I love to make good ol chocolate chip cookies!!

  • Besmarttoday

    I love red velvet EVERYTHING! I will make cakes, cupcakes, whoopie pies, but my favorite version (and my kiddos too) is red velvet cake pops! Everything taste better on a stick!

  • Dawn Wired Huberty

    I love most dessert, but using my trifle dish is a crowd pleaser. Layer sponge or pound cake (cut into chunks) with perhaps peach yogurt, fresh sliced peaches, layer and layer, yum and yum! :)

  • Anna Marie

    coconut macaroons :)

  • Casey Walker Lowther

    Lately my favorite is anything my 6 year old, Eli, wants to help with. Usually some cute cupcake he’s seen in a magizine, on Pinterest, or in one of the kid friendly cookbooks we have. Our most recent favorite was a chocolate chip cookie cake with butter cream frosting. Yummy :)

  • Haley Isbell

    I love to cover anything in white chocolate- popcorn, pretzels, cake bites-with sprinkles to match the occasion. Yum yum yum!

  • Dee

    Creme Brûlée!! Sometimes I skip dinner entirely and just go straigh to dessert!

  • Catherine Farrar

    I like making different kinds of cookies for my daughter

  • Billie Richardson

    It’s all about cupcakes!

  • Emilia Doro

    I love to make cake or French Macaron.

  • Erin Rabatin

    I love baking cupcakes, brownies or cheesecake!

  • Carrie Holub Doulfikhar

    My favorite easy dessert are Madelines. They are easy cake/cookie combo that can be dipped in chocolate 😉

  • Christy

    I love making cupcakes or whipping up some chocolate chip cookies for my hunny! :)

  • Anna42079

    My favorite baked goodie to make is a hummingbird cake! Yuuuuuummmmm

  • Abrea

    I am famous for my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip pudding cookies. They are so simple to whip up!

  • Sabrina

    My favorite is cheesecake, but if i’m just whipping up something I love making chocolate oatmeal drop cookies!

  • Heather

    O! I love me some lemonbars!! Off to the kitchen!!!! :)

  • Trisha Gibbs

    Chocolate Chip cookies!

  • nancy fitzpatrick

    suger cookies

  • Renee

    I haven’t baked much so I would love to get this book to help me learn! I love chocolate chip cookies and have tried to make healthier muffins. All her baked goods always look AMAZING!!

  • Deanna

    Not Yo’ Mama’s Banana Pudding!! SO AMAZING!

  • Sharon E.

    Apple pie filled cupcakes topped with vanilla cool whip frosting! They were a hit at my son’s 3rd birthday party!

  • Lindsey McCartney

    Coca Cola cake…..I’m literally drooling now……

  • Rob Enn

    Red velvet cheesecake truffles. Small enough I can have just a couple to satsfy my sweet tooth and pop the rest into the freezer to have on hand for sweet tooth emergencies! Lol

  • Hadley

    (crack sticks) white bread with cream cheese and confectioners sugar spread dredged in butter dipped in cinnamon and sugar and baked , to died for!!!!

  • ruby

    Strawbarry jam muffins

  • Trisha

    No bake cookies…but all the batter poured into a casserole dish rather than spooned into cookies. Then you just dig in.

  • Kasey M

    Rice Krispie treats are made weekly in our house!

  • jdcgrant

    My favorite dessert to make is any type of blondie and then I alter the recipe for the holiday…I just made one with chocolate cover
    ed easter eggs…valentine’s day i used red m m’s!

  • Amy McFarland

    Texas sheet cake cookies ~. Made them this weekend, will be an every Friday afternoon treat! Delish

  • Peggy Page Kelly

    Old Fashioned Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream Cones-This use to be a big occasion to make homemade ice cream outside and now Cuisinart has smaller electric machines that make it easier and faster. But still the anticipation of watching it while the ingredients are being combined and put in the ice cream freezer then waiting until it is done and everyone is ready for a freshly made ice cream cone. You can put sprinkles of any sort on them or put out an assortment of toppings for your kiddo’s to choose from and put the topping on themselves. Delicious and fun for everyone for Summer parties.

  • Kelly Holm

    I love to make all sorts of desserts, but my favorite is probably cookies. I havr trouble with cakes. They always break or slide off, so maybe this could help me with that!! I would love to be able to make a cake for my hubs or kid’s birthdays!

  • Sonia

    I love to make all kinds of desserts but I like to make cookies because everyone loves cookies, they are easy to make and easy to change for each holidays!

  • Susan Grayson

    I would love to read her book to give me the IDEAS what to make and bake the yummy..

  • Sherry D

    Cherry cheesecake or apple crisp!

  • Hilary Stephenson

    Probably sugar cookies. Massive pain to cut out but so fun to decorate and eat!

  • Leslie Staggs

    I love making no-bake cookies because my husband LOVES them! Such a quick and easy smile :-)

  • lisa

    Cupcakes are a favorite in our house. My son loves decorating them :)

  • Sandra Pappas

    Our favorite dessert to whip up is oreo cake pops!!!!! easy and soooooo yummy!! This book would be great for my childrens parties. Check out my page at Sweet Pappas Parties on facebook….let me know what you think :)

  • Sue W

    Sugar cookies in different shaped with royal icing!

  • chuya

    super simple chocolate chip cookies

  • fortuitousfaery


  • Tracy Thomas

    Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!!!!

  • Samantha Weidemyre

    Chocolate eclair cake!!!!

  • anniefaith1

    Berry dessert ….cubed sponge cake heavy whipping cream or cool whip fresh or frozen berries. Layer in a single serve ice cream dish. The sponge then berries the whip cream the repeat the layers till dish is full top with a few berries or a chocolate curl.

  • Tammy

    I love to make Rice Krispie bundt cakes for my friends for all their birthdays! I add extra marshmallows and vanilla and sprinkles…so yummy! :)

  • sheilawood

    Heaven in a bowl….vanilla pudding, cool whip, &miniature Reese’s cups. Cut reeses cups in halves or thirds. Mix pudding and cool whip. I layer mine in a punch bowl…but any large bowl will work. Delicious!!

  • Karina

    Tiramisu! (With a little more liquouor than recipe calls for) 😉 Divine.

  • Mary

    Peanut butter Chewys or Cornflake Cookies–taste good for breakfast or anytime!

  • Kathy Stock


  • Rena

    strawberry shortcake and caramel popcorn are perennial faves around here!!

  • Lori S

    I love baking cupcakes with my little ones. We make all sorts of cupcakes. We make snickers cupcakes, lemon lime cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes, cake pop cupcakes.

  • Kate Bartholomew

    love! thanks for the giveaway…love to make Christmas Sugar Cookies & pie crusts xoxo

  • Jenn J

    Lunch Lady bars (peanut butter bars smothered in chocolate).. My family loves them.. No calories when made with love, right????

  • Marla Murasko

    I love baking cupcakes with my son. He especially loves to whip up the batter. He even loves to do this with his dad. I love to bake.

  • OWENNA47


  • michele

    Love making cupcakes!

  • Maggie Herring

    Cake pops are my favorite dessert to make. But after seeing those rice crispy treats… I’m dying to make them now!!

  • Kelly

    I love making mini cupcakes! Super cute dessert book!

  • Pamela Morosky

    Themed cupcakes

  • Jade

    I love making macarons. Violet & lemon.

  • Sharee Smith

    I’ve taken classes from Jenny in Washington State …she’s a total sweetheart and I can’t wait to get a copy of her first book. This is the first I’m sure of many more to come… Congrats Jenny to you I wish you much success with your first book … I’ve made many of her wedding cake cookies…super cute and they taste amazing…

  • LoryAnn @OurMasonsJar

    Gorgeous photos—love Shabby Chic themed parties…many of my onesies in my shop are Shabby-Inspired!!!

    I like to freeze yogurt in different shaped ice cube trays, then put in tiny Mason Jars…looks like “gems”. Great party treats!!!

  • JanetB

    I love making strawberry trifles in Mason jars! My kids love them especially with fresh whipped cream and angel food cake.

  • brittney bycroft

    Strawberry shortcake kabobs!

  • Annette

    Of course cupcakes would love a copy of her book. I follow her on IG

  • Greta

    Fruit pizza! Yum!! Can’t wait to check out the book!

  • lynn Collado

    Lavender French Macaroons! I took a class and have been very inspired to perfect these fabulous creations after visiting Paris last summer. It’s all about timing and practice makes perfect.

  • Sydney85

    I love making cheesecakes.

  • Autumn Noe

    Nutela rice crispy treats with mini marshmallows on top!

  • Kim Decker

    I love making cut out sugar cookies, I have so many cookie cutters,
    too much fun!

  • Maria

    fresh cut fruit and berries with mascarpone, cream cheese, and fluff dip!! A
    lways a crowd pleaser!

  • tinacramer

    hoping i win! i love making creme brûlée – so decadent! thanks for considering me :)

  • Erna

    Hi I would love to win it to inspire the people in the Netherlands to show them you can celebrate birthdays on a new way, I hope to learn from it!! Absolutely fab pictures!! Regards Erna!

    Ps..By the way I was one of the ten contestants in DE Dutch version off the Great British Bake Off!

  • Tiffanie

    I love making chocolate covered oreo balls. I can get my chocolate fix with just one. Plus, my husband loves them. =)

  • Anna

    Rice Krispie Treats or chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.

  • Katia Niedzielski

    I love pastries and chocolate of course! the background of cakes is very beautiful and works well, i’m hungry! 😉

  • mrschristiansen

    Multi-layered cakes are fun and not only beautiful, but people feel that they are being treated to something really special! Homemade Twinkies are also one of my faves!

  • Jen B

    My kids love the multi layered chocolate chip cake with homemade frosting and topped off with colored sprinkles!!!

  • Jenica Harvey

    Cupcakes and cheesecake are my favs!!

  • Rachel

    I love making giant homemade nutter butters. Super delicious and looks like the regular cookie blew up in size! =)

  • CDKAkers

    Cupcakes. Always cupcakes. My definite go to dessert when I need to make something fast.

  • Cindi W.

    I love making cookies with my daughter.

  • Lena jones

    Wow!!! Amazing… I love to make anything lemon!

  • Heather M

    Brookies (we made up the name) – A brownie on the bottom and chocolate chip cookie on the top. You get both in one bite! My daughter requested them for her 7th birthday dessert last night.

  • Kelly P

    My favorite desserts are anything with pumpkin! Pumpkin cupcakes being my top pick.

  • Dani C

    I love to make different flavors of cupcakes

  • Bianca Hammond

    i like to make cupcakes but i also like to make cookies :-)

  • Rhonda Olson- Chrisman

    My daughter does all our baking and is attending Culinary (Baking) school this next year. Her favorite thing to make is homemade cheesecake. It is sooooo delicious! Would love for her to have a copy of this book for inspiration in her future career :)

  • Pamela M

    My favourite dessert to make is lemon meringue pie. My mom used to make it when my brother and I were kids, complete with lemon meringue “birds”. My dad and I would always sneak a “bird” when it was cooling in the refrigerator. It became a tradition.

  • Annette

    I love to make my mother’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake.

  • Jen M

    I love baking anything but especially sugar cookies!

  • Mini D

    Sugar cookies with chocolate chip cookie dough dip. Yum!

  • Mrs

    Cupcakes – definitely cupcakes!

  • Jennifer Mathieu Henshall

    Sugar cookies for every occasion. :0)

  • Glenda

    My favorite dessert to whip up is pies & cookies with the help of my little one:)

  • Les Johnson

    My go-to favorites are double fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Andrea Worley

    cupcakes and cake pops!!

  • Nikki D’Angelo Rivera

    I love anything with white cake ….that is my fave! :)

  • marianne

    OMG! This is so me!! I love every aspect of this book, she has done an amazing job….she is brilliant!:) just looking makes me feel so happy!

  • Katie B

    Chocolate Kaluha Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

  • Kristie Watkins

    I love all things with sugar. But if I have to say one thing it’s a coconut cream pie. I could eat a whole pie by myself.

  • Jan Sanderson

    So creative!

  • maggiescakepops

    Who won?!?!?

  • Ethel See

    cake pops

  • Shellybean

    Chocolate dipped strawberries!! I could eat the whole tray (and I sometimes DO) lol Simple but delish :)

  • jen

    who won?

  • Rosa

    ice cream cone cupcakes with nonfat whipped cream frosting to keep it “healthy” :)

  • Lynnette Edic

    I GOT IT !!!