Foodista: Sweet Easter Treats

Easter is almost here, which means it’s time to peruse Pinterest for the most creative and delicious looking sweet treats to serve at your Easter get-together! I’ve rounded up my 5 faves to get you in the mood for the holiday!

Easter Bunny Macarons via Raspberri Cupcakes

 These are almost too cute to eat! Can’t wait to make these pink treats with Stella, who will absolutely love them. Get the recipe HERE.

Easter Egg Macaroon Nests via 

Easter Egg Macaroon NestsSuch a fun take on the classic macaroon! My kids will love making these… and then eating them! Get the recipe HERE.

Rice Crispy Easter Eggs via Velvet Moss

easter3 I love this creative twist on the classic Easter egg! And you can make so many fun variations on them. Love it! Get the instructions HERE.

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls via Betty Crocker

easter4How fun will it be to wake the kids up on Easter morning with this fun breakfast? Get the recipe HERE.

Easter Candy Bark via Signed By Tina 

easter5 So colorful, and who doesn’t love a good candy bark recipe? Get the instructions HERE.

What sweet treats do you plan on whipping up for your Easter celebration?



Photo & Recipe Credits: Raspberri Cupcakes,, Betty Crocker, Velvet Moss, Signed by Tina


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  • kErRy

    these are all so cute, thanks for sharing them!!! i made these cupcakes last year and my nieces and nephews loved them, but some of them came out looking kind of funky 😉

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