Fashion Friday: Little Maven Looks

To celebrate this gorgeous spring Friday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks from the Little Maven Spring 2014 collection. Whether the weather is still a little chilly or the sun is out (like it is here in Southern California), this collection has pieces to take your little ones through the season.

Little Maven by Tori SpellingShop This Look: Fedora / Cardigan / Orange Twill Pants

Little Maven by Tori Spelling Shop This Look: Headband / Peplum Top / Floral Print Jeans

Little Maven by Tori SpellingShop This Look: Sweatbands / Lion T-Shirt / Orange Twill Pants

Little Maven by Tori Spelling Shop This Look: Damask Chiffon Dress / Floral Chiffon Dress

Little Maven by Tori SpellingShop This Look: Cardigan / Gray Twill Pants

Little Maven by Tori SpellingShop This Look: Tank Dress / Lace Fedora

Which look is your favorite?


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  • Moses

    Tori, I just looked at people magazine and all I can say is I always thought you were a good mother. To allow that article is just child abuse. I don’t even believe your husband cheated on you anymore. You didn’t like it when your faces were on the front of that newspaper with the caption saying you were getting a divorce and Liam saw it so why would you allow this if you truly loved your children. Your mother must be devastated. And I don’t even want to think about what your father would think of you if he was alive. I won’t be watching the TV show I promise you.

    • Jennifer

      Tori needs therapy. #FakeTori #TeamCandy

    • M

      Tori and the kids would be better off without him. What will he teach his sons or daughters?? Cheating isn’t a sickness, it is an excuse to do whatever you want and blame an “illness.”

      • Danielle

        Tori is no prize herself. She started the affair and left her first husband to be with Dean.
        At this point, I think the kids would be better off if they were raised by another family member outside of the limelight. They should no longer be exploited in magazines and featured on ‘reality’ shows. Maybe Randy and his wife could raise them?

  • Megan

    I love Little Maven! I made a huge online purchase before Christmas. It would be so helpful to see the clothes on models before I purchase anything online though since our store doesn’t care the line!

  • Debi

    I love the Little Maven Line! Too bad my kids are 19 and 15!

    As to all you Tori and Dean bashers, it’s not nice to make nasty comments when you know nothing about the situation except what you read in magazines and hear on television. This is a forum for positive and creative ideas and for Tori to share some her life with us. Making nasty comments about people is wrong and if you don’t like her then you should not be on this page.

    • Tina M.

      She makes her life public then it’s fair game. What she’s doing is abusive toward her children. Maybe Grandma should raise them?

      • Teri Brad Jemison

        There is nothing this women does that is abusive to her kids, if u don’t like her, stay off her page. Only god can judge her!

      • Jeannie

        She is not abusive to her kids by all means!!!! If it weren’t for people sticking their nose in her business and posting FALSE ACCUSATIONS she wouldn’t be coming out with the TRUTH!!!!

    • Jeannie

      It takes courage to come out with her story! She has a lot of emotions because she does love Dean. SHE IS STILL HUMAN!!! Until you know the true story of their life you have no right to comment of how bad they are.

  • Chris

    OMG, I love these clothes! Too bad my kids are too old for them.