Craftista: Spring Inspired Mason Jars

Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars

Hi ediTORIal readers! Jenny Dixon from Craft That Party here to show you how to paint spring-inspired mason jars! This is a paint and wait kind of project, but super easy and well worth your time.


  • Mason Jars
  • White Paint (I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish in everlasting)
  • Accent Colors (I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Couscous, Pea Shoot, and Surf, and Taupe chalkboard paint from Craft Smart)
  • Foam Brush
  • Painters Tape
  • Plaid Clear Acrylic Matte Sealer
  • Decorative accents (optional): buttons, sea shells, etc…
  • Super Glue
  • Sandpaper

Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars
Step 1:
Paint mason jar white using a foam brush. Let dry upside down. Once the jar is completely dry, apply a second coat. Repeat again with a third coat when ready.

 Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars

Step 2:
Apply painters tape to jar where you would like to keep your white stripe visible. I used my nail to seal the tape tightly to the jar. Next, apply a coat of your accent color on the jar. Wait until completely dry and repeat for a second coat.

Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars

Step 3:
Peel off tape. Use sandpaper to lightly distress the raised letters on the jar and anywhere else you may like. This gives the jar a worn, vintage feel.

 Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars

Step 4:
In a well-ventilated area, spray sealer all over the outside of the jar. This will protect the paint from getting scratched or damaged.

 Spring Inspired DIY Mason Jars

Step 5 (Optional):
Attach embellishments to your jar with superglue.

A shout-out to The Crafted Sparrow and other blogs with great mason jar tutorials. I researched and tested many different methods before creating what worked best for my personal craft style. So thank you all for the guidance and inspiration!

What are your favorite spring-inspired crafts? Share them in the comments!

XO Jenny

  • Menu

    use pasta sauce jars to make it greener… and cheaper!

  • LoryAnn @OurMasonsJar

    Of course, I LOVE all things “Mason Jar”! The Beachy-theme idea is so cute! Thanks for sharing this fabulous post!

    I take small twigs, spray paint them pretty pastels, dip in glitter, and then arrange in Mason Jars. Makes a great Spring or Easter centerpiece and adorable mini-Easter egg tree, especially when you glue tiny pom-poms on the “limbs”!!!

  • Melissiroo

    I love Mason jars! Walmart has plastic ones in clear, blue and pink with metal straw lids. Great for kids and parties.

  • Elisa Poggio

    Really very nice and simple

  • Cheryl Renaud

    I will be doing these for my Mermaid/Sailboat birthday party

  • Joyce Pooser

    Some great ideas

  • Diana

    I can not wait for spring. It is so cold where I am in Canada right now. I love seeing your DIY for spring before spring arrives so I can get a head start on it. (once I get hired somewhere). :)