How cute does Buggy look in this pic? A few weeks ago we spent a Sunday afternoon painting, crafting and cooking… AKA my ideal day! Whenever we have the chance, the kids love to go outside (weather permitting) and get creative.

On this particular day Stella suggested that we all sit outside and paint. I loved this idea because it’s something that all of my babes can take part in – you’re never too young to get your inner artist on! Stella chose to paint Hello Kitty (her fave), while the other kids made their own unique creations.

So I want to hear from you – what’s YOUR favorite way to spend time with your kids on the weekends? Do you have any creative ideas or DIYs that I can try here at the McDermott household?

Let me know how you and your kids spend quality time together on the weekends, and I’ll feature my fave ideas on the blog!


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