Momista: Weekend Activities With Your Kids


How cute does Buggy look in this pic? A few weeks ago we spent a Sunday afternoon painting, crafting and cooking… AKA my ideal day! Whenever we have the chance, the kids love to go outside (weather permitting) and get creative.

On this particular day Stella suggested that we all sit outside and paint. I loved this idea because it’s something that all of my babes can take part in – you’re never too young to get your inner artist on! Stella chose to paint Hello Kitty (her fave), while the other kids made their own unique creations.

So I want to hear from you – what’s YOUR favorite way to spend time with your kids on the weekends? Do you have any creative ideas or DIYs that I can try here at the McDermott household?

Let me know how you and your kids spend quality time together on the weekends, and I’ll feature my fave ideas on the blog!


  • TaraTJ

    Picnic in the yard on a blanket with bubbles and kites :)

  • Jessica Roberts

    I love throwing book themed parties for my 4 year old daughter. Today we had a snow day so I let her pick out a book (she chose “Fancy Nancy Elegant Easter”) and I made a tea/lunch party based on pictures from the book. We baked Spring sugar cookies from scratch and had so much fun!

    • Jenny_Di

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      • Jessica Roberts

        If you feel that way then why are you on her site? This article was designed for mom’s to share what they do for fun with their little ones. It doesn’t have to be anything more then that.

        • Jenny_Di

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      • Jena Barnes

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  • Suz

    At the beach making sandcastles, playing in the waves and having oranges and lemonade for morning tea.

    • Jena Barnes


  • Shawnna Rhey Moses

    Water balloon fights, Sprinklers, Cookouts &+; Drawing with chalk, Riding scooters together, Picnics, Drive Ins, We also love movie days & nights.. We get or make all of our favorite snacks.. And make the area extra comfy!! Having lunch on the beach & Flying kites.. Baking &+ Cooking a bunch of different things & Decorating them.. Making forts!! Going to the Ice cream place and buying our favorite shakes then going to the beach, Or siting outside and playing &+ drinking them.. As the sun goes down!! With some blankets and toys!! Swimming when it’s warm outside..Reading &+ creating stories, Painting , Drawing , Writing , Coloring !! Making our own Clothes!! Doing things even our Pets can be apart of!! Bike Riding &+; Roller Blades!! Playing Basketball & Or Softball in the backyard before dinner or At the Park!! Making Our own Shakes &+; Fruit Smoothies!! Hair Wraps &+; Henna or Temporary Tattoo’s!! Sand Castles!! And SO SO SO SO MUCH MORE 😀 I REALLY Hope You like these Ideas!! YOU ARE AMAZING <3

  • Kimberly

    My four year old daughter and I love to play outside (if the weather is warm). We love to sit at our picnic table and color in her coloring books. We also love to go to the library and check out tons of books (especially ‘Pinkalicious’) and come home and I read them to her. We also love to watch a good family movie with a bag of popcorn. We also love to go to the park and walk on the trails..we love being out in nature. There is so many fun things that we like to do but it would take me all day. :)

  • Shelly Massey

    Stella is so pretty……Liam and her look so much alike !!

  • Casey Walker Lowther

    My 6 year old, Eli, loves Make it Mondays, when crafting, baking and just general making is what ya do! He likes to start his Make It Monday first thing SATURDAY morning!! Adrian, my 7 year old, is happy to work with us or just spend the weekend jumping on the trampoline, building Lego City, and doing cartwheels in the yard, but he is always close by to gobble up the goodies we have baked.
    Have to say, I enjoy seeing that your sweet Stella has her “phone” close at hand. My boys use our old dinosaur, 3GS phones. Adrian is a shutter bug and film maker in training with his and Eli likes to keep his musical monsters and dragons close at hand! I know there are device haters out there, but I’m happy to have well rounded little boys with a little
    techie-ness rolled in to boot!

    Eli saw this cupcake on a magazine cover at his Nana’s and just had to make them. We recently spent a crazy Texas winter day (Sunday was 84, the Monday we made these was 19 with freezing rain all day) inside baking and decorating.

  • Emily Beebe

    they are outside playing at the water table, filling water balloons as we speak!

  • Jenny_Di

    People, do you really think that Tori care about your life)) wake up))) It`s just a PR. She did not even respond to comments. She`s absolutely indifferent, narcissistic person.

  • KayCee

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  • jamador

    Board games, parades with their stuffed animals, dressing up, walking around in my shoes, cooking, going to the park

  • Anonymous

    Beaches, Rivers and Lakes~ every chance we get!!! Of course I turn it into a science lesson every time we see “Erosion” caused by “run-off” that is “meandering”…..(just as an example)~ lol….the oldest one just laughs at me and rolls his eyes now~~

  • marie-line MARRA

    stella is a great princess have a lot of talent