Liam had a great 7th birthday! Thank you so much for all of your sweet bday wishes.

First, his school asked us to think of a healthy treat to bring to school to celebrate. Liam knew what he wanted right away! He decided to make homemade kiwi-strawberry-lime popsicles. So that’s what the McDermotts did! You can see the finished product in the photo above – that’s Liam with his treats at school. Such a tasty, healthy treat! (Just blend all the fruits, add some OJ for liquid, then pour and freeze).


After school Liam wanted to head to Pump It Up, an indoor inflatable playground, with his family and a few friends! Here he is celebrating with an Ice Cream Skylander (his new fave obsession) cake as king of the inflatable castle. It was such a great day!

And, to get his seventh birthday year started right, Liam lost his top front tooth two days ago! Go Monkey!!!

Do your little ones have any big birthdays coming up? How do you plan to celebrate them?


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