Liam and Stella’s 100th Day of School

Liam and Stella his a big milestone earlier this week – they had their 100th day of school! To celebrate the occasion, they each had to make something using 100 items. Here’s what they made:

Stella, the craftista and fashionista, wanted to make DIY jewelry (that’s my girl!).


We went to the bead store, picked out exactly 100 beads, and she strung them together to create this necklace.


Liam, loving monsters, created a space board with a DIY cyclops that he decorated with 100 googly eyes. So Liam!


Both kids came up with the ideas totally on their own, and I am so proud of the finished products!

Have your little ones hit any big milestones lately? Let me know in the comments!




  • Sheri Shepard

    love your stellas necklace very creative…..and liam’s was cool 😀 take care *tori* <3 your site

  • Carmen Cotto

    I love it, very chic!!

  • Angela

    My daughter is potty training and is on day 5 of nooooo accidents in her pull ups. :) She is excited because I told her when she hit that milestone, she will get to go to Target and pick out her own big girl panties. :)
    Love Stella and Liam’s awesome things they made.

  • Tina Flores Lara

    Yes..yesterday I got to find out what my baby’s baby is going to be and today the oldest of my boys turned 28.

  • Hil C.

    My 6yo son did this for his 100 days. Not as creative as yours by far. That necklace needs to be sold at a boutique.

  • Joy

    You have very creative children!!!

  • Ingrid

    I’m teaching the almost 3yr old how to read. He already knows his letters and is now learning sight words & can write all his letters & his name. Only 2 months since starting 30 minutes of “school” 4 days a week. He loves to learn!!!

  • Cammy

    Tori, hoping your whole family is doing well. Don’t hear much re Dean, but your fans were hoping for a new show with all of you….

    • Caveman

      Seriously? You aren’t aware of the situation?

  • Rosemary Milano-Rodriguez

    Just beautiful & so creative.

  • Cindy Gordon Hughes

    In Texas in First Grade we have to count to 120 so we celebrate the 120th day of school. I’m a first grade teacher and my daughter, Sophie, is also in my class. We did lots of fun 120 day activities in class today. I teach math so there were lots of math activities involved, along with celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday. Busy week!!

  • Carmella

    Oh, so cute!!

  • Mariah (not Brown)

    My oldest son turned seven today :) !!!!

  • LA Collins

    My oldest son Liam (age six) is autistic…..he doesn’t speak much or answer simple questions when asked……Today when i picked him up from school and asked how his day was, he answered “good.” I almost cried. And later he came and sat next to me, leaned in, hugged me and said “oh mommy, luv you.” Such a gift!

  • Suz

    We’ll done kids. The necklace is beautiful, Stella can you please make me one?

  • jen

    10 month old daughter pulled herself to standind! Very excited and a little sad. They grow up to fast. Thank you for being a great mommy. It is obvious your children are your world.

    • jen

      Boy…..i apparently cannot type. *standing and *too. :)

  • sheilaava

    So creative!!

  • Beatriz

    tory Hello my name is beatriz I’m from chile I send you a big hug recently I see your reality and you are a great woman great mother and great person I send much love and many kissing to your children.

  • kristin49117

    Wow weee mega talented children, excellent kiddos!!