To My Monkey…

Today, my first baby, you are seven years old. I am so proud of you. I love hearing you tell the story of your birth. You have my big eyes and expressive hands and a natural humorous storytelling ability you got passed down from your Grandpa. In your raspy voice you say, “And then the Dr. had to say “Liam! Liam?!”, and make sure I was ok because I was sleeping when I came out of Mom’s belly. Then I opened my eyes and looked around and smiled and still half asleep mumbled ” What?! What? Where’s room service?” And, then fell back asleep as they placed me in Mom’s arms!”. Part of the story is true and part is created from your unbelievable imagination, yet SO very you. You are such an amazing young man. Your warmth, energy, and creativity inspires me and everyone around you daily. Your laugh is contagious and your charm magical. Everyone says not to blink because kids grow so fast. That statement is so true. I can still picture your tiny foot that I could hold in the palm of my hand the day you were born. Now today, I watch you shuffle around in my black rubber flip flops that almost fit you. I remember when I was the only woman in your life and now today, you tell me we must never speak of “Sydney” your first crush because it embarrasses you and  because”Moms talking about stuff like that is just creepy!”.

I used to nestle you in a tiny little ball in my arms all cozy and now today, you stand so tall almost up to my shoulders. You are my big boy, but I still insist you hold my hand when we cross the street. I do it partly for safety but mostly because its the last excuse I have to hold onto your hand. I’m reminded constantly that you are a big boy. While I’m so proud at who you have become, in my heart you will always be my baby. Always. You will continue to grow and continue to amaze me. And, I will continue to embarrass you and continue to hold onto you a little too long. Just know this is a mom’s Job! We know no other way. We love and love and everyday let go a little more so that you can grow and become your own person. Just know that you will forever be my baby. My first. My Monkey. You always promise me that even when you tower over me and have a family of your own that you will still get “cozy” and cuddle with mom. I will hold you to that promise! I love you. Happy 7th Birthday Liam! Mom xoxo

To celebrate Liam’s big day, I wanted to share some of my fave photos of him throughout the years.









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