Finn Fashion: Bundled Up


It never got too cold here in Los Angeles this winter, but that doesn’t mean that Finn wasn’t going to break out his cold weather clothes!

On a particular chilly day my little man insisted on layering up, wearing a pair of brown cargo pants, a tan corduroy jacket and a super cute pair of lace up high tops. And to finish the look? He added his green knitted owl hat. So cute and so cozy looking!

How did your little ones keep warm this winter?


  • Dawn

    Lots and and lots of layers! It hit (with the windchill) – 47 at one point in Ohio. Much too cold!

  • Jody Roiger-ReillyandDean

    Ha funny…we wore that in our house just to keep warm…northern wi 30 below outside (not including the windchill because really once it gets this cold does windchill even matter), and a propane shortage so had to keep the heat low inside.

    • Jane Flint Dolan

      It sounds like a miserable way to live. My Gosh

  • Jane Flint Dolan

    He is just adorable. My you and Dean have beautiful children. Thanks for sharing their little life experiences with us. Take care Tori

  • Suz

    Love the owl hat, he looks ready to go and play at the park. In Australia where I live it is Summer, we are still wearing our cossies, shorts and thongs.

  • Guest

    The outfit a blend of handsome and adorable!! Your kids always look gorgeous!

  • Guest

    Does Finn really pick out his own clothes???! And matches them, too? I have never heard of such a thing! Most babies could care less what they are wearing.

    • Laurie Carr Durant

      I doubt that he put that outfit together. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tori, but this is too much!

  • Guest

    He must be hot in that outfit! LOL, poor baby!

  • cee

    Not the cutest look. Tori is trying too hard. Would love to see more of Liam and Hattie.