Winner: Poochie & Co Giveaway


It’s time to announce the 10 lucky winners of the Poochie & Co giveaway!

The winners are:

  1. Cecelia Cooper
  2. Sherri Walton
  3. Sonya Smithson Waters
  4. Brandy Rabatin Stringhall
  5. Kay Rudd
  6. Rebecca Owens
  7. Jenni Sneddon
  8. Loretta Vinciguerra
  9. Sharon Kinman-Hall
  10. Julia Mangan

If you won, send an email to with your mailing address.

Thank you Poochie & Co. and congrats to the winners! I know your little stylistas will love their purses as much as Stella and Hattie do.

And don’t forget that Poochie & Co. is still donating 10% of every puppy purse purchase to Much Love and offering an additional 10% discount to ediTORIal readers (until February 28th). Just use the code LOVETORI at checkout.


  • Cecelia Cooper

    Thank you so u Tori!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow I wish my little girl would have won this she would have lloved it so much

    • guest

      The majority of the winners entered the first day, with the remaining few entering on the 3rd day. The winners were all entering for themselves (nobody saying they were going to give the object to someone outside their family). Perhaps there is a pattern to how she chooses her winners? Maybe look back at the previous giveaways that aren’t chosen by a random generator like the 10K giveaway allegedly was and see if you notice any patterns in those giveaways. The comments of the winners appear either on the first page or the last so maybe she doesn’t get off those pages.

      • Rosemary Milano-Rodriguez

        I entered for a child with cancer, not for a family member or myself. To bad some were not donated to a children’s cancer hospital…like St. Jude. Just a thought.

        • guest

          You didn’t win. All of the winners wanted them for themselves. It makes it look like tori only chooses the selfish entries.

  • Kay Rudd

    Thank you!

  • Sherri Walton

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so very much!!

  • Lizzy Ever

    Congrats winners!!!