This year, I decided that I wanted to do something special for my girlfriends for Valentine’s Day. So, I invited my girls over to the house and threw an Asian inspired Valentine’s Day Tea! The afternoon was full of crafting, cooking and celebrating. We had so much fun sipping tea, enjoying dim sum and making (and eating) our own fortune cookies (tuTORIals and recipes to come).

I’ll share all of the photos here on ediTORIal throughout the week – but first, I want to start with the DIYs. It wouldn’t be a party at my house if there wasn’t a crafting element, right?! First up, my Valentine’s Day inspired manicure.

DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art

DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art

The night before the party I went all out on my nails with a DIY Valentine’s Day manicure. All you need to recreate my nail art is a hot pink polish, a top coat, and tiny crafting beads in Valentine’s Day colors (I got Martha Stewart Microbeads). I painted my nails with one coat of hot pink polish, and then added a top coat. I put all of the pink, white and red beads into a bowl, and dipped each finger in the bowl of beads. When each nail was evenly coated, I added one more top coat.

DIY Kimono

Before my girlfriends arrived, I tackled the first order of business when throwing a party – choosing what to wear! And I couldn’t just go into my closet and grab the nearest kimono… I had to make my own! Here’s my tuTORIal.

DIY Kimono


  1. Start with about 2 yards of the fabric of your choice. I chose this red and pink floral print. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Fold the fabric in half (with the patterned side up). Once the fabric is folded, hold it up to your shoulders to see if the length is right. If you want the kimono to be a little bit shorter, cut to the length as much as you like.
  2. Next, lay your fabric on a flat surface while still folded.  Down the center of the fabric you will cut about 2 1/2″ piece from the very center of the top layer of your fold from the bottom up to about 6″ away from the fold.
  3. Now you will cut a half circle at the fold on the top layer of the fabric.
  4. Try it on for size! If the kimono is too long, shorten it by cutting excess material to your desired length.

Here’s a little tip – if you have any extra fabric, use it to make a cute belt to wear around the kimono.

And here’s the final product!

DIY Kimono

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my favorite part of the party – the food! And the fabulous tablescape of course. Here’s a sneak peek:

Valentine's Day Tea

So gorgeous, right?

Do you have any Valentine’s Day DIYs to share? Post them in the comments!

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Valentine’s Day Tea.


: Stephanie Todaro Photography

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