Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2013

I thought it would be fun to post a little Throwback Thursday blog for all of you! I never ended up sharing these pics of my babes from Halloween last year, and recently came across them and knew I HAD to show you guys.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and the kids have so much fun choosing (and then helping me make) their costumes every year. Last year each of my babes (except Finn) told me what they wanted to go as, and we worked together to bring their costumes to life.

Liam and Stella went as zombie Boy Scout and Ballerina (totes their ideas!).


Hattie Cat’s description of her costume might be the cutest thing ever – “Girl Mickey Mouse”.


And little Finn was our garden gnome. Wearing his favorite red mocs of course!


I love looking through old pics of my kiddos… it’s crazy to see how much they’ve all grown since October!

What do you think of my little zombies, mouse and gnome?



  • Blair

    Love the costume ideas! We do the same thing.. .My neices are triplets and we all discuss what they want to be and then we make the costumes ourselves…. We’ve done three little pigs, three bears, bunnies, super girl heroes and then ladybug, butterfly, bumblebee. I also have a baby girl and she was a homemade ghost (White onesie with ghost face painted on and white tutu with black/white striped leggings and black headband). I’m not super crafty, but for some reason, I really get into this Halloween costume stuff!

    • cathe

      new reader… cause I just read your book! (old fan though from your 90210 days) love it all. these pictures are so cute and bring back so many memories cause I made all my daughters costumes also! loved it… she is 18 now. enjoy every minute and thanks for sharing!

  • Susan Grayson

    I enjoy looking all your pictures including this. And I love it every minutes of it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children pictures with us. Muwaah Love you…

  • F Bueller

    ‘People’ magazine just announced a ban on posting photos of celebrity children. ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and Just Jared have also announced support for this policy.

    You should definitely consider following their lead. Your kids should really be given the chance to grow up privately outside of the public eye. Continue to post photos…but only on a site that allows some form of access control like a personal account on Facebook or Twitter. Please stop exploiting the kids.

    • Pam Untch

      Seriously, is it your business to tell her what to do with her children??

    • Skoots

      Get a life and leave the Dean, tori and her kids alone! She should be able to share pictures just like everyone else! From what I can see she’s a great mom and you are just posting your rude opinions where they don’t belong! If all you have to post is nasty things then go somewhere else and do so! And leave Tori alone! To Tori… Keep it up! You’re a great mama, ignore all the haters out there looking for attention!

    • Jaime Lyn Laurie

      I’m certain that you would not appreciate someone suggesting to you how to raise your children; especially a complete stranger. Give me a break. Move on…..

    • Wil Tado

      Ummm F Bueller… shut up… get off your high horse preaching stool and mind your own business…. Tori is not posting pictures in the same way People mag or Just Jared are speaking of you dumb aZZ..

    • Tulla Blue

      If you don’t like what she is doing, maybe you should not read her blog. Tori is blogging just like any other mother and posting pictures just like any other mother. She should not have to be any different. She isn’t posting any “dirty laundry” which is harmful to ANY kid, celebrity or not.

      • Caveman

        Tulla, if you don’t like Bueller’s posts, maybe you shouldn’t read them. It’s pretty sad that people are do afraid of different opinions that don’t agree with what they think, and feel the the need to put on a happy face all the time. And take the advice of not saying anything if you have nothing positive to say – if you have nothing. Positive to say to Bueller, then don’t say it. Like I said, Tori is not just like “any other mother”. How many have 1m followers on Twitter and live in 10k per month houses and write books snd have TV shows?

    • guest

      tori did an interview a few years ago where she said she hated her mother for making her feel like a prop. bueller’s pointing out that tori’s doing the same thing to her kids and you all go crazy on him. you people do realize the tori only cares about you if she can sell you something don’t you?!

  • Lisa K.

    Didn’t know you had a blog. Cute costumes. You know, I never really liked you as a celebrity until I watched your first season of Tori and Dean, the B&B. You made me laugh and thereafter I watched. I think you do far better by just being yourself because you are funny, have a nice personality, and you keep plugging away. Keep on, keeping on, kids are cute, Hattie looks quite serious but so pretty.

  • Hannah

    My son wore the same gnome costume this year! So adorable!

  • Val C.

    Love the pictures Tori, can’t help but wonder why some people come on here to lecture and criticize! Best Wishes from Australia!

  • jo

    Adorable you are a great mom.. Motherhood suites you so very well

  • Carolyn Moore Stertz

    your kids are adorable!!

  • Suz

    I love the costumes that Hattie and Finn are wearing, they both look very cute.I can appreciate the artistic flair that went into Liam’s and Stella’s outfits but not sure whether I like them. I think they would look very cute dressed up as a normal ballerina and Boy Scout. But then again I might be missing the whole purpose of Halloween because we don,t really celebrate Halloween in Australia.

  • KJ

    Your kiddos are darling! Enjoy them now & spend lots of time with them. They grow up sooo fast! It seems like yesterday that my own daughter was just a 4 year old who loved Halloween & dressing up. She now has two wonderful kids who are 3 & 4 months. They are the light of my life & they call me “nanny”. I moved to San Diego 4 years ago to be closer to my daughter & her growing family. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel blessed & lucky to be here with my family.
    Even though I don’t know you personally Tori; you must take care of yourself for you & your kiddos. They need you now more than ever. If you ever need a soft place to fall, you & your kids are welcome in my home.
    Take care & know that there are many people who care.

  • Roxy

    Love the pics. Your awesome. Best wishes.

  • Christina

    you kids are cute but what happened to Stella? She broke her leg? Poor baby. Your doing a great job raising your little brood.

  • LA Collins

    Wow….what a bunch of haters. Tori Spelling is a person first. So every other mother on Facebook is allowed to share pictures of their children, but when she does she’s exploiting them? What a bunch of crap. Cute pics Tori….so imaginative.

    • Caveman

      Tori is not like every other mother on Facebook though. She’s a celebrity. It’s different.

  • Shahara Christa

    Tori, I work VERY HARD! I do not have a lot of time to post. Hattie Cat is my LUV BUG!!! All u’r kids follow rite behind her along with u. I see nd enjoy EVERY pic u put up’v the kids. 2 any one who has something bad 2 say about u or u’r site, get LOST!!! Why in God’s name r u on Tori’s site???R u jealous??? Every time I see a negative post, reminds me’v sum VERY ENVIOUS, JEALOUS people!!! All u negative people r LOSERS!!! GET a life nd get on 2 a site that makes u happy instead’v crying about a site where u r UNWELCOME!!! LUV u Tori! LUV the babes! Not gonna express what I feel bout sum 1 else. U’r business-NOT MINE! Sorry 4 all u losers who r just that, BUT please, find a place 2 send u’r negativity 2!!! U r unwelcome here! You can post all u want, BUT u r wasting u’r time! Tori ROCKS!!! The babes rock!!! I LUV every pic seet’v all her angels!!!

    • Caveman

      Shahara, to say that every negative post must be from a hater is an assumption on your part, and a pretty faulty one at that. To say you love every pic you see…come on, they aren’t all great (which is perfectly fine). Also, you’re making an assumption that they are unwelcome – how do you know that? Do you speak for the owner of the site? Is it necessary to be happy and positive 100% of the time and only be around those who always agree with us? That’s not possible – people will have different opinions, and I suggest pointing out where you feel they are wrong instead of telling them to go elsewhere which makes you appear weak-minded since you aren’t refuting their statement.

  • Swann

    If you do not want to see pictures of any other peoples children, stop going to their blogs and websites. Geez!