Manicure Moment: Golden Girls

A couple weeks ago Miss Stella and I set out for a girls’ afternoon. We had lunch, spent some quality time together and found the most amazing nail salon, where we got the manicures of our wildest dreams! The fabulous ladies at Chic Nails in Reseda created these nail masterpieces for us – and we both can’t wait to go back!

For my mani, I went with a gold embellished theme:

Manicure Moment: Golden Girls

Having my “Goldfinger” moment…

Manicure Moment: Golden Girls

Can you say nail bling?!

Manicure Moment: Golden Girls

And for my mini-stylista? Stella designed each and every nail concept, including Hello Kitty, bows, polka dots and hearts. Can you tell she’s a girly-girl?!

Of course getting our nails done was fun, but we really just had such a great time getting to spend time together that day. With 4 little ones, it’s super important for me to make time for each of my babes and to be sure that they each get to spend quality time with mama.

How do you make sure to spend quality time with your babes? What are your favorite mama/babe bonding activities?



  • Sheri Shepard

    awesome nails….*tori* and *stella* <3

    • Amber @ Little Ella Bug

      How fun! They look very chic and fun! I bet Stella had a blast. To those naysayers who have nothing nice to say, go find something better to do with your time. Seriously, so rude to post such harsh things.

      • Amber

        Oops, meant to post this as a general comment, not as a reply to you Sheri :)

      • Caveman

        Amber, do you have something better to do with your time than post on a blog about a manicure? I would think so….but we don’t always have to be doing something “better” do we?

        There are so many posters on this blog who seem to be afraid of anyone with a different opinion. The blog is open, so maybe if you can’t handle dissenting comments, perhaps you shouldn’t read it.

  • Kim

    Sorry but looks awful ….yuck not the kids one but the gold YUCK!

    • M

      I agree

  • Kim


  • Chris

    why don’t you say what you really mean……. no need to be sooooo harsh. I LOVE Stella’s nails, where I live Tori’s nails wouldn’t work, but they are probably the new thing to have in California.

  • Lydia

    Wow, I love them both! I can’t wait til my daughter can sit still long enough to go to the nail salon together!

  • Guest

    Is something wrong with Tori’s cuticles?? Don’t care for the gold manicure, but love Stella’s! Precious!

  • Cammy

    I give my daughter a manicure using natural “Piggy Paint.” No harsh chemicals or problems with infection from non-sterile equipment used at nail salons.

    • Jacki

      You should check out Bobbi-Toads shoes that you can polish with your Piggy Paint :)

  • Joy

    If you have nothing nice to say just don’t say anything

    • Caveman

      If you can’t say anything without resorting to weak-minded platitudes…

  • Jennifer Flores

    Good job mama stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy sometimes. Im coming to L.A. in a few weeks and can’t wait to get my nails done now I know where to go…ill tell them you sent me!

    • Felice M

      Based on this pic, you’ll return home with hepatitis as a souvenir. Was this pic actually supposed to be a recommendation for Chic Nails in Reseda? Should be more like Sh#% Nails!

  • Christine

    They are infected!

  • Suz

    Nails look great, For quality time with my 10 yr old son, I take him snorkling at the beach, paddling in our canoe or going for a bush walk with our dogs. My husband spends quality time with our son making model airplanes.

  • Maria Gribbin

    awesome Mom..praying for your family

  • Liza

    Too broke to get a divorce but getting manicures? Whatever!

  • Carolyn Moore Stertz

    wow very rude comments. I agree the nail tech needed to moisturise her cuticles better than she did but no need to be nasty about it! Its not Tori’s fault, its the nail tech’s. I do love the bling though and I think its great bonding time with kids to do this!


    why do you people feel the need to post hateful comments like Tori has infected cuticles? Pathetic. Can’t you say how cool the nail art is?? Good lord. I dump negative people like you.